What Is The Best Length For A Golf Ball Retriever? — (and Ball Retriever FAQs)

what is the best length for a golf ball retriever from tell me more golf with telescopic retrievers

Keeping a ball retriever in your golf bag is a great way to stock up on extra golf balls during a round. A golf ball retriever allows you to reach into deep brush as well as lakes and ponds to retrieve lost golf balls.

There are many different styles of golf ball retrievers available on the market today, and each has its own strengths and weaknesses.

what is the best length for a golf ball retriever from tell me more golf with telescopic retrievers

Good Length For a Ball Retriever

a good length for a ball retriever

A good ball retriever should be around six feet, which is a good size to fit the needs of most golfers. Most ball retrievers feature a telescopic design, allowing them to be easily stashed away in the side pocket of golf bags.

A good length for a golf ball retriever is usually between six and ten feet, as most found golf balls will be within this range.

For golfers that find themselves fishing golf balls out of ponds and lakes often, a longer ball retriever may be best. Telescoping ball retrievers can measure up to 24 feet. While this extra length may not always be necessary, it can be helpful for harder to reach golf balls in shallow ponds or deep out of bounds.  


Some golfers prefer to dig deep into the weeds and bushes in search of golf balls, and there are extremely long telescopic ball retrievers on the market for this reason. The largest ball retrievers can measure up to 24 feet in length when fully extended, leaving no water hazard or ravine off limits for ball searching. 

The main advantage of a telescoping golf ball retriever is the ability to reach very long distances while also being able to fold up and store away easily. Many ball retrievers with retractable handles fold down to under two feet in length, making them easy to store in a golf bag.


Does a Golf Ball Retriever Work In The Water?

Golf ball retrievers are great tools for fishing golf balls out of lakes and ponds, and retriever heads designed for ball security make the best options in the water. While retrieving lost golf balls out of the water can be fun and productive, golf balls taken from the water should be dried off and inspected before being put to use.

Golf balls that have been submerged in water for a long time will become waterlogged as the water slowly penetrates through the outer case of the ball.

Once a golf ball’s core has been saturated with water, it will never perform the same way again – and is essentially worthless.

Golf balls that have been underwater for extremely long periods of time will begin to develop growths and bumps inside of them. At this point, the ball is better suited as a home to microscopic underwater life than for playing a round of golf.

What Golf Ball Retrievers are on the Market?

The iGotcha Golf Ball Retriever is one of the most popular and recognizable designs on the market. It features a spring loaded design with a spring release to easily grab and release golf balls. It also features a very comfortable grip, and the telescopic shaft expands to nearly 10 feet long. When collapsed, it only measures 19 inches long, making it easy to store away. 

Callaway also makes an extremely popular golf ball retriever with an ergonomic handle design and a sleek dual-zip headcover. It features a two pronged ball grabber that is one of the easiest styles to use. Its maximum length is 15 feet when fully extended, and the headcover of the Callaway golf ball retriever is one of the most recognizable golf accessories anywhere. 

The Search ’n Rescue Magic Gripper is another golf ball retriever that is commonly used, and its unique design makes it easy to spot on the golf course. The circular orange head simply rests on top of the golf ball, and it is the simplest to use of any golf ball retriever. 

FAQ Section

What is a good length for a golf ball retriever?

While golf ball retrievers with telescopic stainless steel or aluminum alloy handles can measure over 20 feet when fully extended, a length of six to ten feet is usually sufficient for most golfers. The course conditions that you usually play should be considered, as well as the placement and accessibility of water hazards and out of bounds markers

What should I look for in a golf ball retriever?

Some golfers require a golf ball retriever that offers the most ball security, while others prefer a design that is a bit easier to use. The best ball retriever for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences, as well as the golf courses where it will be used the most. 

Who makes the longest golf ball retriever?

The Search ‘N Rescue 24’ Magic Gripper Retriever is the longest golf ball retriever on the market today, and it collapses to under 23 inches. The patented magic gripper head style is also one of the easiest designs to use of any golf ball retriever. 

Should you carry a golf ball retriever?

Some golfers consider a golf ball retriever to be an essential piece of golf equipment, and would never consider playing a round of golf without one. Other golfers do not trust the quality of found golf balls, especially those found in the water. 

Golf ball retrievers can be especially helpful for golfers on a budget, and those who play courses with particularly slow paces of play. Searching for lost golf balls is a great way to pass time for impatient golfers who do not enjoy waiting for the group ahead of them. 

Is a ball retriever considered a golf club?

A golf ball retriever is not considered a golf club according to the United States Golf Association. The rules of golf consider a golf club to be an object with both a shaft and a club head with a flat hitting surface. While golf ball retrievers do feature a shaft like a traditional golf club, their ball grabbing mechanisms are not considered to be club heads. 

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Golf ball retrievers are a great way to pass some time and save a couple of dollars on golf equipment. With even occasional searching, it is very likely that a $20 golf ball retriever will pay for itself. Premium golf balls can cost up to $5 each, and finding a handful of Titleist Prov1s or Taylormade TP5s can make the investment well worth it.


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