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In this article, the golf instructor team here at Tell Me More Golf takes a look at the world of golf bags brands. 

A golf bag is an integral part of the golfer’s equipment. Every golfer that heads out on the course carries a bag, which means that lots of bags are being produced. The golf bag industry is big business, that’s for sure. 

Many of the well known golf brands around the world manufacture golf bags, while there are some producers who focus only on bags. Many luxury clothing companies even produce high-end golf bags. 

Best Golf Bag Brands

Nowadays, you want versatility from a golf bag brand. Many golfers who play regularly now like to have two bags. They may have a cart bag for when they’re pushing or using a golf buggy, and then for a less arduous round they’ll have a typical stand bag, or maybe even a lightweight pencil bag. 

When it comes to golf bags, you can’t really go wrong with the big players in the golf equipment market. 


TaylorMade is one of the best known brands in golf. Even if you’re the most occasional of golfers, you’ll know about TaylorMade, such is their standing. 

As one of the big brands, TaylorMade produces no shortage of golf bags.

They offer a variety of stand bags, push cart bags and pencil bags.

Their stand golf bags, which typically range from $150 to $250, are incredibly popular. Venture out to your local course and you’re almost guaranteed to see at least one golfer carrying a TaylorMade golf stand bag.  


Another huge golf brand that makes great golf bags. Many of the biggest names in professional golf, such as Scottie Scheffler, Cameron Smith and Patrick Cantlay use Titleist.

Titleist offers an interesting variety of golf bags, including tour bags, mid-sized cart bags, lots of stand bags, lightweight golf bags and pencil/carry bags. 

Their Tour Bag is particularly eye-catching, though it’s not cheap, costing around $625.

My personal favorite is the Players 4 Stand Bag from Titleist, which I have been using for a while.

The simple, yet sophisticated design, which features a sharp white Titleist logo on a solid black design, is particularly striking and very functional on the course. 


Another hugely popular and reliable golf bag brand is Callaway.

Again, journey to your local golf course and you’ll almost certainly see golfers carrying Callaway bags. 

Callaway bags tend to be quite vibrant, their designs typically feature bright colors. They make a variety of stand bags, push cart bags, pencil bags and tour-standard bags. Naturally, as one of the best golf bag brands, Callaway’s bags aren’t cheap. They range from $150 right up to $900. 



Everyone associates PING with high-quality golfing products, and the bags designed and offered by PING certainly fit into the high-end bracket. 

PING currently offers golfers a variety of bags, including stand bags, light stand bags, pencil bags, cart bags, as well as tour spec cart bags. The PING Hoofer stand bag from PING is one of the most popular bags right now. It’s stylish, lightweight and durable, costing around $150, depending on the location of purchase. 


Arguably the best in the business when it comes to cart bags, Motocaddy produces a range of bags. Their cart bags are of very high quality, while some of them look great too, such as the slick Club-Series Bag, which costs around $190.

They do a lighter version called the Lite-Series, which is slightly more skinny and compact, costing around $160. 

Motocaddy cart bags usually have plenty of accessories, while they come equipped with high-quality cart straps. They’re also great if you’re carrying lots on the golf course, such as tees, golf balls, and water bottles. Items such as your phone, keys and wallet can be handily stored in the lined valuables pocket. 


Luxury Golf Bag Companies

  • Prada
  • Louis Vuitton
  • Bentley
  • Links and Kings
  • MacKenzie
  • Macdonald
  • Terrida
  • Soul of Nomad
  • Treccani Milano
  • Valigeria Grignola

Right now, high-end golf bags are available from those luxury golf bag brands.

A golf bag is a relatively ordinary thing. It’s essential for play, but most golfers don’t really give it much thought. It therefore may seem quite strange that luxury golf bags exist, but with golf being a sport played by lots of wealthy people, there are now numerous luxury golf bags on the market, and thus there are several luxury golf bag companies. 

Luxury golf bags are naturally not cheap. Some luxury golf bags, such as The Links Luxury Golf Bag from Links and Kings can be bought for $1,000. Some, such as the Macdonald Argyle Golf Bag and the Terrida Imperial Luxury Golf Bag cost between $2,000 and $3,000. 

