Golf Bag Embroidery Cost

golf bag embroidery cost and answering directly how much does it cost to embroider a golf bag

Many golfers see PGA Tour players with custom embroidery on their high quality staff bags and wonder if it is possible to have their own bags embroidered. Custom embroidery is a great way to add a personal touch and stand out on the golf course, as well as avoid bag mix ups and deter theft. 

While many think the only way to get a custom golf bag is to order it new from the manufacturer, there are plenty of ways to have a single pocket embroidered, especially if it is removable.

golf bag embroidery cost and answering directly how much does it cost to embroider a golf bag

How Much Does It Cost To Embroider A Golf Bag?

how much does it cost to embroider a golf bag at a professional golf author

Many local embroidery shops will usually have a golf bag embroidery cost of somewhere between $20 and $40 to embroider simple text – with graphics, images, or patches costing more. 

Local embroidery shops are a great place to start for golfers hoping to have their used bag customized, but there are also online services that allow golfers to mail in removable golf bag pockets for custom embroidery.

Florida company “Caddy Uniforms” offers mail-in text embroidery services for $35, with custom logos and simple graphics costing $50

When purchasing a brand new golf bag directly from the manufacturer, major brands like Titleist, Ping, and TaylorMade will all add custom embroidery bags for $15 to $25. This is a simple process where all the golfer has to do is type the desired text when prompted on the manufacturer’s website. 

Costs of embroidery will vary based on the design you’d want to have on your golf bag. On average, the left chest logo (which is about 4 inches) will require approximately 5,000 stitches and will easily cost you between $6 and $24 for each item, depending on the quantity and the level of complexity. Of course, the more items you have will bring down the total cost per item. 


If the pocket that you would like embroidered is removable, there are many affordable options for adding custom embroidery. If none of the pockets unzip from your golf bag, it will be tougher to find an embroidery shop capable of accommodating an entire bag on their equipment, and you may not be able to have your bag embroidered. 

For those with removable pockets, a local embroidery shop can be the best way to go. “Mom and Pop” embroidery shops can be the most affordable and quickest option in many cases.

Full service embroidery shops can often offer many more options, fonts, and ways to configure your text. 

The turnaround time at local embroidery shops is often much quicker than with online services, as there is no need to wait while the pocket is shipped to and from the embroiderer. Additionally, some local shops will allow you to bring in patches of your own to be added to the bag.

There are also online services that allow you to mail your golf bag’s pocket in for custom embroidery. All desired text is entered in the order form, and the company will ship the pocket back to you when completed. These online services are fairly affordable, though they do have the longest turnaround time due to the shipping process. Here are some online shops that offer the best bag embroidery services:

1. Golf Club Tournaments 

For only $35, this Florida-based online shop will do a great job in embroidering your detachable panel. Golf Club Tournaments goes as far as digitizing your design into embroidery for only $50. If you need a custom golf bag, they’ve got that too! 

Golf Club Tournaments handles all their orders in-house, meaning that the delivery times and shipping costs will vary widely depending on where you live. 

2.  My Custom Golf Bag

My Golf Bag supplies fully personalized golf bags. You have the option of having your logo or name embroidered. You can even pick out the colors of your bag. The process in itself is very straightforward: Choose your preferred bag model, pick a color/multiple colors, then send the designs for your embroidery via email for approval. 

If you’re not particularly sure about your personal preferences, My Custom Golf Bag has a professional team of designers that will help you develop something that will work for you.

3. Sun Mountain

Another worthy alternative is Sun Mountain. This online shop offers more than 40 distinct golf bag designs, a lot of which are customizable with your individual embroidery design. Although Sun Mountain specializes in logos, you’re free to send anything else that you feel denotes you as a player. 

The process is professional and fluid, and the finished work is beyond impressive. Sun Mountain currently offers free shipping for orders above $100. 

Some golf pro shops will feature an in house embroiderer, or have a relationship with a local craftsman who they send golf equipment out to. Many times, pro shops will offer embroidery services for free with the purchase of a new bag as an incentive to move more product. It is always worth asking your local head pro if they can help with embroidering your current bag. 

Most golf manufacturers will offer a customizable option when selling new golf bags on their websites. For example, Callaway’s popular “Fairway 14 Stand Bag” is available in a customizable version called the “Fairway 14 Logo Stand Bag” for $15 more. Callaway allows for a four inch logo to be placed on the center of the bottom ball pocket.


Golf Bag Embroidery Designs And Ideas

Some of the most common text to have embroidered on a golf bag is a player’s name, initials, or nickname. Additionally, many golfers choose to have their favorite sayings, slogans, or swing thoughts added to their bags as well.

Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Your name: You can simply choose to have your name embroidered on the golf bag. You can have the stitching done in a single color, or in multiple colors. You’ll be provided with different fonts to consider. 
  • Flag: It could either be local or national. This is a great embroidery option for any golf bag out there.
  • Art: You can draw a picture and have it digitized and finally embroidered. You can also do your research online and find something, like a cartoon character, that you’d want on your golf bag. 

Some services also make it possible to add simple graphics, which opens up many possibilities.

College mascots, sports teams, and company logos are all commonly embroidered onto golf bags, as well as simple cartoons and symbols. 

In addition to custom logos, many golfers choose to have simple graphics embroidered that match the custom stamping on their wedges. Among the most popular of these graphics are dollar signs, crosshairs, and stars. In recent years, some embroidery companies have even begun adding emojis to golf bags, which many golfers seem to enjoy. – Frequently Asked Questions

Can I embroider a golf bag?

If you are experienced with embroidery work, and own the necessary golfing equipment needed to embroider a golf bag’s pocket, there is no reason not to go ahead and do it yourself. However, most golfers do not have the necessary tools or experience to get the job done, and it is fairly affordable to let a trained professional embroider your golf bag for you.

Can I put my name on my golf bag?

You can put your name, initials, nickname, or just about anything else on a golf bag! While most embroidery companies will easily be able to add text to a bag’s pocket, there are also online services that are capable of adding logos and simple graphics. There’s a catch, however. Most times, you’ll need to have a reserved parking spot at an LPGA or PGA Tour event or be the head of a golf facility.

Conclusion: Research by

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While professionals have been using customized staff bags for years, this level of customization has not always been available to the amateur golfer.

With the advent of removable ball pockets, as well as improved online servicers, it is now easier than ever for anyone to have a bag customized. Oftentimes, logos and text can be added for less than the cost of one golf club!


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