Is The Claw Golf Glove Legal? — (FAQ for CaddyDaddy Gloves)

is the claw golf glove legal and what is this golf glove from tell me more golf expert instructors

Being able to grip the club properly during the golf swing is critical to striking the ball consistently. Golfers wear golf gloves to help them grip the club securely, especially in hot and humid conditions.

There are a lot of golf gloves on the market that promise a better grip. However, there the rules of golf are clear about what a golf glove can and cannot do.

The Claw golf glove claims to be game-changing with a “superior grip” and “remarkable durability,” but is it legal? The Tell Me More golf team will look at the Claw Golf Glove and see if it’s legal according to the rules of golf.

is the claw golf glove legal and what is this golf glove from tell me more golf expert instructors

What Is a Claw Golf Glove?

is the claw golf glove legal to play in professional tournaments from the golf instructor authors at tell me more golf

A Claw golf glove is a golf glove manufactured by the CaddyDaddy Golf Company. CaddyDaddy is a manufacturer of golf accessories, including travel bags, golf bags, and coolers.

The Claw Golf Glove features silicon-web coating and airflow cooling technology according to their website, which mentions flex-mesh design on the inside of the glove.

100% synthetic materials make the Claw golf glove a little bit more durable compared to traditional leather gloves. It is also machine washable and will look new longer than gloves made with materials like Cabretta leather.

It comes in both left-hand and right-hand versions. It also comes in a variety of sizes to fit golfers with different-sized hands comfortably.

The Claw glove also comes in men’s and women’s versions of different models.

Golfers who play golf in hot and humid conditions, or have sweaty hands, will like the Claw glove because it is breathable and will keep their hands drier during a round. This means that they can grip the club easier. It’s also machine washable so you can keep it cleaner than a leather glove.


If you play golf in hot and humid conditions and have sweaty hands, a golf glove is critical in being able to hold on to the golf club properly during your swing. Leather golf gloves and gloves made from synthetic materials can help with your grip pressure and give you a superior grip on the golf course.

CaddyDaddy made the Claw golf glove with synthetic materials and provides extraordinary grip and breathability. Its ribbed silicone-web coating on the palm, thumb, and index finger are considered a smooth material and are legal according to the USGA.

The Claw golf glove’s features help golfers get a good grip on the club even on hot, humid days, and its durability ensures they will last longer than traditional leather gloves.


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