Best Golf Tees List of Types of Golf Tees from Tell Me More Golf Coaches

Best Golf Tees — (List of All Types of Golf Tees)

Best Golf Tees List of Types of Golf Tees from Tell Me More Golf Coaches

As the head golf instructor at Tell Me More Golf, and in this article, I will share our complete guide to golf tees. We’ll go over the different types, which are the best, how high of a tee you should use, and much more.

After reading this article, you’ll have a great understanding of all the different types of golf tees, as well as which one suits you the best.

List of Types of Golf Tees

Here is a list of all types of popular golf tees you may encounter. 

Traditional Wooden Golf Tee

Wooden golf tees are classic and traditional tees made from hardwood, such as birch or maple. They have a slender design with a pointed tip that allows for easy insertion into the ground. Wooden tees are biodegradable and have been used for decades, offering a natural feel to golfers who prefer them. 

Plastic Golf Tee

Plastic golf tees are lightweight and durable, typically made from materials like polyethylene or polycarbonate. These tees come in a variety of colors and can withstand multiple rounds of golf without breaking or splintering.

They often have a wider head to provide stability and support for the golf ball.

Bamboo Golf Tee

Bamboo golf tees are an eco-friendly alternative to mainly plastic tees. Made from sustainable bamboo, they are biodegradable and have a unique, natural appearance. Bamboo tees are known for their strength and durability, offering golfers a sturdy option that is environmentally conscious.

Step-Up Golf Tee

Step-up tees are designed with multiple height settings, allowing golfers to adjust the tee’s height to their preference or the specific club they are using. They typically feature a base with various notches or steps, making it easy to achieve the desired tee height for optimal ball striking.

Brush Tee

Brush tees consist of a bristle-like top that supports the golf ball. This design reduces friction between the tee and the ball, potentially resulting in longer drives. Brush tees are particularly popular among golfers looking to minimize resistance and maximize distance off the tee. Some brush tees are legal, while some aren’t. 

Castle Tee

Castle tees have a unique design with a wider, flat top that resembles a castle turret.

This wide top provides excellent stability for the golf ball and helps golfers tee the ball with a consistent tee height. Castle tees are less likely to break compared to traditional wooden tees. Castles tees are legal, but you can’t use them in tournament play. 

Rubber Golf Tee

Rubber tees are often used for practice purposes. They feature a flexible rubber construction that can be inserted directly into the ground or into a rubber tee holder. These tees are designed to withstand repeated use and are commonly found on driving ranges.

Anti-Slice Golf Tee

Anti-slice tees are designed to help golfers who struggle with slicing the ball. They have a specialized shape, often featuring a series of ridges or prongs on one side of the tee. This design reduces side spin, which can significantly straighten out your ball flight. Anti-slice tees are not legal


What Are the Best Golf Tees?

Pride Professional Tee System Plastic Golf Tees, 3-1/4 inch - 30 count (Blue),EV31430 White

There are many excellent golf tees out there, but our favorite is the Pride Professional Tee System Golf Tees. These are plastic tees, meaning that they don’t break, and their long design allows you to hit bombs with the driver. 

They also have low-resistance tips, which results in less friction and potentially longer golf shots.

They’re over 3 inches long, meaning that you can stick them far into the ground and still have a long tee, which prevents them from tipping over and enables you to hit it far. To top it off, the Pride Professional tees are quite affordable for plastic tees. 

Best Plastic Golf Tees

The best plastic golf tees are also our overall best golf tee pick: the Pride Professional Tee System. These tees are durable, long, low-friction, and pretty affordable, which totals up to a great golf tee. 


Best Golf Tees for Beginners (High Handicappers)

WHAMZ33 W Professional Wooden Golf Tees 2-1/8 inch Tee Pack of 100 Golf Tee

There really isn’t anything that makes a golf tee more or less suitable for a beginner, except for the price. Usually, most beginner and high handicap golfers don’t want to spend a ton of money on expensive gear, let alone golf tees. That’s why we recommend the WHAMZ33 W Professional Wooden Golf Tees for beginners, as they’re very affordable.

