What Clubs To Bring To Topgolf

what clubs to bring to topgolf from tell me more golf research

Since opening its first US location in 2005, Topgolf has quickly become a favorite hangout for both experienced golfers and those completely new to the game of golf.

Many golfers wonder whether they should bring in their own clubs from home, or just use the ones provided in the hitting bay. Our team of experts at Tell Me More Golf have all the answers needed to make sure golfers of all skill levels have a great time next time they head out to their local Topgolf.


what clubs to bring to topgolf from tell me more golf research

Which Clubs For Topgolf?

  1. Wedges
  2. Irons

Wedges are the clubs that are best suited to be brought from home and used at the Topgolf hitting bays. Distances will be more in line with those seen at a normal driving range, and while the feel will be different, you can properly practice the game of golf with your wedges. There are also a few gameplay options made specifically for shorter shots, and plenty of targets scattered inside the 100 yard area. You’ll also only need to carry a handful of golf clubs into your local topgolf location, instead of hoofing your whole bag through the lobby.

Irons are safer for use at Topgolf, though distances will differ from those seen on the golf course.

If none of these factors bother you; go ahead and bring your own irons to a Topgolf hitting bay:

  • Different distances
  • Odd feel coming off of the iron face
  • Green scuff marks

While it is beneficial to gain muscle memory by swinging your own golf clubs as much as possible, Topgolf is better utilized for entertainment than actual practice. The feel coming off the face of your irons will be different, and you’ll encounter some green scuff marks on the bottom of your golf clubs from the rubber mats.

What NOT to Bring

Drivers, fairway woods, and hybrids should all be left at home and not brought into Topgolf.

While it may be tempting to show off and hit some bombs with your favorite driver, it’s just not worth the risk of damage.

Manufacturers are designing woods with increasingly thin club faces, leading to more club face flex and higher ball speeds. While the materials used are quite durable, they just aren’t designed to repeatedly hit a ball as hard as the ones used at Topgolf.

Especially with higher swing speeds, it is very possible to put a crack in the club face of your favorite wood. For this reason, the team at Tell Me More Golf urges readers to only use the woods provided in the hitting bays, as they are designed specifically to take the abuse of these extra hard, high-tech Topgolf balls:

TopGolf Balls

Now, let’s take a quick-look at the balls that Topgolf uses. Many players are not aware that golf balls hit at their local driving range fly noticeably shorter than the premium golf balls they hit on the golf course.

This is due in part to the cheaper material used in the inner core of most range balls, including Topgolf balls. Most driving ranges are looking for the best value when buying range balls, as their lifespan is limited. Thousands of strikes from golfers on the range, plus the wear and tear inflicted from the ball picker leaves all driving range balls with scuffs and scratches at some point. This damage to the outer layer of the golf balls also causes them to lose distance, and fly less straight.

Topgolf balls intentionally fly significantly shorter than those used at most driving ranges, which helps keep balls from flying over the back fence. These high tech golf balls contain an RFID chip in the center of the core, allowing their top tracer technology to track the flight and location of the ball in air. Because of this, the material surrounding the RFID chip is significantly harder than what is typically used in golf ball production. This provides extra durability, as well as the added benefit of keeping more golf balls inside the nets. Many golfers report distance losses of around a club and a half, especially on longer shots.


While they may look similar, the golf clubs provided at Topgolf are designed very differently than a traditional set of clubs. What makes these clubs different is the fact that their primary design function is durability, not performance.

These chunky, heavy clubs are designed to take the beating of harder balls, as well as thousands of swings from non golfers who tend to miss fat and drive the golf club directly into the turf mat.

While there are men’s, ladies’, and kid’s full sets available, there is only one shaft stiffness in each. Many golfers will find these shafts to be more light and flexible than the ones in their own clubs, as they are primarily designed for non golfers with slower golf swings. These light, “whippy” shafts, coupled with the thick and heavy club heads don’t exactly make for a golf club fit for the PGA Tour.

The clubs provided by Topgolf perform more like a set of vintage clubs, and while they aren’t the best golf clubs you’ll find, they are just fine for some casual game play while enjoying a cold drink with good friends.

Conclusion: Research by Tellmemoregolf.com

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Here at Tell Me More Golf, we know how much golfers value their equipment. There are countless hours of research and hundreds of dollars that go into building a complete set of golf clubs, and the last thing any golfer wants to do is damage one of their own clubs that they use on the golf course.

That’s why the team of experts at Tell Me More Golf recommend leaving your driver, fairway woods, and hybrids at home next time you head out to Topgolf. If you have your heart set on bringing in your own clubs, we recommend sticking to a handful of wedges!


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