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Best Golf Alignment Sticks from Tell Me More Golf Instructor Teams of Coaches Helping with Advice

As the Lead Coach here at TellMeMoreGolf, I am excited to bring you my recommendations on alignment sticks and explain to you the importance they can play in your practice sessions and pre-round warmups.

Our editorial guidelines feature these 3 criteria when recommending the best golf alignment sticks:

  • Multiple sticks
  • Quality Material
  • Bright color

#1. SKLZ Golf Alignment Sticks Training Aid – Our Top Pick

SKLZ Golf Alignment Sticks Training Aid with 3 Sticks

We here know that SKLZ is known for its golf training aids. We’ve looked specifically for training aids that help golfers can practice several key aspects of their game including swing plane and ball position.

These alignment rods are made of flexible fiberglass designed to withstand the hit of a golf club. Many golfers try to work on aspects of their swings before a round but they need a guide or way to measure if they are on track.


SKLZ is a reputable company known for creating many quality training aids. These 3 rods have 9 rings to help golfers with ball position practice to perfect their ball striking.

There is a rubber safety grip at the end of each rod to help players put the into the ground to work on things like the swing path. These alignment rods do not come with instructions in case you are not sure how to use them, but there are many online tutorials to help.


  • Durable, fiberglass material
  • Can be used for full swings down to short game shots
  • Can be setup for swing plane work


  • No instructions are included, but they can be found online

#2. Callaway Alignment Stix Golf Swing Trainer – Most Portable

Callaway Alignment Stix, Golf Swing Trainer, Yellow, 48 Inches, (Set of 2)

This pack of 2 Callaway alignment rods is collapsible and comes with a storage tube that should fit simply into one of the side pockets of your golf bag. This is great for golfers that have smaller golf bags or just prefer easy storage. Your golf game will thank you as these too can help you work on more than just alignment.

The Benefits:

Club alignment is vital, so having alignment rods is a simple but must-have for most golfers.

When I play with higher handicappers, one of the first things I notice is that they often hit the ball where they aim, they just aim wrong. A little practice with these simple and portable sticks can fix that quickly.


  • Simple setup and use
  • Collapsable for easy storage
  • Point end for swing work


  • Does not have ball placement rings

#3. Shaun WEBB Golf Alignment Sticks – Most Durable

Shaun WEBB PGA Golf Alignment Sticks (Pack of 3 Golf Sticks) Swing with Confidence and Accurately. Instant Feedback - Improve Your Swing - Align Your Body, Balls & Club. Golf Training Sticks for Men

Proper alignment is something we looked for in this golf alignment sticks reviews. Whether hitting a driver, an iron, or even when you are chipping, alignment is vital. These sticks come with a tube for easy storage and are great for practicing alignment stick drills.

The Benefits:

These are designed by one of the best young golf coaches in the business. They are made from high-quality, lightweight fiberglass and give golfers the functionality they need when practicing the fundamentals.


  • Quality materials
  • Come with a tube to carry all 3
  • Pointed ends for additional swing work


  • A little more expensive than most but made from durable materials


#4. GoSports Golf Alignment Training Sticks – Best Value

GoSports Golf Alignment Training Sticks 3 Pack - 48 Inch Golf Alignment Aid Practice Rods

The rods for these golf alignment sticks fold in half and have rubber safety caps on the ends to avoid damage to your bag, clubs or your body. The GoSports model also folds in half and is a great tool for practicing short putts and keeping the clubface of your putter aligned with the target.

The Benefits:

Golf alignment sticks have versatility in what you can do with them and these are no different. Make sure your backswing is on plane with this easy-to-carry training tool. Tour pros use these most days in their warmups because it is so vital to get the direction fundamentals right.


  • Good for practicing putting stroke
  • Bright colors for visual benefit
  • Foldable


  • Only come in one color

#5. Tour Sticks Golf Alignment Stick – For Beginners

Tour Sticks - The #1 Training Aid Used by Tour Pros - Free DVD (Digital) and Lignum Golf Tees! (A $25 Value!) (White)

It’s not always easy to stay square to the target line. Swing alignment rods quickly fix that and give you the confidence to take on the golf course.

We think these are one of the Best Golf Alignment Sticks for beginners because of their durability and ease of use for beginners.

The Benefits:

These alignment rods come with a flier of drills that you can use to improve all aspects of your game. Alignment sticks should be part of your golf equipment just like golf balls. These will never fade because of the UV coating.


  • Training materials included
  • Carry tube included
  • Comes in 10 bright colors


  • A little bit pricier but some may benefit from the training brochure


Patrick Corley Tell Me More Golf Instructor and Coach
Patrick Corley
From a golf scholarship to a Southern California University, to a private golf coaching career and an instructor position at a nonprofit organization, I’m here to help you get better at golf! With my 50+ years of golf experience; I bring you Tell Me More Golf. A golf coaching website that helps your game with instructional golfing content that’s ultimately geared toward making you a better golfer and having more fun!
Our golf instructor team brings it all to you, so enjoy!

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