How Long Do Golf Gloves Last? — (and Making Them Last Longer)

how long do golf gloves last from tell me more golf instructors talking about rounds

Everyone loves the feeling of wearing a new golf glove, especially the clean look and how well the club fits your hand.

However, it often seems like, before you know it, your golf glove wears out. Are you doing something wrong? How long should golf gloves last?

The Tell Me More Golf pros will explain how long golf gloves last. They’ll also talk about things you can do to help ensure your golf gloves last longer.

how long do golf gloves last from tell me more golf instructors talking about rounds

How Many Rounds Should A Golf Glove Last?

A golf glove should last the average golfer around ten rounds before they need to replace it.

However, the type of glove, your golf grip, and your sweaty hands from playing in hot weather can affect the life of your golf gloves.


The main factors for changing your golf glove are if they get too stretched out or have holes or tears.

Golf gloves that don’t air dry properly can also get a crusty feel that can make the glove uncomfortable.


How To Make Golf Gloves Last Longer

Here are some tips from the Tell Me More Golf pros.

There are many ways to make golf gloves last longer:

  • Rotate Your Golf Gloves – A great way to make your golf gloves last longer is to have more than one and rotate them. Use an older glove on the range and save a new one for playing a round. Rotating gloves is an excellent idea if you play back-to-back days, as you can let one glove dry out properly as you play with a second glove.
  • Try Gloves Made of Synthetic Materials – You might lose a bit of the feel you’ll get from Cabretta leather gloves. Still, synthetic materials often provide a better grip and a longer lifespan. Synthetic gloves are often less expensive and don’t stretch as much over time.
  • Take Proper Care of Your Glove – When you’re done playing your round of golf or hitting balls on the driving range, don’t crumple your glove and throw it in your golf bag. Try and hang it on the outside of your golf bag where it can air dry naturally. Don’t dry wet golf gloves on radiators or in the sun, as this will dry them out and can cause them to crack or get stiff.
  • Check Your Grip – If you’re quickly putting holes or tears in your golf glove, you may want to check your grip, as those are signs you’re not holding the club properly.
  • Get the Correct-Sized Glove – Make sure it fits your hand correctly when looking for a new glove. Your hand should slide easily into the glove, and there shouldn’t be too much space at the end of the fingers.

You might want to look at a cadet-style golf glove if you have wide hands and shorter fingers.

  • Don’t Keep Your Golf Glove On All Round – One difference between beginners and pro golfers on the PGA tour is that pro golfers take their gloves off between shots while beginners keep them on. Taking your glove off keeps your hand from getting sweaty, which keeps the glove dryer.

FAQ Section

When should I replace my golf glove?

You should replace your golf glove when it has tears or holes, is stretched out, and doesn’t fit comfortably. You should also replace your golf glove if you’re getting blisters.

However, by rotating golf gloves and caring for them properly between rounds, you can often get your golf gloves to last longer before replacing them.

How long does the average golf glove last?

A high-quality leather golf glove from companies like Footjoy and Titleist should last around ten rounds for most golfers. Rotating golf gloves and wearing old gloves at the driving range and new gloves during rounds is an excellent way to extend the life of your golf gloves.

It would be best if you also let your glove air dry when it gets wet by hanging it on the outside of your golf bag.

Do golf gloves wear out?

Yes, golf gloves do wear out from the wear and tear of hitting golf balls on the range or playing rounds of golf. The friction created when you grip your club’s handle with a glove gradually wears the glove’s material in places like the thumb, forefinger, and palm.

Wet gloves need to air dry properly and should never be dried on a radiator or other direct heat source, as this can cause the glove to shrink or get stiff and crinkly.

Do more expensive golf gloves last longer?

No, more expensive golf gloves do not last longer than cheaper golf gloves. The most expensive golf gloves are made of Cabretta leather, a softer material than less expensive gloves made with synthetic and hybrid constructions.
However, you’ll have a lot more feel with a Cabretta leather glove than a synthetic one. For many golfers, that makes it worth the extra money, even for a shorter lifespan.

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Golf gloves are an important yet often overlooked piece of golf equipment. A golf glove should last around ten rounds for most golfers. However, factors such as your grip, how sweaty your hands are, and how often you play can affect how long your golf glove lasts.

You should replace your golf glove when it’s worn and has holes, tears, or has either stretched or shrunk and no longer fits your hand comfortably.

It’s a good idea to have a couple of golf gloves and rotate them between practice sessions and rounds of golf. Rotating your gloves will reduce wear and tear and give them more time to air dry properly.
Feel free to take your glove off between shots as the pros do during rounds. It will keep your glove drier and is an excellent way to reset yourself before your next shot.


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