Which Garmin Watch Is Best for Golf Coaches in Tell Me More Golf and Types of Garmin Watches

Which Garmin Watch is Best for Golf? — Golf Instructor’s Tips

Which Garmin Watch Is Best for Golf Coaches in Tell Me More Golf and Types of Garmin Watches

As the head golf instructor at Tell Me More Golf, I’ve received numerous questions about Garmin golf watches and their capabilities.

Golfers today are looking for innovative ways to improve their golf game, and Garmin has an impressive lineup of devices to help them do just that.

Whether you’re a competitive player or a weekend golfer, finding the right Garmin watch can enhance your performance during a round of golf.

Let’s explore some of the best Garmin devices and their golf-related features to help you decide.

Types Of Garmins With Golf GPS

Garmin offers an impressive range of the best golf GPS watches designed to suit every golfer’s needs, from beginners to experienced players.

Here are several of the best Garmin golf watches on the market:

  • Garmin Approach S62: This top-of-the-line golf GPS watch features a clear full-color watch face, a ‘plays like’ distance feature, and a host of smartwatch mode features. Its virtual caddie provides club recommendations based on your performance and external factors.
  • Garmin Approach S42: A stylish and lightweight watch, the S42 offers excellent value with cutting-edge GPS accuracy, hazard distances, and smartwatch features. It’s ideal for those who play competitively, as it doesn’t have the ‘plays like’ feature.
  • Garmin MARQ Golfer: This premium watch caters to those who appreciate luxury, with a titanium case, ceramic bezel, and a wealth of golf and non-golf features. It also includes Approach CT10 club tracking sensors for advanced capabilities.
  • Garmin Approach S12: With its easy-to-use interface and basic functionality, the S12 is perfect for golfers who want the essentials. Its big numbers mode is excellent for those with poor eyesight.
  • Garmin Approach G12: This pocket-sized GPS device offers the functionality of a GPS watch without having to wear one. You can also clip it to your belt or golf bag, and it provides accurate yardages, hazard distances, and scoring capabilities.


Which Garmins Have Golf Features?

Discover some versatile Garmin devices with golf GPS that sync with the Garmin Golf App, even though they aren’t specifically designed for golf:

  • Garmin Fenix 7 Series: This multisport GPS smartwatch boasts various features such as GPS, heart rate monitoring, and activity tracking. The golf GPS function helps track distances to the green and hazards.
  • Garmin Forerunner 955: This GPS smartwatch, designed for running and triathlons, includes golf GPS alongside heart rate monitoring and activity tracking, making it a versatile choice.
  • Garmin Venu 2 Plus: A fitness and lifestyle GPS smartwatch with golf GPS capabilities, the Venu 2 Plus is perfect for those who want to track their distance to the green and hazards during their round.
  • Garmin Vivoactive 4: Another fitness and lifestyle GPS smartwatch, the Vivoactive 4 offers golf GPS features to help golfers stay on top of their game.


Which Garmin Golf GPS Watch Is the Best?

The Garmin Approach S62 is considered the best Garmin Golf GPS watch, offering an array of advanced features to enhance your game.

With a sleek design and color touchscreen display, the Garmin S62 provides accurate distances, hazard information, and a virtual caddie feature that suggests clubs based on past performance.

This watch, integrated with over 42,000 courses, also offers smart notifications, heart rate monitoring, and fitness tracking.


TellMeMoreGolf.com – Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate is Garmin Golf GPS?

Garmin Golf GPS devices are renowned for their accuracy in providing yardages, hazard distances, and other vital on-course information.

Utilizing cutting-edge GPS technology, Garmin ensures golfers receive precise measurements to improve their game.

Devices like the Approach S62, S42, MARQ Golfer, S12, and G12 offer reliable, accurate data that allows golfers to make informed decisions on club selection, shot strategy, and course management, enhancing their overall golfing experience.

What is better for golf rangefinder or Garmin GPS?

Choosing between a rangefinder and a Garmin GPS for golf depends on your preferences and desired features.

Laser rangefinders provide accurate distance measurements to specific targets, such as flags, bunkers, and trees. 

At the same time, Garmin GPS devices offer a more comprehensive view of the course, including hazard locations, dog legs, and green shapes.

Like the Garmin Approach S62, a GPS watch offers additional features like virtual caddie, shot tracking, and smartwatch capabilities.

Does Garmin Golf tell you the distance to the hole?

Yes, Garmin Golf GPS devices, such as the Approach S62 and S42, provide accurate distance measurements to the hole.

They offer yardage to the front, middle, and back of the green, allowing you to move the pin position for increased accuracy.

With pre-loaded course information and advanced GPS technology, Garmin Golf watches give golfers the critical information to make informed decisions on club selection and shot strategy.

Why is my Garmin not giving me the correct distance?

There could be several reasons why your Garmin Golf GPS is not providing the correct distance. Firstly, ensure that your device has the latest software updates installed.

Additionally, check if the GPS signal is strong and if your watch correctly identifies the course you are playing.

Satellite interference, inaccurate course maps, or temporary obstructions on the course could also affect distance measurements.

If issues persist, consider resetting the device or contacting Garmin customer support for assistance.

What are common golf features on Garmin watches?

Garmin watches have revolutionized how golfers approach their game, offering a range of features designed to enhance performance and provide valuable insights. 

Here are some common golf features found on Garmin watches:

  • Pre-loaded course maps: Access to over 42,000 global golf courses
  • Accurate yardages: Distance measurements to the front, middle, and back of the green
  • Hazard distances: Information on course hazards and their distances
  • Green view: Displays the shape of the green and allows for manual pin placement
  • AutoShot tracking: Records shot distances and provide club recommendations
  • Scorecard: Digital scorekeeping with options for tracking putts, fairways hit, and penalties
  • Stat tracking: Analyzes your golf data to help improve your game
  • Swing analysis: Monitors your swing tempo and speed (available in select models)
  • Tournament mode: Allows for legal play in competition by disabling certain features



Garmin golf watches and GPS devices offer golfers a competitive edge by providing accurate distances, course maps, and advanced features tailored to improve their game.

From dedicated golf watches like the Approach series to versatile multisport devices like the Fenix 7 Series and Forerunner 955, there’s a Garmin device for every golfer’s needs and budget.

Investing in a Garmin watch will elevate your golfing experience and allow you to enjoy additional features such as fitness tracking, heart rate monitoring, and smart notifications.

Discover the perfect Garmin device for you and see the difference it makes on and off the course.


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