Trendy New Golf Club Brands from Tell Me More Golf Coaches Giving You Advice

Trendy New Golf Club Brands — New Tech & More!

Trendy New Golf Club Brands from Tell Me More Golf Coaches Giving You Advice

In this article, I, the head golf instructor on our team here at Tell Me More Golf looks at new golf club brands. 

Now many people are playing the beautiful game of golf, and there are now more golfers than ever for brands to cater to. This means that we’ve seen a rise in golf equipment brands in recent times. 

What golf club brands are there? What new golf club brands are there? And what are the hidden gems that golfers looking for something different should look out for? Let’s find out. 

Trendy New Golf Club Brands

For those who want to venture a little off the beaten track, then there are some trendy golf club brands that are worth checking out. 

Now, these brands are necessarily new, but they probably aren’t the most popular brands among typical golfers in the US

Sub 70 

Initially producing CNC milled irons, Sub 70 is a direct-to-consumer golf club manufacturer. They’ve made a name for themselves as a brand that produces premium level clubs without necessarily carrying a premium price tag. 

Based in Illinois, Sub 70 produces a variety of clubs from game improvement clubs to clubs for the lower handicap player. In 2021, I tested the 949X Pro Hybrids, which are available in lofts that essentially replace a 3 iron, a 4 iron, a 5 iron and 6 iron. I tested the 21 degree lofted 949X and 24 degree and would say that they pick the ball up nice and easily. They’re not too sizable or heavy, which can instill confidence in the user, while the ball lands nice and soft too. 



Vega is most definitely a brand for the trendy golfer. The Japanese golf club company has a production method for forging clubs that is similar to that of forging samurai swords.

Now, that’s just cool. 

Vega produces irons, wedges and woods, but they are best known for their beautiful irons, which are among the most eye-catching on the market. Made from a single piece of metal, Vega irons are slick and simplistic, featuring the stylish Vega gold star logo, which makes them just perfect for any golfer for whom being trendy is a key part of the game. 


Minimalist is often the go-to for those seeking to be trendy, and if that’s you then you’ll want to take a look at Stix

Stix manufactures high-performing golf clubs that not only aid game improvement but have a real basic and minimalist look.

They’re sleek and stylish yet their design is very basic.

Such clubs are perfect for the golfer looking to be the envy of their buddies by pulling something trendy from their bag. 


Best Unknown Golf Club Brands

Most people tend to stick with what they know, especially when it comes to golf club brands. Clubs are an integral part of the golfer’s armory, so most golfers opt to go down the tried and trusted route, which often means buying from what are typically known as the best golf club brands, such as Titleist, Callaway, TaylorMade, Cobra, Cleveland or PING. 

However, there are lots of lesser known golf brands, some of which in the grand scheme of things remain almost unknown. Such brands often provide some great golf clubs, clubs that you won’t typically see in the hands of every weekend golfer. 

Here are some of the best unknown golf brands:

Orka Golf 

Orka Golf produces custom-fitted golf clubs, and they do so with the belief that every golfer is unique. Their message is in fact “you are unique, so your clubs should be too”. 

Founded in 2007. Orka produces drivers, woods, hybrids, irons, wedges and putters. Their clubs are competitively priced too, with most of their pieces coming in cheaper than the big brands. For example, their flagship driver, the “Reflex Driver” can be bought for $350. 



It depends how far-reaching your golf brand knowledge is, but there’s probably not too many golfers in the states who’re overly familiar with KYOEI. The Japanese golfing brand forges high-class and high-performing golf clubs

If you’re looking for something a little different and are interested in stylish yet simplistic clubs, especially irons, then give KYOEI a try. 

BombTech Golf 

Ask golfers to name their favorite golf brands and BombTech Golf probably isn’t a name that will roll off the tongue too often.

BombTech Golf makes a wide variety of golf clubs, including drivers, fairways woods, irons, hybrids and wedges. They also make driving irons, putters, as well as extras such as chippers, golf bags, gloves and even hats. 

