What Is A 72 Degree Wedge Used For? — (Average Distance and Primary Uses)

what is a 72 degree wedge used for and the many uses for a pitching wedge and gap wedge

A 72 degree wedge is an extreme solution that many golfers have researched when having trouble with flop shots, high pitch shots, or putting enough backspin on the golf ball.

While these open faced lob wedges can be tempting for golfers chasing a quick short game fix, the risk is nearly never worth the reward, and 72 degree wedges should only be used as a novelty club.

While the extreme amount of loft can help put tons of spin on the golf ball, it has to be struck absolutely perfectly to avoid skulling the ball or catching it fat.

what is a 72 degree wedge used for and the many uses for a pitching wedge and gap wedge

72 Degree Wedge Uses

72 degree wedge uses like a sand wedge and lob wedge

The lob wedge is primarily used for chip, pitch, and flop shots around the green, as well as approach shots from within 100 yards. The 60 degree lob wedge rides the line for most golfers in terms of the maximum loft that they are able to use while still striking the ball consistently.

Most golf wedges fall into one of four categories:

  1. Pitching Wedge

Can Range Between 41 and 47 degrees

  1. Gap Wedge 

Typically 48 to 52 degrees 

  1. Sand Wedge 

Typically 54 to 58 degrees

  1. Lob Wedge

Typically 58 to 62 degrees

A 72 degree wedge fits into the lob wedge category only because the term lob wedge is meant to describe the highest lofted wedge in a golfer’s bag.

In reality, a 72 degree wedge should be in its own category altogether.

This is a very different club when compared to a traditional 60 degree lob wedge. 


A 72 degree lob wedge will launch high and not fly very far (distance-wise) even on full swings. Due to the extreme wedge loft, the clubhead will slide under the club sending it upwards with a high amount of backspin…

causing it not to fly very-far downrange.

Even golfers with extremely high swing speeds will struggle to hit the golf ball 50 yards, and there is a reason that a traditional wedge set is made up of a 52 degree wedge, a 56 degree wedge, and a 60 degree wedge. These wedge lofts have been determined to be the optimal combination for most golfers to achieve proper wedge gapping on full swings.  


Do Pros Use A 72 Degree Wedge?

No Pro Golfers use the 72 Degree wedge.

Professional golfers on the PGA Tour have the highest skill level of any golfers in the entire world. The fact that none of these golfers have found an advantage in using such a high lofted club should tell golfers everything they need to know about a 72 degree wedge. 

The most popular wedges used on the PGA Tour are made by Vokey and Cleveland, neither of which offer anything close to a 72 degree wedge off the shelf. It is not recommended to bend a wedge more than one or two degrees, as this will change the bounce angle of the wedge’s sole and start to interfere with its feel and performance. 

If there was a discernible advantage to be gained by using such a high lofted club, it would one hundred percent be put into use by professional golfers.

With millions of dollars on the line every week on the PGA Tour, pros search tirelessly for any small advantage over the competition.

Golfers like Bryson Dechambeau have started experimenting with every element of a traditional set of golf clubs. From modified irons with uniform length shafts to arm lock putters with more lofts than drivers, young professionals are no strangers to tinkering with their equipment

Phil Mickelson has famously used a 64 degree wedge on the PGA Tour, and this is the highest lofted wedge that has ever been put into use at a professional golf tournament. 

Is A 72 Degree Wedge Legal In Golf?

The use of a 72 degree wedge is completely legal according to the rules of golf. There are currently no restrictions on wedge loft or the loft of any other golf club, meaning it is legal to carry everything from a one degree driver to a 90 degree lob wedge if you were so inclined. 

Bombtech is a golf equipment manufacturer that has become popular for its 72 degree golf wedge offering. Many golfers have raised concerns about the legality of this club, leading Bombtech to send the wedge in for inspection. 

The Bombtech 72 degree wedge has been certified as legal for all types of golf play, meaning it is legal to be used in any golf event or tournament. The club and its specifications are all listed on the USGA’s website, confirming that it conforms to all current rules and regulations. 

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For decades, golfers have been obsessed with making changes and improvements to their equipment. Everything from shaft material and profile to head shape and color can be customized on today’s golf clubs, but traditional lob wedge lofts are one thing that does not need changing.

Golfers who are tempted to buy a 72 degree wedge to improve their short games should instead invest that money into a short game lesson with a trusted PGA Professional. 


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