Who Makes XPC Golf Clubs According to Golf Coaches at Tell Me More Golf Learning About Golfsmith
Who Makes XPC Golf Clubs According to Golf Coaches at Tell Me More Golf Learning About Golfsmith

I’m the head golf instructor at Tell Me More Golf, and in this article, I will cover everything you need to know about XPC golf clubs. I’m also going to explain the story of the failed retail store “Golfsmith,” and I will briefly review some of their other brands. 

Who Makes XPC Golf Clubs?

XPC golf clubs was one of Golfsmith’s own golf equipment brands.

Unfortunately, Golfsmith declared bankruptcy in 2016, and their XPC line-up is no longer manufactured. Golfsmith’s assets were purchased by Dick’s sporting goods, and while they decided to keep some of Golfsmith’s brands alive, XPC was not one of them.

XPC golf clubs were one of Golfsmith’s many brands, with MacGregor and Lynx probably being the most popular that are still produced today.


Are XPC Golf Clubs Any Good?

To be perfectly honest, XPC golf clubs aren’t exactly high-performing. Due to their low-cost materials and outdated design, they’re not very long-hitting or forgiving. However, as they’re very cheap, picking up a set might not be a terrible idea for everyone.

On eBay, you can likely purchase a set of used XPC irons for less than $80, which is hard to beat.

Their woods and wedges are also very affordable. Their irons are available in cavity backs, but they’re still very slim and pretty much look like blades. 

This means that they’re not very confidence-inspiring, and shots that aren’t struck on the clubface’s center will feel and perform terribly

Golfsmith Golf Clubs Review

The golf retailer Golfsmith sold a vast variety of brands, including some very established ones like Ping. They also had their own line-up of golf equipment brands, and here, you can read a brief review about their most popular golf club brands. 

XPC Golf Clubs

XPC’s golf clubs are, as already mentioned, not the best. As an average golfer, you can still play decent golf with XPC irons; it’s just that their outdated design doesn’t provide sufficient distance or forgiveness to compete with today’s clubs

Their woods aren’t the best either, but their drivers aren’t terrible considering the very affordable price.

However, as most beginners and amateur golfers in general struggle with their driver, we recommend purchasing something with more advanced technology that can help your game. 

XPC’s clubs can only be purchased used, as they’re no longer produced due to the brand being discontinued. Because they’re not very popular and relatively old, XPC clubs are extremely affordable, which can make them something a golfer on a tight budget should consider. 


MacGregor Golf Clubs 

MacGregor Golf is a pretty popular golf brand that specializes in affordable yet good golf clubs.

MacGregor used to be one of Golfsmith’s own brands, but after the bankruptcy, it’s now a part of Dick’s sporting goods. 

MacGregor sells every type of golf club, and a brand-new beginner’s set can be bought for around $300, which is definitely a great price. Their clubs don’t perform as well as major brands like Callaway or Titleist, but that’s to be expected considering they cost a fraction of the price.

Overall, we’ve found MacGregor clubs to perform pretty well, and their all-graphite golf sets are great for beginners who lack ball speed. With a set from MacGregor, you can definitely play pretty good golf, as all of their clubs perform well. 

Lynx Golf Clubs

Lynx Golf is a relatively unknown golf brand, but they sell a wide variety of golf equipment for affordable prices. They’re not as competitively priced as MacGregor, but their clubs are significantly cheaper than ones from the major brands. 

Lynx used to be one of Golfsmith’s own brands. Today, we’d definitely call them the highest performing out of them, XPC, and MacGregor. Their irons are pretty forgiving, and their woods are great. 

What Happened to Golfsmith? 

Golfsmith, once a prominent retailer in the golf industry, experienced financial difficulties and ultimately filed for bankruptcy.

Here, you’ll find a brief overview of what happened to them.

In 2016, Golfsmith filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The company cited several reasons for its financial struggles, including declining sales, increased competition, and an excessive debt load.

During this time, Golfsmith faced challenges from both traditional brick-and-mortar golf retailers as well as online golf retailers. The rise of e-commerce and the changing retail landscape presented significant hurdles that Golfsmith couldn’t overcome.