What sets BombTech aside is that they manufacture clubs based purely on engineering. For example, their drivers are made using a two-piece production process, instead of a four-piece process. Their clubs are designed for the average player or even beginners with a view to helping them hit the ball straighter and further. 

The BombTech Golf 4.0 Driver is a great example. Not only does it look great with its black and luminous green design, but it’s really easy to hit too. I was fortunate enough to try this club courtesy of a buddy and it hits the ball beautifully. 


Independent Golf Club Brands

Many golfers go down the big-brand route, buying golf clubs made by the likes of TaylorMade, PING and Callaway. You often get quality from such brands, but you don’t always come across something that is truly unique or particularly different. 

In contrast, if you get something from an independent golf club brand, then you may come across a little gem, something that your golfing buddies don’t have. 

So, let’s take a look at some independent golf club brands:


PXG is an independent or direct-to-consumer company that produces golfing equipment such as drivers, irons, wedges and putters. 

They are one of the biggest and most successful independent brands in the golf retail space, while they became even more popular during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Sub 70 

Sub 70, based in the Chicago area, is another independent golf brand that custom makes golf clubs and sends them directly to consumers. They pride themselves on their ability to make high-end clubs that cannot be bought in any old golf shop. 

Founded by Jason Hiliand, Sub 70 looks to bring a vintage feel to their products, which include custom-built irons, and milled putters. 

Ben Hogan Golf

Born out of the Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company, Ben Hogan Golf delivers high-quality golf clubs that are still made upon the same values as they always have been. The difference now is that they’re not sold by retailers, which means you won’t be able to go into your pro shop and pick up Ben Hogan clubs. The clubs are custom crafted and sent directly to consumers.  


Trendy Technology

The world of golf club manufacturing is always changing, and golf companies are always looking for an edge, something that they can do that will set their clubs apart from what is on offer elsewhere. 

In recent times, it’s become rather trendy to use AI in the designing of golf clubs. By using computer assisted design software, otherwise known as CAD, golf club brands can ideate, put together and test new designs faster than ever before. 

It’s also quite trendy to use a golf club manufacturing method called CNC milling, which is different from the traditional methods of forging or casting. CNC milling allows manufacturers more precision and accuracy when crafting the face of a golf club. 

Firstly, this method was used to make great putters, such as those typically produced by Scotty Cameron. Now, it’s used to create other types of new clubs too. A good example here are some Cobra golf clubs. Cobra uses this method to perfectly mill the face of their drivers, giving them a club that not only performs well but looks fantastic too. 

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What are the latest golf clubs?

If you’re looking for the latest golf clubs, then you’ll have quite the choice, as there have been plenty of releases recently, including:

  • Odyssey Tri-Hot 5K (putters)
  • Titleist T-Series Black (irons)
  • Cleveland Frontline Series (putters)
  • Mizuno ST-Z 230 (fairways wood and hybrids)
  • Cleveland CBX Full-Face Wedges
  • Wilson Staff Dynapower (irons)
  • Cobra King Tec (hybrids)

What new golf clubs are coming this year?

This should be a big year for golf clubs, so if you’re looking to upgrade what’s in your bag with something new and exciting, then you’re in luck. 

These are some of the golf clubs set to launch soon: 

  • Honma BERES Nx (drivers and fairway woods)
  • Titleist TSR1 (drivers, fairway metals and hybrids)
  • Vokey SM9 Premium wedges

What new irons are coming out this year?

Each year, golfers looking for an upgrade are treated to new sets of irons. Most of the big brands release new irons on a yearly basis. See below for some of the irons set to debut this year:

  • Srixon ZX Mk II Irons
  • Jet Black Titleist T100, T100•S and T200 irons
  • TaylorMade P•770 Irons

What golf clubs will come out this year?

If you’re looking for a new set of golf clubs, you’re in luck, as over the coming year, there will be plenty of releases from top brands such as TaylorMade, PING, Callaway, Titleist, Nike and Mizuno.


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