Oldest Golf Brands and Answering Who Is the Oldest Golf Company from Tell Me More Golf Coach Advice

Oldest Golf Brands — (Golf Coach’s Advice)

Oldest Golf Brands and Answering Who Is the Oldest Golf Company from Tell Me More Golf Coach Advice

As the leader of the Golf Instructor Team here at Tell Me More Golf, I will be providing a breakdown of some of the oldest and most storied golf brands, their contributions, and the enduring legacies that continue to influence the sport.

Golf is often regarded as a sport with one of the richest histories of any sport in the world. Several companies have played a pivotal role in shaping that history by crafting the finest clubs, developing cutting-edge golf equipment and technology, and leaving a lasting legacy in the history of golf. 

Who Is The Oldest Golf Company?

Determining the oldest golf company can be a matter of debate, but one name stands out: Muirfield. Muirfield, also known as The Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers, is the oldest recorded golf club in the world.

Established in 1744, it holds the distinction of being the oldest golf club with a verifiable history.

Muirfield has a rich history of hosting prestigious tournaments, including PGA Tour events, and has witnessed the evolution of golf over centuries. It is known as one of the most beautiful golf courses in the world.


Oldest Golf Brands In The World

While golf clubs like Muirfield have a long history, golf equipment manufacturing companies have also been around for centuries.

These companies have not only survived the test of time but have also contributed significantly to the development of the sport.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the oldest golf brands in the world.

Hickory Golf Supplies (Established in 1889)

Hickory Golf Supplies is a Scottish brand that, perhaps unsurprisingly, is known for crafting hickory-shafted golf clubs.

Hickory golf clubs were prevalent in the early days of golf and have made a resurgence in recent years, attracting enthusiasts who appreciate the traditional craftsmanship. Hickory Golf Supplies is one of several brands out of Scotland, which is known as the homeland of golf.

Slazenger (Founded in 1881)

Slazenger is renowned for its contributions to golf ball technology and its rich heritage in sports equipment.

Established in 1881 in London, Slazenger manufactures equipment for Tennis, Field Hockey, Cricket, and other sports, but are perhaps most well known for their high-quality golf balls.

MacGregor Golf (Established in 1829)

MacGregor Golf has a storied history of creating high-quality golf clubs used by professionals and amateurs alike.

The MacGregor brand has been associated with legendary golfers, and its clubs have found a place in the bags of many champions over the years, most famously sponsoring Jack Nicklaus. MacGregor originally started as a footwear company in 1829, but shifted to becoming a clubmaker in 1897.


Oldest Golf Brands In America

United States golf may not have quite the history that the game has in Scotland or England, but there are several companies in America that do have a storied history and many contributions to the game.

Let’s explore some of the oldest golf brands in America.

Wilson Staff (Founded 1914)

One of the oldest golf brands in the US is Wilson Staff. Established in 1914, they rose to prominence in 1932 when Gene Sarazen designed the R-90, which is recognized as the first ever sand wedge. Wilson Staff is now known more for their golf balls and lower priced golf equipment.

Titleist (Founded in 1932)

Titleist is one of the oldest and highest quality American golf brands. The brand, with its commitment to quality and innovation, is trusted by many professional golfers worldwide. Titleist’s golf balls, in particular, are renowned for their performance and consistency.

Ping (Established in 1959)

Ping, founded by Karsten Solheim, is celebrated for its pioneering innovations in golf club design and technology. The brand has a reputation as a golf club manufacturer that offers clubs with forgiveness and precision. Many golfers have experienced improved play and performance with Ping clubs, especially their forgiving line of drivers.

Cleveland Golf (Founded in 1979)

Cleveland Golf has made significant contributions to golf club design, especially in the realm of wedges. The brand’s wedges are highly regarded for their versatility and control, and they have found favor with golfers seeking to improve their short game.

Taylormade Golf (Established 1979)

1979 was a great year for American golf, as both Taylormade and Cleveland became established. Taylormade, founded by Gary Adams, was the first USA golf brand to create metal drivers, which led to significant success globally. Taylormade was originally established in a garage in Illinois, but they are now headquartered in California. They are known for high quality, precise golf clubs and equipment.

Callaway Golf (Established 1982)

Though Callaway may not be as old as many other golf manufacturers, we would be remiss not to mention them due to their contributions to the American golf world. Callaway is known for their high quality, forgiving drivers (such as the Big Bertha line), iron sets, golf bags, and golf balls. They have quickly established themselves as one of the most recognizable golf brands in the world. Callaway also now owns Odyssey putters as well, which are some of the highest quality putters available.


Defunct Golf Brands

Over the years, some golf brands, while influential in their time, have unfortunately become defunct.

These brands, once renowned for their products and innovations, hold a special place in the history of golf.

Spalding (Established in 1876)

You may know Spalding for their basketballs, but Spalding was a prominent name in golf equipment. Although the brand is no longer active in golf, it remains a part of golf’s historical fabric. Spalding’s legacy in golf extends to its significant role in the development of golf balls and clubs.

Walter Hagen

Walter Hagen was a famous American golfer who established his own line of golf clubs and accessories in the 1920s. While the brand is defunct, Walter Hagen’s legacy in golf endures through his achievements as a golfer and his contributions to golf equipment.

Ben Hogan

Ben Hogan’s brand was known for its high-quality golf clubs. Although it no longer operates, the brand left an indelible mark on golf equipment history. Ben Hogan’s precision and dedication to craftsmanship continue to inspire golfers.



Golf’s rich history is full of great brands, and the above are just some of the golf brands that have had a major impact on the sport. With so many great brands on the market today such as Cobra, Mizuno, TaylorMade, Callaway, and others, it is important to understand the brands that have been established and have made contributions to innovation in the golf world.

This list, compiled by our team at Tell Me More Golf, should provide a baseline list for the history of some of the best golf club manufacturers.


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