Walter Hagen T3 Golf Clubs with Tell Me More Golf Coaches Reviewing the Clubs

I’m the head golf instructor at Tell Me More Golf, and in this article, I will review the Walter Hagen T3 golf clubs. After reading this article, you will know more about the Walter Hagen golf brand, how their clubs perform, and much more.

Walter Hagen T3 Golf Clubs Reviewed – A Brief Overview 

To kick things off, you can read about the Walter Hagen brand and what comes in their T3 golf club set.

The Walter Hagen Brand 

The Walter Hagen golf brand is named after the iconic golfer Walter Hagen. The brand is owned by Dick’s Sporting Goods, but it’s no longer manufactured.

Why this is the case we don’t know, but it’s likely because of a lack of sales or because Dick’s Sporting Goods wanted to focus on their other countless golf brands. 

The brand used to have a wide range of golf equipment, and it catered to the needs of golfers of many levels. However, as the gear was priced on the lower end of the spectrum, it was definitely targeted at beginners and occasional golfers. 

What Comes in the Set 

The Walter Hagen T3 golf set features pretty much what you’d expect. You’ll get a set of irons, a 460cc driver, a 3 wood, 3 hybrids, a sand wedge, and a putter. The only things worth noting here are the included sand wedge and the large number of hybrids/woods, as they’re uncommon to find in sets like these. 

Most beginners, which is the intended buyer, won’t need a wedge with a higher loft than a sand wedge, and there’s no need for more hybrids and woods. 


Walter Hagen T3 Clubs’ Performance and Design 

The most important thing about any golf club set is definitely performance, which is a result of the design. Here, you can read about the performance and design of Walter Hagen’s T3 irons, hybrids, 3 wood, driver, and putter. 


The irons are perhaps the best part of the Walter Hagen T3 clubs. These irons perform pretty well even by today’s standards, with the exception of being shorter hitting due to weaker lofts

However, a loss of distance due to weaker lofts isn’t exactly a loss of distance, as you can simply grab a 7 iron instead of an 8.

This is a slight oversimplification, but in general, it’s pretty true. 

The irons can be found with graphite shafts, which is great for slower swing speeds. These irons are relatively forgiving and you can get good distance out of them. But with that said, newer irons with more technology will perform better.

We’d say that the design on Walter Hagen’s T3 irons is pretty good, despite them being a bit on the older side. They’re quite confidence-inspiring, as they feature a wide sole and a clean aesthetic

Hybrids and 3 Wood 

The hybrids in the Walter Hagen T3 set may look very out of date, but they perform okay. New Callaway hybrids are easier to hit and will go longer, but for a beginner, these hybrids can get the job done

The 3 wood isn’t something we’ve found to be great, as it’s pretty difficult to launch and hit far compared to today’s equipment. 

The design on the Walter Hagen T3 hybrids and 3 wood is definitely somewhat outdated.

New equipment looks drastically different, and if you’re used to something else, you’ll probably not like them very much. 


The 460cc Walter Hagen T3 driver is also something that can get the job done. The spin rates are on the higher side compared to new drivers, but with the right shaft flex, you can absolutely bomb drives with it. The design is confidence-inspiring, as it’s large and not overwhelming. 

However, if you struggle with your driver, a newer one can be easier to use as there are many higher-launching and higher-spinning models available today.  


The Putter in the Walter Hagen T3 set is a mallet-style putter with great alignment aids. This is exactly the type of putter that suits many beginners. Because beginners don’t have a great putting stroke, a more expensive putter, such as a Scotty Cameron, won’t be to much help, which means that this putter is more than sufficient. 


Walter Hagen T3 Clubs’ Price and Value

The Walter Hagen T3 clubs offer fantastic value for golfers seeking affordability without compromising too much on performance. A complete set can be difficult to find used, but a set of irons can be found for a bit under $100

With their extremely budget-friendly cost, they present an accessible option for beginners or occasional golfers who need new clubs. But with that said, we wouldn’t recommend mid-to-low handicap to buy these, as the performance will be a bottleneck to your golf game. 

What Golfer Should Use Walter Hagen T3 Clubs? 

When the Walter Hagen T3 clubs were released, the intended buyer was high-to-mid handicap golfers as well as beginners. Today, we’d recommend these clubs for complete novices or very occasional golfers who don’t take the game too seriously.

If you really want to improve, investing in newer clubs packed with helpful technology will most likely have a significant positive impact on your game. 

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Are Walter Hagen T3 Clubs any good? 

The Walter Hagen T3 clubs are good if you consider the very affordable price. They won’t perform as well as new golf clubs, but newer clubs can also cost ten times as much.

What are Walter Hagen T3 Golf Clubs features?

The most special part about this set is definitely the fact that you get a 3 wood, 3 hybrids, and a sand wedge. This isn’t usual for beginner’s sets, and it means that you won’t need any other clubs that aren’t included. 

What is the Walter Hagen T3 Golf Clubs performance?

We’d classify the performance of the Walter Hagen T3 clubs as decent. The irons and driver perform pretty well, and the putter is great. We’re not as impressed by the 3 wood and hybrids. 

Overall, the performance is good considering the price, but otherwise not. A brand new set of high-end clubs that suit your swing will outperform the Walter Hagen T3 clubs in every single way, but the price will also be more than ten times higher

Are the Walter Hagen T3 Golf Clubs for beginners or experienced?

The Walter Hagen T3 clubs are definitely for beginner golfers, and not experienced ones. This was true back when they were produced, and it’s especially true now that new equipment has made many technological advancements.

What is the Walter Hagen T3 Golf Clubs reputation/customer feedback?

The customer feedback on the Walter Hagen T3 clubs is very mixed. If we’re talking about what people are saying today, and not when they were initially released, some golfers complain about a lack of performance, while others like the feel of them.

At the end of the day, golf equipment is extremely personal, and the only way of knowing if you’ll like something is by trying it. 

Should I buy Walter Hagen T3 Clubs? 

If you’re a very new golfer or somebody with a high handicap who only plays occasionally, purchasing used Walter Hagen T3 clubs can make sense if you’re on a tight budget. The performance is decent, and the price is excellent. 

On the other hand, if you’re a mid-to-low handicap or simply somebody who really wants to take golf seriously, investing in a newer set of clubs can make a significant difference



In this article, we’ve reviewed the Walter Hagen T3 golf clubs. Walter Hagen clubs are no longer manufactured, and the T3 series was produced a pretty long time ago, meaning that the clubs are somewhat outdated.

The performance is decent, and we especially liked the irons, driver, and putter, which are all clubs a beginner can play good golf with

If you’re a novice golfer with a really tight budget, you should consider the Walter Hagen T3 clubs. However, it’s important to know that newer clubs that suit your swing will outperform the T3s.


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