Can You Use Metal Golf Tees? (Why You Shouldn't)

can you use metal golf tees with driver damage from playing regular rounds of golf

When you think of metal tees, is the first question you ask yourself, do they damage my golf clubs? Yes, metal golf tees can severely damage your golf club’s underside, leaving you with a scarred and broken club head.

Wooden tees and strong plastic tees are usually what you will see on the golf course.

can you use metal golf tees with driver damage from playing regular rounds of golf

Driver Damage from Metal Golf Tees

can you use metal golf tees and why are metal tees a bad idea

I am a big fan of the bamboo golf tees that are becoming more popular. If you lose them, they are biodegradable and do much less damage to the environment.

But back to metal tees. When we say metal tees, we should clarify that these are not steel tees that or forged like a golf club. They are typically made of aluminum and claim not to do damage to your irons.

In testing, the aluminum tees that I used did not damage my irons as they claimed.

However, I was hesitant to try them with my driver as it seems as though the connection of metal on the clubface of my driver could do damage. So, for your tee shots, spare your most expensive golf equipment and stick with wood tees or plastic golf tees.


The idea behind metal tees is more novelty than functional.

These are not zero friction tees.

Professional golfers on the PGA Tour are not using metal golf tees and it is safe to say that we will not see that trending anytime soon.

So, why are metal tees a bad idea?

  • Your golf clubs are not going to perform any better with metal golf tees.
  • They are not eco-friendly.
  • The sound of hitting with a metal tee is very noticeable on the tee box.
  • The golf ball does not go further, straighter, or have more spin.


Are Metal Golf Tees Legal?

Aluminum or metal tees are legal, but not recommended. The rules of golf state that a tee cannot be longer than four inches and cannot provide aid in the direction of the golf ball. Metal does not make for the best golf tees because of the potential for damage, and there is no playing advantage to using them.

The testers at Tell Me More Golf have tried the brush tees and felt that they offered some game improvement potential, especially for beginners. The bristles help the ball sit up and make it visually more appealing when you are just starting out. Wooden golf tees are the most suggested because they are so easy to find, and you can buy them in bulk at a great price.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What makes a golf tee “legal”?

Any golf tee that is considered an anti-slice golf tee or flight path tee is considered illegal for competitive play. Anything that helps a golfer manipulate the direction of the golf ball without using their own skill is illegal, including illegal golf tees.

A golf tee that is longer than four inches cannot be used in competition as well. Nor, can the golf tee direct the golfer to the line of play. The golf tee is designed to elevate the golf ball off of the ground. Most importantly, a tee cannot influence the movement of the ball.

Do pro golfers use metal tees?

No, PGA Tour players do not use metal tees. Most professionals simply use wood golf tees. This is mainly because that is likely what they were used to growing up and PGA Tour players do not like to change what already works. You will not be hitting it 10-15 yards more by using metal tees, simply put.

Do plastic tees damage golf clubs?

Plastic tees do not damage drivers or other golf clubs. What we have noticed is that they leave a mark on your fairway woods and driver which is simply wiped off. Plastic tees usually have a paint coating on them. It does no damage to your club.

Conclusion: Research by

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Tell Me More Golf has assembled a team of experts to bring you detailed reviews and answers to your golf questions. 

Decades of combined experience allow us to be the authority on golf equipment including golf tees. With plastic tees, wooden tees, and bamboo golf tees, you will see the performance that you need. Golfers can get consistent tee height with all golf clubs, so there is little need to go out and try metal golf tees. 

Reach out to the team with any other equipment-related questions as you can trust our deep knowledge to help you make informed decisions.


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