Mizuno MX23 Irons Review — (Golf Instructor’s Advice)

Mizuno Mx23 Irons Review from Golf Instructors in Los Angeles Like Patrick Corley

The Mizuno MX23 irons from 2003 played a crucial role in my golfing journey as a golf instructor.

These oversized irons were consistently forgiving, providing straight shots, but their standout feature was the unparalleled smooth feel they offered. They exuded confidence, making every swing, even on off days, a reliable and enjoyable experience.


Playability was a defining trait of the Mizuno MX23 irons. The slightly larger heads, compared to my Apex 2s, contributed to their ease of use.

They inspired confidence and made each shot feel effortless.

These irons remained dependable, even when my swing wasn’t at its best, allowing me to focus on my game without wrestling with my equipment. Their added weight made these clubs easy to hit out of the rough.


Materials and Construction

The Mizuno MX23 irons were meticulously forged, not cast, a testament to Mizuno’s commitment to quality. This construction choice resulted in an exceptional feel that set them apart.

The combination of strength and finesse in their design made each shot a satisfying experience.

The precision crafting added to their sense of quality and durability.


The discontinuation of the Mizuno MX23 irons has turned them into sought-after items among golf enthusiasts.

They are often available in the used market, typically priced at a few hundred dollars.

While they may not be the latest models, their enduring performance and quality make them a worthwhile investment for golfers seeking reliable irons.


Where to Buy

Finding a set of Mizuno MX23 irons in good condition may require some effort, as they are no longer manufactured. A few websites, such as eBay, offer listings for these classic irons.

Due to their age and limited availability, finding the perfect set may take some patience and diligent searching.

Nevertheless, these irons continue to be appreciated by golfers for their unique attributes.


The Mizuno MX-23 irons redefine the golfing experience with their fantastic playability and game improvement features.

Crafted from mild carbon steel, these forged heads provide an unmatched feel and control for every golfer. The Modified U-grooves enhance spin and ball flight, while the True Temper shaft can add the perfect balance to your swing. Whether you’re a ball striker or looking to improve forgiveness on off-center hits, the MX-23s cater to diverse players.

With a center of gravity tailored for optimum performance, Mizuno’s innovative technology ensures a satisfying distance and precise shots, even in challenging lies. In conclusion, these irons from Mizuno are a true marvel, seamlessly blending technology and craftsmanship for an enhanced golfing journey.

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