Golfsmith was during this process purchased by Dick’s Sporting Goods for $69M. The brand of Golfsmith pretty much ceased to exist, and the only thing remaining is some of their previous golf brands, such as XPC and MacGregor. 


Buying Used Clubs from XPC 

If you’re a beginner or a high handicapper on a tight budget, purchasing used XPC golf clubs can be a reasonable option. XPC clubs are, in general, extremely affordable, and they provide you with a set of clubs to get you started on the course. 

XPC clubs can have decent performance and durability for the price, making them suitable for casual or occasional golfers. However, it’s important to note that while XPC clubs may be a cost-effective choice, there are better alternatives available in terms of quality and performance.

As your skills progress and you become more invested in the game, we strongly recommend upgrading to higher-quality clubs from more established brands. 

You don’t need the newest TaylorMade driver to play good golf, but golf equipment with great technology will make golf easier, and as the game is tough enough as it is, you should do everything you can to make it less challenging.  

What are XPC golf clubs known for?

Today, XPC golf clubs are known for being a relatively unknown and very affordable golf club brand. Their irons are probably the most prevalent, but you can stumble upon all types of clubs from them.

Regarding performance, we wouldn’t say XPC is known for anything special. Due to being very affordable, they never featured the highest-performing design, and because they’re quite old and outdated, they aren’t as good as modern golf clubs


Are XPC golf clubs suitable for beginners or more advanced players?

The type of golfer that should use XPC golf clubs is definitely a beginner or higher handicapper. For lower handicaps, the higher performance of modern equipment is a must to improve your game. On the other hand, complete novices or golfers who don’t have a lot of mechanical skill won’t see the drawbacks of poor equipment as much. 

However, a golfer who for example struggles with their driver shouldn’t use an XPC driver. The reason for this is simple: modern drivers are packed with technology that makes hitting good golf shots easier

So if you have a particular struggle, modern equipment can help with improving your shots with that club. This means that a high handicapper shouldn’t always consider really affordable clubs like the ones from XPC. 

What sets XPC golf clubs apart from other brands?

When it comes to what differentiates XPC today, there’s only really one thing that comes to mind: the price. XPC golf clubs are among the cheapest available, with a complete set of irons costing under $100 on places like eBay. 

Are XPC golf clubs customizable to fit individual player preferences?

Due to being discontinued, XPC golf clubs have limited customization options available. Since they are no longer manufactured, you won’t have a wide range of options for shafts or other customization features. 

However, you can still make some basic adjustments to the clubs. For example, you can shorten the shaft or bend the loft to fit your preferences. Keep in mind that more significant modifications like changing the shaft will likely require purchasing a new one separately. 

If you need extensive customization, we recommend asking your local golf shop to see what adjustments they can make to the clubs. But, generally speaking, if you’re a golfer who needs something very special, you’ll probably have to buy something else

Where can I purchase XPC golf clubs?

XPC golf clubs are predominantly available for purchase in the used market through platforms like eBay, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace. These online platforms offer a wide range of pre-owned XPC clubs at very low prices.

While it’s possible to find XPC clubs in golf retail shops selling used golf gear, you should know that this won’t be a common occurrence. Therefore, if you’re specifically looking for XPC clubs, exploring online marketplaces is undoubtedly the best way to find them. 

It’s important to research and assess the condition of the clubs before making a purchase to ensure you’re getting a good deal, and you should know what type of model they are. For example, a complete beginner shouldn’t buy a low-lofted XPC driver with a stiff shaft, and should instead buy a regular flex with the most loft possible


XPC golf clubs are no longer in production due to Golfsmith’s bankruptcy and the XPC brand being discontinued. Their performance may not match today’s standards, but their remarkably low prices on places like eBay make them an option worth considering for budget-conscious golfers. 

Keep in mind that exploring other alternatives from established brands might provide better performance and long-term value, but XPC clubs can serve as a viable entry point for those on a tight budget.


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