How To Not Lose Your Rangefinder — (Keeping Track of Your Accessories)

how to not lose your rangefinder and other golf gadgets in your golf bag out on the course

Golfers on the PGA tour have caddies who keep records to know exactly how far it is to the pin, or to a bunker from the fairway. Recreational golfers often use laser rangefinders on the golf course to get accurate distances and pinpoint yardage to help them shoot lower scores.

A quality golf rangefinder isn’t cheap. If you lose one on the golf course, you might not be lucky and have someone turn it into the pro shop and return it to you.

The Tell Me More Golf Team will tell you how to not lose your rangefinder and other golf gadgets and where to store them so you can keep track of everything easily.

how to not lose your rangefinder and other golf gadgets in your golf bag out on the course

Where to Put a Rangefinder on Your Golf Bag

how to not lose your rangefinder and other golf gadgets in your golf bag out on the golf course with tell me more golf

High-quality golf range finders, and GPS rangefinders made by manufacturers such as Bushnell, Callaway, Leupold, Nikon, and TecTecTec will come with a hard case to protect it when you aren’t using it.

The storage case is the best place to store your rangefinder when you’re not using it.

Attach to a Towel Ring or Utility Ring

Many of the cases will have clips so that you can attach it to the towel ring, or utility ring on the golf bag for easy access during the round. Be sure to close the case completely as the golf range finder can fall out as you move around during a round.

Dedicated Range Finder Pocket

A dedicated range finder pocket on a golf bag is another smart place to store it when you’re playing. Some golfers find the storage case awkward when they attach it to their golf bag.

Attach to Frame of a Golf Cart

Many golf rangefinders have magnets with straps that can attach to the frame of a golf cart. You need to make sure that the magnet on the rangefinder clicks securely with the frame of the golf cart and that you secure the rangefinder in the strap.

Beverage Holder

If you’re riding in a golf cart, you can also use one of the beverage holder slots if your rangefinder fits inside of it. Do not keep it on the console of the golf cart as loose items slide around and can fall out easily.


Golfers carry around a lot of golf equipment and accessories when they play a round. The easiest way to keep track of your belongings during a round of golf is being organized and consistent with where you store them in the golf bag.

Common Items in a Golf Bag

  • 14 Golf Clubs
  • Headcovers for Woods and Putter
  • Golf Balls
  • Golf Tees
  • Golf Towels
  • Golf Rangefinder
  • iPhone or Android Golf GPS App
  • Garmin Golf GPS
  • Ball Markers
  • Divot Repair Tools
  • Rain Gear

Manufacturers designed golf bag pockets for specific reasons. You should use the golf ball saddle pocket to keep your golf balls, tees, and ball markers.

You can use the valuables pocket to store and protect your iPhone, keys, and wallet.

The apparel pocket is a great place to keep your rain gear.

You should keep your belongings in the same pockets consistently. This will help you build the habit of taking things out and returning them to the same place. Doing so will save you time and energy looking for items that were misplaced.

If you’re taking multiple pieces of equipment from the golf cart out onto the fairway, it’s a good idea to keep them together between shots. If you shoot towards the pin from the fairway and take the rangefinder out with you, put it down next to an extra club, a golf towel, or in your back pocket.If you take wedges or a rangefinder up to the green, place them down in a line between you and the golf cart. When you clear the green, having your equipment between you and the cart makes it easier to remember to pick them up.


Where Do You Keep Your Range Finder In Your Golf Bag?

Many golf bags come with a dedicated pocket for you to store your range finder. These range finder pockets are usually in the center of the front of the bag and have specially lined pockets with soft materials to protect it and a zipper to make sure it is secured in the bag.

Golf rangefinders usually come with hard cases that have loops or clips that can attach easily to the towel ring, or auxiliary ring on a golf bag.

This allows the golfer to store the golf laser rangefinder, where it can be easily accessed and replaced shot after shot.

You can also keep the laser range finder inside of the protective case and then place it in one of the auxiliary pockets on the golf bag. This will reduce the possibility that the case could come loose from the clip it attaches to the golf bag with.

It’s a good idea to take your rangefinder out of your golf bag if you’re going to keep your golf bag in the trunk of your car between rounds. Heat and humidity can affect the optics used by the rangefinder negatively.


Conclusion: Research by

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Golfers leave equipment on the golf course all the time, including golf range finders. If the golfer is lucky, someone will turn it into the pro shop or clubhouse and they can pick it up later. If not, they can be out hundreds of dollars.

The best golf rangefinders, like the Bushnell Tour, are great for your golf game because you can get accurate yardage on the course and at the driving range. They will have long-lasting battery life, and at least 6x magnification so you can get a clean look at the bunker, hazard, or pin. Pinseeker technology and stabilization make picking up the correct target easy.

The safest place to keep your laser rangefinder so you don’t lose it is in the protective case that it comes with and clip it to your golf bag during the round. You can also keep the rangefinder in the dedicated rangefinder pocket of your golf bag.

Use the pockets on a golf bag as they are designed and consistently.  It will save you time and energy looking for what you need during the round, and keep you from losing your golf equipment and accessories.


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