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Taylormade Clubs by Year According to Golf Instructors at Tell Me More Golf with Taylormade Irons Drivers and Putters

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We’ve covered a wealth of golfing topics, and here’s another. This time we’re looking at Taylormade golf clubs, so let’s get into it. 

List Of All Taylormade Drivers By Year

As one of the top golfing brands, Taylormade is known for producing high-quality drivers, which is why some of the best golfers on the planet have wielded a Taylormade weapon when teeing off.

For example, Tiger Woods, Collin Morikawa and Rory McIlroy have all teed it up with a variety of TaylorMade drivers in recent times. 

First launched in 1979 with the “M1” driver, Taylormade is now into its sixth decade of making drivers. 

See below for a full list of Taylormade drivers by year: 

  • 1979 – M1 (1 Metalwood)
  • 1980 – Pittsburgh Persimmon
  • 1983 – Burner 
  • 1983 – Tour Burner
  • 1988 – Burner Plus 
  • 1995 – Bubble Shaft Burner
  • 1997 – Bubble Shaft Burner 2
  • 2000 – 300, 320 and 360
  • 2002 – R510, R540, R580 XD and Burner 420
  • 2003 – R510 TP and R360 XD
  • 2004 – R5 Dual Type W, N and D
  • 2005 – r7, r7 Quad TP, r7 460, r7 425, r7425 TP r5 Dual TP
  • 2006 – r7 Draw, r5 XL N, r5 XL D
  • 2007 – r7 CGB Max, r7 SuperQuad, Burner Draw, Burner Women’s
  • 2008 – r7 Limited, r7 Limited, Tour Burner, Burner TP
  • 2009 – R9, R9 460
  • 2010 – R9 SuperDeep TP, Burner SuperFast
  • 2011 – R11, Burner SuperFast 2.0
  • 2012 – R11 S, RocketBallz, RocketBallz Tour, RocketBallz Bonded, Burner SF 2.0
  • 2013 – R1, RBZ Stage 2 Bonded, RBZ Stage 2 Tour TP
  • 2014 – SLDR 460, SLDR 430, SLDR White, SLDR Jetspeed, SLDR-S mini
  • 2015 – Aeroburner, R15 460, R15 430
  • 2016 – M1 430, M1 460
  • 2017 – M1 440, M2, M2 D-Type
  • 2018 – M3, M3 440, M4, M4-D
  • 2019 – M5, M5 Tour, M6, M6-D, Original One Mini, M-Gloire
  • 2020 – SIM, SIM MAX, SIM MAX-D
  • 2021 – SIM2, SIM2 MAX, SIM2 MAX-D, 300 Mini, M4 Women’s
  • 2022 – Stealth, Stealth Plus, Stealth HD, Stealth HD Women’s, Stealth Goire, Stealth Goire Women’s, Kalea Premier Women’s
  • 2023 – Stealth 2 Stealth 2 Plus, Stealth 2 HD, StealthHD Women’s, BRNR Mini

As we can see from the list above, over the years Taylormade is a brand that has made no shortage of drivers, most of which have been incredibly well received. As a professional golf coach with over 50 years experience, I’ve been in the game a long time and have thus wrapped my hands round a wealth of golf clubs. For some time in the 1990’s, I predominantly made use of Callaway drivers, but in the early 2000’s, I was a huge fan of the R510 TP, before moving onto the r7 Quad TP. In recent times, I also really enjoyed hitting both the SIM2 and the SIM2 MAX. 


List Of All Taylormade Irons By Year

As a maker of top-quality golf clubs, one that has been in operation since the late 1970’s, Taylormade has brought us some very good irons over the years. 

Here is a full list of Taylormade irons by year: 

