Ways To Carry Clubs On The Golf Course — (Golf Cart Alternatives)

ways to carry clubs on golf course with a push cart

There are many different ways to get around a golf course, and every golfer prefers to do it a little bit differently. The most traditional, and arguably “purest” way to play a round of golf by many standards is walking the course. 

It is claimed by many that walking is “the way the game was intended to be played,” and many find it helps them play better. Golf carts are the most leisurely way to play a round of golf, and push carts offer a happy medium. Caddies are also a great option for those who can afford them!

Now here’s the golf cart alternatives:

  • Electric Push Carts
  • Walking – Carrying The Bag
  • Push Cart
  • Golf Cart
  • Caddie

Electric Push Cart

PlayBetter MGI Zip Navigator Electric Golf Caddy (Titanium Gray) Bundle with Remote Control Premium Extra Large Towel - Motorized Push Cart with Full Directional Remote Control, Gyroscope

Electric push carts are exciting new introductions to the golf world that combine the power of a golf cart with the design of a push cart. These sleek new advancements in club carrying technology are best for players that prefer to walk the golf course, but do not wish to carry or push their own clubs

Electric push carts are robot-like powered carts that hold the golf bag

They look like a traditional push cart at first glance – but without a handle for pushing or pulling. After a player takes a shot and puts their club back in the bag, they simply walk to where the ball landed, and the push cart will follow behind automatically. 

You have the option of setting speed or determining the direction your golf cart should take by using either the control panel or remote control. Electric golf push carts run on either lithium acid or ion battery.

With a remote-controlled push cart, you can easily send it ahead to your golf ball to have your clubs on standby for your next shot. For carts with control panels, you have no choice but to set the path manually for it to make its way to the golf ball.

These high tech powered carts follow the golfer’s every step as they walk around the course, essentially serving as a caddy that does not talk or provide advice. While it may seem like a contradiction to think that the “purest” and most traditional way to play a round of golf can be done while accompanied by a club-carrying robot, many golfers have softened on their traditionalist stances after experiencing the ease and convenience of an electric push cart.

It’s crucial for you to test out your electric push cart before taking it out to the course. You wouldn’t want to experience any control problems that would delay your round.


walking carrying the bag from tell me more golf expert professional golf instructors and authors

The most traditional way to get around the golf course is by walking and carrying your golf bag. There are a few different styles of golf bag that work best for walking the course, with the two most popular being carry bags and stand bags. 

Carry bags are the most lightweight options available, and come in a variety of sizes.

Carry bags are the most lightweight options available, and come in a variety of sizes. The typical height of a carry bag is approximately 36 inches minus the clubs. With the clubs included, expect it to stand at about 50 icnhes tall.

The weight of your carry bag will depend on the number of clubs inside. When carrying the standard 14 clubs, you should be carrying around 30 pounds worth of weight. If you’re a pro and you prefer using the heaviest set of clubs, your tour bag can weigh upto 50 pounds by the time you’re done packing your clubs.  

There are full sized carry bags built to hold a full set of clubs, sunday bags that hold fewer clubs, and sizes in between.

Carry bags are best for the golfer who prioritizes weight reduction when choosing a bag, and enjoy carrying a different number of clubs depending on the course. 

Stand bags are similar to carry bags in that they are designed to be carried around the course, but the important difference is the addition of retractable legs that swing out when the base of the bag rests on the ground. These legs work as kickstands and allow the bag to stay propped up at about a 45 degree angle while the golfer is addressing the ball and swinging. 

With the golf bag propped up at an angle, it is much easier for a golfer to reach in and grab a golf club compared to having the bag rest all the way flat on the ground. Golfers reach for a club anywhere from 60 to 100+ times per round, and this easier access to clubs can save a golfer’s back over an extended period of time.

The right golf bag is only one consideration when choosing the best golf equipment setup as a walker, and many argue that the most important piece of equipment a golfer owns is attached to their feet. Choosing the correct golf shoes is extremely important for golfers who enjoy walking the golf course, and can be the difference between an enjoyable round and a sore weekend. 

The “Flex” series by FootJoy are some of the best options available for walkers, as they provide unparalleled comfort on and off the course. Many of the experts at Tell Me More Golf use these shoes personally, and sometimes even forget to take them off after a round of golf. These shoes are comparable to an athletic shoe in terms of feel, and provide excellent durability.


Push Cart

ways to carry clubs on golf course from tell me more golf with electric push carts and golf carts with carrying the bag

Push carts (otherwise known as golf trollies) are retractable three or four wheeled trolleys that make it easier to walk the golf course by eliminating the need for the golf bag to be carried on a golfer’s back. The golf bag rests on top of the push cart and strapped in for security. Then the golfer simply pushes the cart around the course, engaging its brake system on hills to keep it from rolling away. 

Cart bags are best for golfer’s who strictly use push carts, as they often feature a pass through strap system that allows the pockets to stay accessible while strapped in.

Cart bags also allow for more storage of golf balls and other golf gear,

But these bags tend to weigh more than carry or stand bags.

