How Do You Putt On a Golf Simulator? — (Simulator Putting Tips)

how do you putt on a golf simulator is an important question to answer via our expert golf instructor professionals

The first simulators that came out had several dots or letters on the mat and your location on the green would determine which location you are to putt from!

The team here at Tell Me More Golf will answer the most frequently asked question on How To Putt On a Golf Simulator.

how do you putt on a golf simulator is an important question to answer via our expert golf instructor professionals

How Does Putting Work On A Golf Simulator?

Putting on a golf simulator is similar to using a putting mat or putting green at home. There are a few different ways of putting works on a simulator, depending on the model you are using. 

Today’s golf simulator software packages have some different options for putting.

Golfers can putt golf balls and a sensor can detect how hard you have hit the putt. Foresight Sports and other popular simulators allow you to have a separate putting green where you can putt and then input the information to complete a hole.

While the launch monitor is not going to be relevant when it comes to putting, you can use it to help other areas of your short game. Using your home golf simulator you can practice chipping into the screen to help you when you get on the real golf course. Practicing your chips and pitches using your in-home setup will help you get dialed in before your next round of golf. The more comfortable you are with your practice, the better you will preform; impressing your friends! 😎


When you invest in a simulator, you will want the full experience.

If you are looking for the ability to make full swings, then you do not need the best golf simulator.

You need a launch monitor with a simple connection to your personal device, and you will be able to practice that part of your golf game.

When you want to use the simulator to practice your short game and putting, the best tip that I can give you is to practice form. While the simulator will pick up your ball speed and calculate distances on your wedge shots, you will not get the visual that you are used to seeing in real life.

Your putting form is very important. Because putting on the simulator is going to be different than putting green at the golf club nearby, you will want to practice finding the sweet spot on your putter and creating a consistent stroke. The putting experience with a simulator will feel quite different. Some golfers will play all shots into the golf simulator screen and then use a practice putting green or putting mat for putting. Many simulators have different ways to account for putts including high-speed cameras and even a numbered dot system. Whatever golf simulator setup that you have, practicing putting and chipping is just as important as it would be on a real golf course.


Golf Simulator Putting Surface Differences

Most golf simulator putting experiences are going to feel like a similar surface to the hitting mats at your local driving range.

Some companies are now making launch monitors and simulators that offer different types of surfaces to hit your putts on.

Check out this comprehensive Golf Simulator Cost Infographic from our reputable source Yardstick Golf! They go through multiple price breakdowns in order to give you solid comparisons to get you the best bang for the buck.

The biggest difference in the surfaces is one is going to feel like being in the fairway and the other is going to feel more like a real green. The fairway will be slower while the green will be more akin to putting on actual grass. Either is going to be fine for simulating golf. Focus less on the different surfaces and more on improving your technique and confidence.

FAQ Section

How do you putt with an indoor golf simulator?

As I am sure you have figured out, the indoor golf simulator is designed more to play golf with clubs that are not your putter. So, on a simulator, you are going to put using the best method that the simulator recommends like using a marked golf ball that can be tracked. Another method is to put it to a location and manually enter the number of putts that you track. Whatever the method is, have fun and get some good practice done on your form.

How does a putting simulator work?

Putting simulators are a little different from the full simulator. They are meant more for putter fittings and addressing technique problems and fixing them. It is like a launch monitor for your putts. Beginners can get a lot out of a putter simulator, mainly because this is the area where most golfers do not practice, especially when they are starting. These simulators have cameras and sensors like a full swing simulator except the design is to track the launch angle and other metrics on your putts. (Yes, putts have a launch angle).

How does a golf simulator track the ball?

The short answer here is pretty simple. The simulator tracks the ball using a sensor on the ball and a high-tech camera. It is like a TrackMan for your putter. Having gone through a putter fitting with a putting simulator, I can say that it is much more fun than you might be envisioning. The high-tech equipment catches every movement of your golf ball off of the putter.

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Whether you want to hit full swings, practice approach shots, or measure your ball flight numbers, a simulator can do that. Putting is also key to getting the full simulator experience. Tell Me More Golf has expert golfers that can guide in this area.

So from our team here, the message on simulators is that rain or shine, they can be amazing ways to practice your game, invite your friends over for a virtual round at Pebble Beach or just play a quick round by yourself. Have fun with the simulator and try to improve your game using these high-tech simulator systems.


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