Taylormade Spider S Putter Review (Coach’s Advice)

Taylormade Spider S Putter Review from Tell Me More Golf Instructors in Los Angeles California

As a golf instructor with more than 50+ years of golf experience, when I first took the TaylorMade Spider S Putter in hand, the difference from my previous blade putter was immediately apparent.

The most significant improvement was stability. Where my earlier putter faltered, especially on shorter putts, the Spider S provided a consistent and forgiving experience.

The larger head size, combined with its specific design, offered a reassuring presence behind the ball, reducing the twisting and turning that often led to missed shots.

The increased stability didn’t just improve my accuracy; it boosted my confidence on the green, allowing for more short and intermediate putts to drop.


The playability of the Spider S is markedly enhanced by its perimeter weighting and substantial overall weight. This design lends itself to a smooth pendulum-like stroke, essential for consistent putting.

The weight distribution across the putter aids in maintaining a straighter path and minimizes off-center hits’ impact.

It’s particularly noticeable when lining up shorter putts, where the pendulum motion facilitated by the putter’s weight keeps the stroke even and controlled. Whether on fast or slow greens, the Spider S adapts well, providing a reliable touch and feel.


Materials and Construction

The head is crafted from stainless steel and tungsten, offering durability and a solid feel upon impact. The addition of carbon fiber adds a touch of sophistication and further improves the overall balance of the putter.

The chrome shaft not only complements the design aesthetically but also adds to the putter’s steady performance.

Together, these materials create a putter that not only looks professional but performs at a high level.


One of the most appealing aspects of the TaylorMade Spider S was its affordability due to a savvy online purchase.

By scouring the internet, particularly eBay, I managed to find this putter as a demo model.

Priced at $90, it was an absolute steal, especially considering it came almost new with a headcover. This kind of value is hard to come by, especially for a putter of this caliber. It’s proof that with a little patience and research, quality golf equipment can be obtained without breaking the bank.


For golfers who prefer a solid mallet putter configuration and value stability, forgiveness, and quality construction, the TaylorMade Spider S putter is a reliable choice. Its performance-enhancing design and materials make it a worthy investment, especially when found at a discounted price. The only negative for some golfers might be the head size, which for some might be too visibly on the larger end.


The unique Multi-Material Construction of the putter head, incorporating high-grade 6061 aluminium and heavy tungsten backbar, ensures a smooth roll and consistent distance control, vital for any golfer. The tungsten sole weights and the forgiving Spider putters design contribute to a higher MOI, enhancing stability and reducing the impact of off-center hits.


What sets the Spider S apart is its True Path alignment system, influenced by insights from top players like Jason Day and Dustin Johnson. This system, along with the PureRoll Surlyn insert, ensures a consistent roll and improves ball speed, aiding golfers in maintaining their path and achieving precision with every stroke. The Fluted Feel shaft offers an ideal blend of stability and feel, making the putting stroke more comfortable and controlled.

In terms of aesthetics, the Spider S offers a variety of colors and neck options, catering to the preferences of different golfers. The reflective color and compact shape of the putter not only enhance its visual appeal but also aid in better alignment. The grooves on the putter face play a crucial role in providing a more consistent roll and better feel on center hits.

Moreover, the sole plate design and the counterbalanced putters (CB putter) concept, introduced by players like Sergio Garcia, further enhance the stability of the putter. This stability is crucial for golfers who prefer a swing weight that matches their style, ensuring a more accurate and forgiving model.

In essence, the Spider S is not just a standard putter; it’s an embodiment of advanced materials and innovative design, offering golfers an option that combines the forgiveness of insert putters with the precision of mallet putters. Whether it’s the extra weight in the putter head or the comfortable putters grip, the Spider S provides a range of features that cater to the needs of both amateur and professional golfers, ensuring a smooth and stable putting experience.


Patrick Corley Tell Me More Golf Instructor and Coach
Patrick Corley
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