While added weight is less of an issue for golfers who usually rely on a push cart, golfers who tend to walk the course just as often as they use carts should avoid cart bags. Cart bags aren’t designed to be used as walking bags, as they are bulkier and almost always feature only a single shoulder strap design. 
While push carts are extremely versatile and provide an easier walking experience for golfers, many golfers find them to be cumbersome and bulky to store away when not in use, even while fully folded down.

Golfers with storage space don’t mind this, however, and owning a push cart is a fantastic way to play more rounds of golf while saving on cart fees.

Golf Cart

Many golf courses these days offer the option to rent a golf cart for your round, and some even require it to speed up the pace of play. The use of a golf cart is hands down the quickest and easiest way to work your way around the golf course, and can be a fun and luxurious experience. 

There are plenty of advantages to using a golf cart, and many come equipped with coolers, cupholders, phone chargers, and ample room to store golf equipment. Another added benefit of a cart is the feeling of breeze and wind as you accelerate the cart path, jokingly referred to by many as the “golfers air conditioner

Golf carts ensure maximum safety for seniors and boost their independence on the golf course. They’re a perfect solution for golfers who have lost the ability to drive or those who feel uncomfortable behind the wheel.  

As golf carts are usually not allowed within 50 yards of the green, the golfer will need to grab their pitching wedge, gap wedge, sand wedge, or lob wedge for short game shots, as well as the putter to complete the hole without walking back to the golf cart. While some may find this annoying, it is a small price to pay for the overall convenience provided by a golf cart.

Most public and private courses nowadays require golfers to use a golf cart. They play a huge a role in speeding up play as opposed to walking around with a pull cart. The extra speed of finishing rounds has given rise to the ‘cart golf’ phrase. This is when partners can hit relatively colse to one another and exit the golf cart to hit follow-up hits without having to push the pedal.

Other than shortening rounds, golf carts also provide the convenience of a roof that limits sun exposure, extra storage, and cup holders. You can make your rides more enjoyable by installing a sound system in your cart.  


Caddies are available for hire at many top tier golf courses, and can be extremely helpful when playing a new course for the first time. A local caddie’s course knowledge will be unparalleled, and they will know all the little quirks and tricks that their particular golf course is known for

Because caddies observe the same golf course day in and day out, they have an excellent grasp of what happens on the course. They will advise you on the best positions to take your shot from, where to place your pin, and how the course gets in different weather conditions. 

While many think that a caddie’s job is to merely carry a golfer’s clubs, the reality is that their job descriptions reach far beyond the simple act of carrying a bag. A caddie is essentially a golfer’s personal coach on the golf course, as well as an assistant, and sometimes even psychologist. Professional golfers rely on their caddies to stay calm with millions on the line.

Caddies give you a more solid mental game. They do this by giving you an informed yardage along with the best club to use for your shot. At this point, you’ll have the backing of your caddie and an added confidence boost.

Some of the best golf caddies in the world work hard to gain a deep understanding of a golfer’s specific strengths and weaknesses, and help them navigate around the golf course in the most efficient manner possible.

FAQ Section

Can a caddie use a golf cart?

There are no golf carts allowed on the PGA Tour, unless the player is granted a special medical exemption. This is very rare, and the last player to receive an exemption was John Daly in 2019, who was given the exemption for an injury to his right knee for the first time in professional golf since 2012. It should be noted that this was on the Champions Tour, and not the PGA Tour. 

What is the difference between caddie and Forecaddie?

While a caddie focuses on one golfer, giving advice and recommendations throughout the course of a golf round, a forecaddie is responsible for helping an entire group of golfers around a golf course. Most commonly, a foursome will employ a forecaddie when playing a new course, and split the tip four ways! 

What is a golf cart called in Ireland?

In Ireland, golf carts are referred to as “buggies,” as well as in the rest of Europe. Also, pull and push carts are usually referred to as “trolleys” all throughout Europe. While automobiles in this part of the world feature steering wheels on the right hand side of the car, golf “buggies” have steering wheels on the left side of the cart. 

Why don’t PGA players use carts?

On the PGA Tour, it is required for players to walk unless they are granted a medical exemption that allows them to use a golf cart. John Daly famously lamented this rule, and has always maintained that he plays his best golf while using a golf cart and playing barefoot. 

It is rare for the PGA to grant one of these medical exemptions, as Tiger Woods was forced to walk the steeply sloped fairways of Augusta National upon his return to professional golf after recovering from a car accident.

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While some golfers prefer to stick to the traditional method of walking 18 holes of golf, others demand the convenience and speed that a golf cart offers. Walking can be made easier by using a push cart or pull cart, and caddies can be employed for especially important rounds. 

There is no “one size fits all” option for golfers when it comes to how they approach the golf course, and the team of experts at Tell Me More Golf encourage you to get out and play as much as possible – no matter how you prefer to do it. Choosing the correct equipment for your style of play is an important consideration, and can set you up for years of fun on the course!


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