How To Pack a Golf Travel Bag — (Packing Tips From Our Instructors)

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When traveling with your golf gear you have a few options to keep your clubs safe from the rigors of airline baggage mishaps or even just the overloading of hard suitcases against your golf clubs in the trunk of a car. 

You can choose a soft or hard case to keep your clubs protected from damage, but there is a better choice and that is a golf travel bag. This style of bag not only has the soft or hard case to protect your clubs, but also comes with extra compartments where you can pack your golf gear as well. At TellMeMoreGolf, we recommend using a golf travel bag as the extra space always comes in handy when it’s time to pack your gear for traveling.

If you find yourself planning a vacation, it’s a great idea to bring your golf equipment with you to try out some new courses, and if you decide to do so it’s crucial to know how to pack your clubs and golf gear effectively and safely. In this article, we will go over how to organize a golf travel bag properly and also give you some valuable golf travel tips.

How-To-Pack-A-Golf-Travel-Bag from tell me more golf expert instructors about the sport

Packing Clothes In A Golf Travel Bag – Packing Tips

When packing for a golf trip, there are a few things to remember for a smooth and easy journey. How to exactly pack a golf travel bag is hard to say as every bag is different, but now we’ll go over some general packing tips. 

  • Check Out the Weather Forecast

Always remember to check the weather forecast before packing, as a rainy golf trip will call for some extra clothes. Not only are more pairs of clothes needed, but also an umbrella, water-resistant jacket, etc. If the rain decides to creep up, getting caught off guard and only having khakis and a few light polos is not fun

  • Make Use of The Extra Space

Golf travel cases have extra space where you can place clothes and other necessities.

This is great as you’ll often not have to bring an extra suitcase, which is a cause for discomfort and sometimes extra cost at the airline counters.

Almost all golf travel bags have one or two empty compartments for packing clothing on the outside of the bag, but also look for extra compartments on the inside where you can also pack clothing, shoes, extra golf balls and other necessities.  

There is usually extra space between the golf clubs where a rolled-up shirt fits perfectly. Doing this will reduce clanking among the club heads and minimize the risk of clubs being scratched while also creating more space for other belongings. 

  • Pack Lightly

Although it’s nice to bring your entire wardrobe when traveling, you only have so much room, and airlines only allow so much weight without charging extra baggage fees. A golf bag with a complete set of golf clubs weighs about 25-30 pounds, and airlines’ max weight per checked-in bag is usually 50 pounds.

Plan and pack the essentials for your trip. It’s not fun to drag around a heavy bag when traveling. Weight can be saved by packing clothes that can be worn on and off course. Another way to save space is to wear your golf shirt to dinner the night before the round, meaning that you only have to wear one shirt a day, while always having a fresh one for dinner.


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What Is a Stiff Arm Used For?

When traveling with golf clubs we want to pack them with the worst case scenario in mind.

Nothing worse than being excited to play our first round on vacation only to find that one or more of our clubs has been damaged in transit.

Whether the bag is sliding down the baggage carousel and smashing into a metal wall, or the bag folds when carrying, there is always the risk of the clubs breaking.

One way to significantly lower the risk of clubs breaking is using a stiff arm. The stiff arm is a telescopic pole that is longer than the length of your driver. As the stiff arm’s head is the only thing that makes contact vertically, the risk of smashing your clubs into something reduces greatly.

Another plus is that it keeps the bag upright at all times and makes it unable to fold, which can otherwise be a cause for damage. With the stiff arm, wheeling your bag through the airport becomes far more enjoyable, as you won’t have to worry about your precious clubs breaking.

FAQ Section

Can you put clothes in a golf travel bag?

Travel bags are made to make traveling with golf clubs easy while also having the space for clothes. Depending on what type of travel bag you have, there will be different packing solutions.

If your travel bag has standard pockets, you can fold your clothes like usual and place them like in any other bag. If you’re short on space, clothes can also be rolled up and put in the bag among the clubs or in the pockets. Just remember to place them somewhere they won’t get dirty. 

What is the allowed weight limit of a golf travel bag for most airlines?

The weight limit for most airlines is 50 lbs and airlines have a specific charge for golf travel bags up to that limit. Anything that weighs more than 50 pounds will incur an extra charge. We suggest you contact your airline before travel to check on their pricing schedule.

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It’s always fun to try out new golf courses, and an excellent way to do so is by traveling. But if you’re not careful and use the proper golf travel bag, there’s a risk of damaging your clubs.

That’s why an adequate travel bag combined with a stiff arm is a great way to travel safely with your golf clubs. It’s also a way to add more storage for clothing and the things we need to travel with. Thank you for reading this article from, and we wish you a happy and safe golf vacation!


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