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Many golfers have asked us how far most golfers hit their pitching wedge, which I have taken it upon myself as the head golf coach at Tell Me More Golf to answer in this article

The pitching wedge is included in the majority of iron sets since it’s such a great golf club. You’ll usually find golfers using it from the fairway into greens, on short par 3s, or when chipping.

How Far Does the Average Person Hit a Pitching Wedge?

The average golfer will hit their pitching wedge 105 yards.

How long you will hit your pitching wedge depends on many factors, including clubhead speed, smash factor, spin, and launch

To give you an idea of how far golfers of different genders and skill levels hit their pitching wedge, we created a distance chart below. 

Pitching Wedge Distance Chart 

This distance chart shows how far the average woman, male beginner, average man, advanced man, and professional golfer hits their pitching wedge. 

Average WomenMale BeginnersAverage MenAdvanced MenProfessional Golfers
Pitching wedge distance: 90 yards90 yards105 yards125 yards145 yards


Pitching Wedge Average Club Head Speed

The average clubhead speed for amateur male golfers when hitting a full swing pitching wedge is around 70 mph. Professional golfers hit significantly faster at around 85 mph, which is close to an amateur’s average driver swing speed. 

It’s important to point out that many golfers, professionals included, won’t usually hit 100% swings with their pitching wedge, since the club is used mainly into greens where control is crucial.

This is why you should take wedge clubhead speeds with a grain of salt. 


Standard Pitching Wedge Length

The standard pitching wedge length is approximately 35 to 36 inches.

Tips on Hitting a Pitching Wedge for Distance

The pitching wedge is a relatively high-lofted golf club, which produces a high launch and high spin. This is great for hitting shots into greens where you want the golf ball to land soft and stay.

However, it’s not always ideal for maximizing distance or controlling shots in windy conditions. 

To increase your distance with a pitching wedge, you can either gain clubhead speed just like with any other club, or deloft the club. Delofting a club means reducing the loft at impact, and it’s typically done by a significant shaft lean. When the loft is lower, the ball will go further. The ball flight will also be lower, making it easier to control shots in harsh weather. 


When Should I Use a Pitching Wedge?

Your pitching wedge is a great club choice in many situations. The pitching wedge is most often picked when hitting into greens, either from the fairway or from the tee on a par 3. If you’re like the average golfer and hit your pitching wedge about 105 yards, that’s the perfect distance

You can also use your pitching wedge for your short game, both when it comes to longer bunker shots and chipping around the greens. Compared to a lob wedge for example, a pitching wedge has a significantly lower loft, making it more forgiving and often easier to use for short chips. 

Pitching Wedge Loft

A pitching wedge can come in several different lofts, but the typical range is between 41-46 degrees. Most pitching wedges nowadays have 43-44 degrees of loft, since the lofts have gotten stronger in recent years to improve distance

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What is a pitching wedge for?

The pitching wedge is a very versatile golf wedge that can be used for many different scenarios. Most often it’s used for approach shots into greens or tee shots on short par 3s. It can also be used for various chip shots around the greens and for longer bunker shots. 

Is a 56 the same as a pitching wedge?

A 56 degree wedge is typically considered a sand wedge. Pitching wedges have a loft between 41-46 degrees, meaning that a 56 is definitely not a pitching wedge. 

Is a pitching wedge 52 degrees?

Pitching wedges come in lofts ranging from 41 to 46 degrees. A 52 degree wedge is considered a gap wedge, so no, a pitching wedge is not 52 degrees.

What degree is a pitching wedge usually?

A pitching wedge can have a loft ranging from 41 to 46 degrees. However, the most common loft is between 43-44 degrees. 



The pitching wedge is a fantastic golf club that can be used in many different situations. The average male golfer hits his pitching wedge around 105 yards, and the average female golfer hits hers slightly shorter at around 90 yards.

However, it’s important to remember that everyone hits their clubs very different yardages, as everyone has different swings and clubhead speeds. Thank you for reading this article from 


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