True Temper Dynamic Gold S400 vs X100 Review

True Temper Dynamic Gold S400 vs X100 Review Comparing Two True Temper Golf Shafts Including Their Weight Swing Speed Flex and Price

As the head golf instructor at Tell Me More Golf, and in this article, I will compare two of True Temper’s most popular golf shafts: the Dynamic Gold S400 and X100. These shafts are very similar, as they’re from the same line-up, but they have a few differences. 

S400 Vs X100 Golf Shafts Compared

The Dynamic Gold S400 and X100 from True Temper are both heavyweight shafts meant for the best players in golf. This means that many times, a golfer can choose between the S400 and X100 and play well with both. Instead, it all comes down to personal preference and what you want your ball flight to look like.

Dynamic Gold X100 Pros and Cons

The differences between these two shafts might not be very large, but the small differences become more important when you’re at a very high level. Now, we’ll go over the different aspects of the X100 shaft


Dynamic Gold X100’s Shaft Weight

The Dynamic Gold X100 from True Temper is a heavyweight shaft, weighing 130 grams.

This is very heavy, and you need to have both a strong body and high swing speed to make it work.

For example, most average golfers wouldn’t be able to hit a single good shot with a shaft this heavy. On the other hand, high-level golfers will appreciate the increased control as a result of the high weight. 

Dynamic Gold X100’s Needed Swing Speed

As mentioned, to use this shaft effectively, you need a very high swing speed. You need to be at around tour-level, meaning that you swing a mid-iron, such as a 7 iron, above 90 mph. Without sufficient swing speed, you won’t be able to get the golf ball up in the air with this shaft. This is because of the high weight, extreme stiffness, and low spin. 


Dynamic Gold X100’s Flex

The X100 is the stiffest shaft from the Dynamic Gold line-up.

This makes it only suitable for the fastest golfers out there.

It’s also important to note that the Dynamic Gold shafts are already very low-launching and low-spin, which combined with the extra stiffness make them extremely challenging to hit if you don’t have the proper speed

Dynamic Gold X100’s Price

The X100 shafts cost around $45 a piece.

This definitely puts it in the premium iron shaft category, as there are many much more inexpensive options.

The price might be justified though, and it’s the choice of many pros, including Brooks Koepka, Dustin Johnson, and Collin Morikawa. 


Dynamic Gold S400 Pros and Cons

The S400 shares many similarities with the X100, but when simplified, we would say that it’s a slightly less extreme version regarding everything except weight. Now, we’ll cover its different specs. 

Dynamic Gold S400’s Shaft Weight

The Dynamic Gold S400 is also a heavyweight shaft, but it’s actually slightly heavier than the X100, coming in at a staggering 132 grams. While 2 grams might not seem like a significant difference, it can feel very different when you’re at a shaft this heavy.

Dynamic Gold S400’s Needed Swing Speed

The S400 shaft also requires a very high swing speed to be used successfully. However, as the shaft isn’t as stiff, you can get away with a slightly lower speed than with the X100. Nevertheless, we’d still say you need to hit a mid-iron around or at least close to 85 mph, as you’ll otherwise most likely have a rough time. 


Dynamic Gold S400’s Flex

The Dynamic Gold S400 is a stiff shaft, meaning that it’s not as stiff as the X100. However, it’s very stiff for being only a stiff shaft, and compared to other manufacturers it could almost classify as an x-stiff. This, combined with the extremely high weight and low launch and spin characteristics, makes adequate swing speed even more important. 

Dynamic Gold S400’s Price

The S400 shafts cost the same as the X100s, which is around $45 a piece. This means that it’s also in the premium price range. Most pro golfers opt for the X100 shafts in their irons, but for their wedges, the S400s are more popular due to the higher weight. Pros with S400 shafts in their wedges include Scottie Scheffler, Sam Burns, and Tommy Fleetwood. 

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Is the X100 stiffer than the S400?

Yes, the X100 Dynamic Gold shaft from True Temper is stiffer than the S400 version. The X100 shaft is extra stiff, while the S400 is standard stiff. 

It’s important to note that both of these shafts are stiffer than many of their competitors, and only high swing speeds should use either one of them.

What swing speed for X100 shafts?

The X100 Dynamic Gold is a heavyweight extra-stiff golf shaft that only suits very high swing speeds. In general, you need to have tour-level swing speed to play well with this shaft.

To exemplify, golfers with a swing speed of over 90 mph when hitting a mid-iron, like a 7 iron, can benefit from this shaft. On the other hand, regular golfers shouldn’t even consider it.  

Is X100 stiffer than S300?

Yes, the X100 shaft from True Temper’s Dynamic Gold series is stiffer than the S300. The X100 is extra-stiff, while the S300 is stiff. 

Is S300 or S400 stiffer?

Both the S300 and S400 shafts are standard stiff, but the S400 is slightly stiffer. The S400 is also a bit heavier, which combined with the stiffer flex creates an even lower launching and lower spinning shaft

What is equivalent to the S400 golf shaft?

The S400 is a heavyweight 132-gram iron shaft with a stiffer-than-usual flex. Its closest match is the X100 shaft from the same Dynamic Gold line-up. The X100 shaft is slightly stiffer but also slightly lighter. 



In this shafts review article, we’ve compared two of True Temper’s best-selling golf shafts: the Dynamic Gold S400 and X100. Both of these shafts are for very high swing speed golfers seeking a low launch and low spin rates.
The differences primarily lie in flex and weight. The X100 is extra-stiff and weighs 130 grams, while the S400 is standard stiff and weighs 132 grams. Which suits you the best can only be decided by a shaft fitting, where you can feel what works best for you.


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