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Radspeed vs Radspeed Xb Comparison from Tell Me More Golf Instructors and Coaches Helping You with Driver Reviews

As the head golf instructor at Tell Me More Golf, and in this article, I will compare two very popular Cobra drivers: the Radspeed and the Radspeed XB.

These drivers share many similarities, but there are some critical differences you must pay attention to before deciding which one to buy. After this read, you’ll know which one suits you the best

Radspeed vs Radspeed XB Drivers Compared

When comparing the Cobra Radspeed and Radspeed XB drivers, the two things that immediately stand out are their specs and design

Specs Compared

Because these two drivers are from the same line-up, most of the technology is the same, such as the CNC Milled Infinity Face. 

However, they do differ significantly in primarily one way: the weight positioning. The regular Radspeed has a lot of weight positioned in the front of the clubhead, which makes it very high performing and workable for high-level golfers.

The Radspeed XB’s weight is moved more to the back, which increases the spin and launch, and makes the driver much more forgiving for everyday golfers. 

Design Compared

The regular Radspeed driver features a traditional 460cc head, which is by no means small, but it’s also not huge. 

The Radspeed XB, on the other hand, has an oversized 460cc head, which appears very large at address. 

Some people like a larger appearance while some don’t, but generally speaking, a larger head can be more confidence-inspiring. 


Cobra Radspeed Driver Pros and Cons

Here, we’ll cover the different aspects of the regular Cobra Radspeed driver regarding its price, forgiveness, spin, launch, and distance.

We chose these criteria as they are what we believe to be the most important when choosing a driver. 

Radspeed’s Price

The exact price of a Cobra Radspeed driver depends on availability and where you buy it, but it usually costs around $240 when brand new. We’d definitely say that this is an affordable and generously priced driver, especially considering its relatively new release date and fantastic performance. 

Radspeed’s Forgiveness Review

The Radspeed driver is pretty forgiving.

However, it’s not meant to be an extremely forgiving driver, as the focus is on distance and workability.

The driver is forgiving enough for golfers who are confident with their driver, but beginners and high handicappers might benefit more from the more forgiving XB model. 

Radspeed’s Spin

The Cobra Radspeed standard model is relatively low-spin. This is the case as it enables longer distances for good golfers. But with that said, there are lower spinning drivers available for the fastest swing speeds. 


Radspeed’s Launch

The Radspeed driver features a mid-to-high launch, which is meant to deliver the most distance possible if you have sufficient ball speed. 

The launch is high enough for average swing speeds and up, but slower swing speeds can benefit from the higher launch on the XB version. 

Radspeed’s Distance

The Radspeed is a long-hitting driver thanks to the low spin and mid-to-high launch. How far you will hit it depends on your swing, but generally speaking, the Radspeed is a long driver for average to high swing speeds

Cobra Radspeed XB Driver Pros and Cons

Now, we’ll go over the pros and cons of the Radspeed XB driver, which performs differently than the regular version.

Like earlier, we’ll cover its price, forgiveness, spin, launch, and distance.

Radspeed XB’s Price

The Radspeed XB driver costs the same as the regular model at around $240 when brand new. Once again, this makes it a very affordable driver considering the performance and high-quality brand. Today, for a brand new driver from a major brand, you will often have to pay double that of the Radspeed. 


Radspeed XB’s Forgiveness Review

The regular Radspeed is forgiving, but the XB version is much more so.

Virtually all strikes across the entire face produce an okay golf shot, making this the perfect driver for golfers who struggle with finding the middle of the clubface. 

Radspeed XB’s Spin

While definitely not a high-spin driver, the Radspeed XB does have higher spin rates than the regular model. This is because the weight is placed further to the back, which promotes higher spin. 

Radspeed XB’s Launch

The Radspeed XB is a high-launch driver, making it a great choice for golfers struggling with getting and keeping the golf ball airborne. A high launch results in greater distances for many average golfers. 

The launch is noticeably higher on the XB than on the regular model, but if you have a fast swing speed, there’s a risk of you hitting the ball too high with it, potentially costing you distance

Radspeed XB’s Distance

If you’re a higher-level golfer, chances are that the XB driver will deliver shorter distances than the standard model.

This is because of the higher spin and launch.

However, the distance sacrifice might be worth it if you find more fairways. 

If you have a slower swing speed and often don’t find the center of the face, the XB can be significantly longer-hitting than the standard model. It all depends on your unique golf swing. 



The Cobra Radspeed and Radspeed XB are two very high-performing drivers coming in at a fair price of around $240 when brand new. There are some similarities, but the target golfer differs greatly.

If you’re confident with your driver and have an average or above average swing speed, the regular Radspeed will most likely be your best choice.

On the other hand, if you often miss the center of the face and don’t swing the club very quickly, the XB version will deliver longer and straighter drives


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