  • 1980 – KVD, PR1
  • 1982 – EL1
  • 1985 – Tour Preferred F
  • 1986 – Iron Cleeks
  • 1987 – Tour Preferred TD
  • 1991 – ICW-11, ICW-5
  • 1992 – ICW Mid Tour
  • 1993 – Burner Midsize
  • 1996 – Burner Bubble Tour, Oversized Burner
  • 1997 – Ti Bubble 2, Burner Bubble
  • 1998 – LCG Burner, Bubble 2, Burner Oversized
  • 1999 – Firesole Tour, Firesole
  • 2000 – Supersteel
  • 2002 – 360, 320, 300 Forged, RAC, 200
  • 2003 – RAC MB, RAC LT, RAC OS, RAC Combo
  • 2005 – R7 CBG Max, R7 XD, RAC OS
  • 2006 – RAC MB TP, R7 TP (Tour Preferred), R7 Draw, R7
  • 2008 – Tour Preferred MB Smoke, Tour Preferred MB Tour Burner, Burner Plus
  • 2009 – Burner 1.0
  • 2010 – R9 TP, R9
  • 2011 – Burner 2.0, R11, TP MC, TP MB, TP CB
  • 2012 – Rocketballz, Rocketballz Max
  • 2013 – Rocketballz HP, Speedblade, Speedblade HL, Rocketbladez, Rocketblades Max, Rocketbladez Tour
  • 2014 – SLDR, RSi 1, RSi 2, RSi TP
  • 2015 – AeroBurner, PSi, PSi Tour, Kalea Set Women’s
  • 2016 – M2, M2 Tour
  • 2017 – M CGB, P730 Forged, P750 Tour Proto, P770, P790, M2, M1
  • 2018 – P790, P760, M4, M3
  • 2019 – M Gloire, P7TW, P790 Ti, P790, M6, M5
  • 2020 – SIM Gloire, P7MB, P7MC, P770, SIM Max OS, SIM Max
  • 2021 – RBZ Speedlite, RBZ Speedlite Women’s, P790 UDI, P790 Black Finish, SIM 2, SIM 2 Max
  • 2022 – Stealth, Stealth Women’s Stealth DHY, Stealth UDI, Stealth Gloire, Stealth Gloire Women’s, Kalea Premier Women’s
  • 2023 – Stealth HD, Stealth HD Women’s


List Of All Taylormade Putters By Year

Taylormade probably aren’t as well known for making putters as they are drivers and irons, but that’s not to say that they haven’t released some excellent putters over the years. 

Below is a list of Taylormade putters by year: 

  • 1999 – Burner NC Series
  • 2000 – ROHO Series
  • 2002 – Rossa Indy 2, Rossa Lambeau 3
  • 2003 – Rossa Monza Mid, Rossa Monza Long 
  • 2004 – Rossa Monza Center Shaft, Rossa Mezza Monza, Rossa Mezza Monza Center Shaft, Rossa CGB, Rossa TP
  • 2005 – Rossa Monza Corza
  • 2006 – Monza Corza Mid, Mezza Monza AGSI
  • 2007 – Classic, Corzina, Inza, Tourismo
  • 2008 – Rossa TP, Rossa Monza Spider
  • 2009 – Core Classics, Rossa Balero
  • 2010 – Rossa Spider Vicino, Rossa Corza Ghost, Rossa Daytona Ghost
  • 2011 – Ghost Spider, Ghost, Classic 79
  • 2012 – Ghost Manta, Ghost Tour, Ghost Spider S, White Smoke
  • 2013 – Daddy Long Legs, Spider Blade
  • 2014 – Ghost Tour Series
  • 2016 – OS, Spider Limited Red, Spider Limited
  • 2017 – Spider Tour Platinum, Spider Tour Red & Black
  • 2018 – Spider ARC, Spider Tour Black, Spider Tour Diamond Silver, Spider Tour Platinum, Spider Mini, TP Red White
  • 2019 – SpiderX, MySpider, MySpiderX, Spider Mini Copper, TP Black Copper, TP Patina
  • 2020 – TRUSS, Spider S
  • 2023 – TP Reserve, Spider GTX, Spider GT Max

Which Taylormade Club Models Were Released In The Last Five Years?

In the last five years, the guys over at Taylormade have certainly been busy working away on plenty of new models, as we can see from the list above. 

In 2018, the M3 and M4 line of drivers were released, along with the P760 Taylormade irons. A year later, the P790 and P790 Ti irons followed, along with the M5, M5 Tour, M6, M6-D, Original One Mini, M-Gloire drivers. Fast forward to 2020 and the SIM range made its mark, with the SIM and SIM MAX drivers, as well as the SIM MAX irons. The P770 and P7MC irons were also released in 2020. 

2021 saw the launch of the SIM 2 MAX line, which covered both drivers and irons, while the P790 range of irons was also released. In the last two years, the Taylormade Stealth irons and drivers have caused a lot of buzz, while we’ve seen an update to both the P770 and P790 irons. 

In recent years, Taylormade has also evolved its Spider putter series. After releasing the Spider Tour in 2017, the Spider X came in 2020, with the Spider EX following a year later. In 2023, the Spider putter evolution continued with the arrival of the Spider Tour, as well as the Spider GTX and GT Max.


Are There Any New Limited Edition Or Special Version Taylormade Drivers?

In late 2023, Taylormade released a special edition version of the Stealth 2 Plus, referred to as the Carbonwood. This club became highly sought after when big-name golfers such as Rory McIlroy and Scottie Scheffler were seen using it on the PGA Tour.


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