Sim 2 vs Sim 2 Max from Tell Me More Golf Driving Coaches with Advice

Sim 2 vs Sim 2 Max Compared — Golf Instructor’s Advice

Sim 2 vs Sim 2 Max from Tell Me More Golf Driving Coaches with Advice

As the head golf coach at Tell Me More Golf, I have over 50 years of experience of teaching and educating. I’m here to share some thoughts on the Sim 2 vs the Sim 2 Max debate. 

It’s time to talk about club models. Specifically, we’re going to look at two slightly different models of TaylorMade golf clubs. 

Sim 2 vs Sim 2 Max Drivers Comparison

Right, let’s get into the comparison between two of the most popular drivers produced by TaylorMade in recent times. 

Firstly, to look at, the Taylormade SIM2 and the SIM2 Max are similar. At a quick glance, you wouldn’t necessarily see any difference. However, the SIM2 features a more aerodynamic shape which is said to not only boost ball speed but increase distance. 

The SIM2 Max features a similar design, though it has both a bigger driver head and a larger face.

This makes the golf club more forgiving and it also means it’s more of a high launching driver. These features make the SIM2 Max more suitable for the high handicapper/less experienced golfer, who has a slower swing speed and who can sometimes struggle with getting a good enough ball flight.  

In contrast, the SIM2 is perhaps more appropriately used by a more seasoned, lower handicap player, who typically has more control over the golf ball. 

Students of mine have also commented on how well both the SIM2 and the SIM2 Max stand up against competing drivers made by the likes of Callaway, PING and Titleist. Those who have switched drivers in recent times have, more often than not, switched to either a SIM2 or a SIM2 Max. 


Pros and Cons Of The Different Drivers

Sim 2 Pros

Starting with the SIM2 Driver, speed is the focus, so if that’s what you’re after, then that’s definitely a pro. The SIM2, which is an upgrade on the original SIM driver, has design features that promote faster clubhead speeds.

This translates as extra distance.

If you’re looking to hit the ball farther, then that’s definitely a pro of the SIM2 Driver. 

I myself have played with a SIM2 off the tee for some time and have zero negative feedback. It’s a superb all-rounder that is one the best drivers I’ve ever used. It not only looks slick but it sounds great too. 

Sim 2 Cons

In truth, there are few cons to the SIM2 Driver, though if you are a beginner or are yet to make positive strides with your game, then it may not be for you. If adding distance isn’t a big thing for you, then you also may not get as much out of it, though it’s still a great driver. 

Sim 2 Max Pros

The biggest pro of the SIM2 Max, which is a driver that many of my students have used to good effect, is that it is the more forgiving of the two. Even off-center hits work out OK a lot of the time.  If you’re looking for a larger club face and greater forgiveness, then this is the driver for you. 

Sim 2 Max Cons

The only real con with the SIM2 Max would be price. This golf club is likely to cost you in the region of $600, which is a lot. 


Sim 2 vs Sim 2 Max Distance

In terms of distance, there is only one winner. The SIM2 driver, with its more aerodynamic face, which was designed to help generate faster ball speeds, thus adding distance, is the superior driver when it comes to distance. 

We’re not talking huge differences, so don’t think that you’ll be struggling for distance with the SIM2 Max, but let’s say you hit perfect drives with both, you’re likely to find that the SIM2 travels that bit farther. 

After all, the SIM 2 Max stands for maximum forgiveness, while you could attribute maximum distance to the SIM2. 

Sim 2 vs Stealth vs Sim 2 Max

There is another one of the TaylorMade drivers that is popular right now and that’s the Stealth.

How does this measure up against the SIM2 and the Sim2 Max? 

The Stealth is newer than the SIM2, having been released a year later. It is also around a year newer than the SIM2 Max. Being the newest of the three, the Stealth is perhaps an upgrade, though it’s a marginal one. 

It depends on what you prefer, but if you’re looking for something really striking aesthetically, then go for the Stealth, which is certainly an eye-catcher. It sounds fantastic, while the real selling point is that it’s a great driver for both low and high handicap players. 

Students of mine that are relatively new to the game have used the Stealth driver and have great things to say, especially about its forgiveness, stating that even some mishits turn out OK. I’ve also worked with a few players close to scratch, who also have rave reviews. 

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Do any pros use SIM2 Max?

The SIM2 Max is a very popular driver among amateur golfers, but it’s also well used by professional players too. Currently, there are several PGA Tour players using the SIM2 Max, including Brandt Snedeker, Charl Schwartzel and Robert MacIntyre. It was also used by Tommy Fleetwood until recently. 

What is the difference between SIM2 and SIM2 Max?

Aesthetically, there’s little difference between the SIM2 and SIM2 Max. At the very least, the differences are rather subtle. However, the SIM2 Max tends to be a more forgiving driver because it features a larger face and is higher launching than the SIM2, which was designed more with speed and distance in mind. 

Is The Sim 2 Max driver good for beginners?

Yes. The SIM2 Max is a more than acceptable driver for less experienced players. This is because its large face can be quite forgiving, which is perfect for a beginner. 

Should I get SIM2 Max or SIM2 Max OS?

In terms of irons, there’s not much between the two. The SIM2 Max OS irons are slightly heavier than the SIM2 Max irons, and when struck sweetly, they produce a somewhat fuller, louder sound, but performance wise, there is little difference.


Patrick Corley

From a golf scholarship to a Southern California University, to a private golf coaching career and an instructor position at a nonprofit organization, I’m here to help you get better at golf! With my 50+ years of golf experience; I bring you Tell Me More Golf. A golf coaching website that helps your game with instructional golfing content that’s ultimately geared toward making you a better golfer and having more fun!
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