Some luxury golf bags can cost considerably more than a few thousand, though. For example, the Kennedy Golf Bag from Soul of Nomad, which is made from embossed Italian calf leather, costs in the region of $10,000. Famous designer brand Louis Vuitton also produces a Luxury bag, which costs $15,000. 

We are far from at the upper reaches of the luxury golf bag market yet. For those fortunate enough to have the funds, the Black Alligator Golf Bag by Treccani Milano goes for $54,000, while the most expensive luxury golf bag on the market right now is the Valigeria Grignola Blue Crocodile Luxury Golf Bag, which retails at $60,000. 


Vintage Golf Bags: How To Identify Value

In recent years, there has been a surge in the popularity of vintage goods. It’s now pretty cool to get your hands on some vintage gear, even in the world of golf. Having a vintage golf bag can upgrade your look on the course, they’re also just really cool things to get your hands on. 

When it comes to vintage golf bags, you can identify value based on three things. These are history, rarity and the bag maker. 


As spoken about in our previous vintage golf articles, the older a golf item is, the more valuable it is likely to be. If you get your hands on a vintage bag from the early 19th century, then it’s probably going to be worth more than a golf bag from say 2004. Both qualify as vintage bags, but one is a whole lot more rare and thus more valuable. 


Again, the older the bag, the more chance it has of being rare. However, just because a golf bag is old, it’s not rare by default. Some old golf bags are still quite common, so don’t make that mistake. Vintage golf bags are often deemed valuable or not based on whether or not they are rare. 

Bag Maker 

This goes hand in hand with the rarity of the golf bag. If a vintage golf bag is made by a company that no longer produces golf bags, then chances are it’s going to be quite rare, as there probably won’t be too many left in circulation.  


Old Golf Bag Brands

There are several golf bag brands that have been around for a while, many of which still produce old-style golf bags. 

Take MacKenzie Golf Bags for instance. These guys have been at it since 1985, producing high-quality golf bags, such as their Waxed Canvas Mac, or the Ballistic Nylon Mac, bags that have an authentic olden days feel to them. Such bags are perfect if you have older golf clubs. 

Then there’s the likes of Louisville Golf, a company started a long time ago with a view to preserving the history of the game. They produce some outstanding golf bags, all of which give the feel of a bygone era. A good example is the Vintage Olive 1922 Courier Pencil Bag, which with its shoulder strap, looks both old-school and incredibly stylish. You can even purchase a wooden hickory bag stand to accompany it. 


Cool Golf Bag Brands

If you want to venture down the road less traveled and get your hands on a really cool golf bag, one that looks a little bit different than those being produced by the big-name golf brands, then there are several more niche golf bag brands that design and make some really cool bags.

The following brands are great for cool-looking golf bags: 

  • Sunday Golf 
  • Orca Golf 
  • MNML
  • Stitch Golf 
  • Jones Sports Co. 

Whether it be in terms of design, functionality, features or color, each of the above brands does something that’s a little different from the golf bags that are made by the typical golf brands. If you’re a golfer who wants to inject some style into proceedings, then such brands are definitely worth checking out

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What leather golf bag brands are there?

Lots of brands currently produce leather golf bags, most of which are high-end brands, such as Treccani Milano, Louis Vuitton, Soul of Nomad, Prada, Pellevera and Terrida. Golf bags made by these companies usually cost thousands, with some bags easily going for five-figure sums. 

What company makes the best golf bags?

There are lots of reputable golf bag companies. Most of the major golf brands, such as Callaway, PING and TaylorMade, produce a range of excellent golf bags. However, my personal favorite is Titleist. They make similar bags to the other top companies, but they often have an understated quality which adds to their class. 

What is the number 1 golf bag brand in golf?

It’s hard to say what the number one golf bag brand is, but there are some excellent golf bags on the market right now. The best golf bags are made by manufacturers such as PING, Callaway, TaylorMade and Titliest. 

What is the most luxury golf bag brand?

There are several luxury golf bags available to the golfer looking for something a little bit more classy. Valigeria Grignola is perhaps the most luxury golf bag brand. Their golf bag collection is prestigious, with the Blue Crocodile Luxury Golf Bag being perhaps the most luxurious, costing no less than $60,000.


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