Are Bionic Golf Gloves Legal? — (and How Do They Work?)

are bionic golf gloves legal and what is a bionic golf glove

Although often neglected, golf gloves are undoubtedly essential to playing good golf. Golf is just as much about confidence as skill, and a golf glove that you find comfortable has many positive effects on your game.

There are plenty of different golf gloves to choose from, all from different golf gear manufacturers, but the Bionic golf gloves are something special. This article will go over what bionic golf gloves are, if they are worth your money, and if they are legal or not

are bionic golf gloves legal and what is a bionic golf glove

What Is a Bionic Golf Glove?

what is a bionic golf glove and are these gloves legal with extra padding and limited fatigue

Most other golf gloves out there are relatively similar, but the Bionic golf glove we tested has many things that make it stand out. Perhaps the most tangible part of their gloves is their patented relief padding system. 

  • Extra Padding and Limited Fatigue

Bionic’s padding system offloads pressure from the hands by making the hand’s surface more even. This creates added friction between the hand and the club, which allows for a lighter grip.

You can have more control of the golf club.

The high-quality leather surface combined with the extra padding also helps limit hand fatigue, which is especially important for the occasional golfer as they aren’t used to hitting many golf balls. 

  • Moisture Resistance

Another great thing about Bionic’s golf gloves is their great moisture resistance. All golfers know that a wet glove and as a result poor grip frequently occurs on hot summer days, but luckily Bionic has thought of this.

All Bionic gloves come with a terry cloth moisture management system. This system is made of small terry cloth towels that absorb a lot of moisture in high-moisture areas. Now it’s much harder for the glove to become annoyingly wet, and you’ll have more confidence hitting your next ball.


Unfortunately, you are not allowed to wear Bionic golf gloves in tournament play. This is because the USGA deems Bionic gloves to be an aid and therefore illegal. However, this is not the case if you’re a golfer with a hand issue.

If you have a medical hand issue like arthritis, Bionic golf gloves are allowed in tournaments since they then go as a medical device. Nothing stops you from playing with these gloves when you’re just casually out on the golf course, and maybe they’ll make your golf more enjoyable.


Does Bionic Have Different Models?

Bionic is a golf glove manufacturer that offers a few different models: RelaxGrip, ReliefGrip, StableGrip, and Performance Grip.

  • RelaxGrip

The RelaxGrip is the cheapest out of Bionic’s lineup but still has plenty to show for itself. The RelaxGrip comes in a breathable and elastic honeycomb design, giving it a snug feel and making you more comfortable over the ball. 

  • ReliefGrip

Bionic’s ReliefGrip golf glove comes with anatomical relief pads that even out the otherwise uneven human hand, to provide extra surface area and in return a more comfortable and better performing grip. The relief pads also significantly decrease the risk of blistering.

  • StableGrip

The StableGrip golf glove is Bionic’s classic. Designed with a hand specialist to improve grip and performance, the StableGrip gloves come with a tapered and pre-rotated finger design, which evens out your hand and gives you a better grip. There are also lycra gussets and web zones that remove any bunching between the fingers. 

  • PerformanceGrip

Made for competitive players, Bionic’s StableGrip combines flexibility, comfort, and moisture control. The glove is entirely made of high-quality and breathable leather, which combined with the micro-pads that absorb perspiration, makes this glove fantastic.

Are Bionic Golf Gloves Worth It?

A better grip allows you to hold the golf club less tightly, making it easier to release the club and create the widely talked about lag. Those two combined will almost always result in more distance and better club control – potentially being a game-changer.  

Since you can hold the club much looser with the same control, there’s stress being put on your hands. This makes the Bionic gloves serve as a second skin, meaning that your hands have a limited risk of blistering and fatigue. But you can’t ignore the premium price tag that comes with Bionic’s gloves, so whether they are worth it is up to you.

What Other Types of Padded Golf Gloves Are There?

Although there are many golf glove manufacturers, each with different styles and features, there really isn’t anyone other than Bionic with a straightforward padding approach. So if you feel like you need an extra layer of protection for your hands or that your hands experience fatigue, you should definitely consider investing in a pair of Bionic gloves. – Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bionic stable grip legal?

According to the USGA’s guidelines, the Bionic StableGrip is not legal for tournament play because they deem it as an aid. This is not the case if you have any hand problems, as it then serves as a medical device, which is entirely legal. However, if you feel more comfortable with this glove, nothing is stopping you from bringing it to the course for casual play

Do Bionic golf gloves work?

Bionic golf gloves definitely work and offer many benefits for any golfer out there. Their extra padding is one-of-a-kind in the golf gear market, which makes golf easier on your hands. The excellent moisture resistance and patented evening features are also market-leading.

Conclusion: Research by

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Golf gloves might not be the most exciting part of golf, but they are undeniably crucial. Golf gloves add a layer of protection to your hand to prevent fatigue and blistering, and the ability to hold a looser but stronger grip can really improve your game and help you lower your scores.

Bionic gloves are truly different from other glove makers, and they offer a wide range of awesome features such as patented padding, great moisture control, evening of the hand, and much more. 

Thank you for reading this article from, and we hope that you now have a better idea of whether or not Bionic golf gloves should be the next golf investment you make to improve your game.


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