Best Types of Golf Tees for Ladies

Female golfers shouldn’t use different tees than male golfers.

All types of golf tees can be great for women, but we like plastic the most as it’s cheap and durable.

We recommend our top tee pick, the Pride Professional Tee System, for lady golfers. We also recommend many female golfers to try teeing the golf ball up higher, as that can result in better launch conditions and more distance as a result. 


Best Types of Golf Tees for Seniors

For senior golfers, we don’t have any specific tee type recommendations, as it all comes down to personal preference, and not swing speed. 

But with that said, tees with low friction can help senior golfers get a few extra yards. We recommend the Pride Professional Tee System.

What Golf Tees Have the Best Durability? 

Plastic golf tees, particularly those made from high-quality materials like polycarbonate, tend to offer the best durability.

They withstand multiple rounds without breaking or splintering, making them a reliable choice for golfers seeking long-lasting tees.

Some brands, like the Pride Professional Tee System, are known for their durability and consistent performance.

Plastic tees also usually come in vibrant colors, making them very easy to find after a tee shot. 


Best Long Golf Tees

If you want really long golf tees, we recommend the zero-friction ZFT Maxx 4 Inch Distance Golf Tee. These are 4 inches long, which enables you to “tee the ball high and let it fly.” 

Best Wooden Golf Tees

If wooden golf tees are what you want, perhaps for environmental or sound purposes, we suggest looking at the WHAMZ33 W Professional Wooden Golf Tees, as they’re very affordable and come in many cool colors

Golf Tee Length (Dimensions)

Here is a list of the normal tee heights that you’ll come across. 

  • Short Tees (2.125 inches – 2.25 inches): These tee lengths are Ideal for irons and hybrids. However, they can be too short if the golf course’s turf isn’t hard and/or you want a lot of space between the golf ball and the ground. 
  • Mid-Length Tees (2.75 inches – 3.25 inches): These are suitable for fairway woods and for golfers who tee their driver relatively low. They can also be used for irons and hybrids, but they’re a bit excessive. 
  • Standard Tees (2.75 inches – 4 inches): Standard tees are very versatile and work with most golf clubs, including drivers. However, they’re not great for shots that require a low tee height, like irons. 
  • Long Tees (3.25 inches – 4 inches+): These are used for oversized drivers and for long-driving. Regular golfers can also benefit from them if they like to tee their driver high. 
  • Extreme Long Tees (4.5 inches+): These long-driving-only tees are for golfers who want to hit the golf ball as far as possible.


Standard Golf Tee Size

The most popular tee size when it comes to long tees is 2.75 inches. This tee height is adequate for driver shots, but we actually prefer the higher option of 3.25 inches. We say this because we think many amateurs would benefit from a higher tee. 

What Size Golf Tee Should You Use?

Determining the right tee height in golf revolves around your individual swing and preferences. It’s a balance between how you want to strike the ball as well as what launch angle you desire. 

Lower tee heights promote control and precision, suitable for those who prefer a flatter ball flight. Conversely, higher tee heights offer more launch, potentially resulting in longer drives. 

Ultimately, the best tee height is what feels comfortable to you during your swing and helps you achieve your desired ball flight. Experimenting with different tee heights during practice can help you discover the ideal balance between control, distance, and comfort for your game.

But with that said, we think a standard golf tee of between 2.75 and 3.25 inches suits most golfers perfectly, at least when hitting driver. 



Golf tees are a fundamental part of the game, and choosing the right one can impact your performance. Our ultimate guide has covered various tee types, their features, and much more.

Hopefully, you now have a comprehensive understanding of golf tees and their suitability for your game. Keep in mind that while recommendations exist, the ideal tee for you depends on your swing and what you like

Experimentation and finding your personal preference are key to optimizing your tee game, whether you favor plastic tees for durability or wooden tees for tradition.


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