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Clicgear 4 0 vs Bagboy Nitron Push Cart Review and Comparison from Tell Me More Golf Instructors

As the head golf instructor at Tell Me More Golf, in this article, I will compare two of golf’s most popular push carts: the ClicGear 4.0 and the Bagboy Nitron. 

These push carts have many things in common, such as the overall design, price, and weight, but they also have some differences you should be aware of before making a purchase. 

ClicGear 4.0 vs Bagboy Nitron Compared

To kick things off, here’s a brief comparison of the ClicGear 4.0 and Bagboy Nitron. 


The designs of these two push carts are very similar. They’re both 3-wheel carts made of high-quality materials, and they’re easily foldable.

The ClicGear is slightly larger and heavier though, which can make it more challenging to use. 


Both these carts feature great storage with designated umbrella and drink holders, as well as a wide range of other storage features. They also have storage nets which are great for loose belongings like your rangefinder, tees, and golf balls. Overall, we’d say they’re equally good in this area.  

Ease of Use

Because of the lighter weight, smaller design, and better foldability, the Bagboy Nitron is easier to use than the ClicGear 4.0. For golfers who might struggle with these things, we recommend the Bagboy. 


ClicGear 4.0 Benefits and Cons

To give you a clear idea of the pros and cons of the ClicGear 4.0, we here cover its price, weight, size, durability, and features.

We chose these parts as we believe them to be the most important when deciding what golf trolley to buy.  


The ClicGear 4.0 costs around $250, but the exact price depends on where you buy it as well as if there’s a sale or not.

This price puts it in a medium-price category, where there are many more affordable options at around $150, but you can also find those that are more expensive

Overall, we consider this price very fair, considering the high quality


The ClicGear 4.0 weighs 8.45 kg, which is equivalent to about 18 pounds.

This is normal for a push cart, and it’s a weight that’s comfortable to handle for many golfers. 

For example, it can be very frustrating when the cart is too heavy when taken out of the car, but we don’t think many will have a problem with this.  


This push cart is definitely larger than most. Because of this, it’s very robust and easy to use, which makes the overall golfing experience slightly better. It fits, without any problems, all types of golf bags, including stand bags and cart bags. 


The ClicGear 4.0 is made of high-quality aluminum, which feels sturdy and has exceptional quality. The wheels are also great, and you should get many years of use out of this cart without any problems. 


While this bag offers plenty of features, such as the bottle and umbrella holder, we especially appreciated the silicone strap system, which is much easier and more comfortable to use than the traditional elastic styles. 


Bagboy Nitron Benefits and Cons

Here, we go over the pros and cons of the Bagboy Nitron push cart.

Like earlier, we’ll cover its price, weight, size, durability, and features. 


The Bagboy Nitron costs pretty much the same as the ClicGear 4.0 at around $240. Once again, this means that it’s a medium-priced push cart, and we’d definitely call it a fair price considering the great quality. 


The normal Bagboy Nitron cart weighs 7.2 kg, which is equivalent to around 16 pounds. This is 2 pounds lighter than the ClicGear 4.0, which isn’t that much, but it makes a noticeable difference.

This definitely classifies more as a lightweight push cart, and it’s great for golfers who don’t want to struggle when taking it in and out of the car


The Bagboy Nitron Golf Pushcart is a great size, where it’s very sturdy and fits all types of bags, but also isn’t too large where it’s difficult to handle. When folded down, it’s very compact and fits in pretty much all cars. 


This golf push cart is of very high quality, thanks to the well-put-together construction combined with the great materials.

We’d say that the durability in this cart is the same as the Clicgear 4.0, and by same we mean that they’re both really good.


The most notable features of the Bagboy Nitron are the scorecard holder, cup holder, mobile phone holder, umbrella holder, and handle-mounted parking brake. All these make the experience of using this push cart very enjoyable. 


ClicGear 3.5 vs 4.0 Compared

There are a few differences between the ClicGear 3.5 and 4.0. The biggest ones are the improved bag straps and the refined braking system in the newer model. Other than that, we encourage you to try them both with your own bag to see which is best, as the bag gets put in slightly different positions. 


In this push cart review article, we’ve compared two excellent push carts with many similarities: the ClicGear 4.0 and Bagboy Nitron. Both are 3-wheel push carts that are durable, packed with features, and offer great storage.

Pricing-wise, they’re pretty much the same. The biggest differences are that the Bagboy Nitron is slightly smaller and lighter, making it easier to handle, while the ClicGear 4.0 feels more robust. Hopefully, you now know which is the best golf push cart for you. 


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