Longest Driver Review — (The Golf Instructor’s Buying Guide)

longest driver reviews from golf instructor authors at tell me more golf looking at distance

Our review team here at Tell Me More Golf needs to help you through a more informed buying decision; while showing you our findings for the Longest Driver!

Our expert review guidelines for helping you buy a Long Distance Driver are used by Tell Me More Golf’s review team:

  • Distance
  • Forgiveness
  • Spin
  • Looks
longest driver reviews from golf instructor authors at tell me more golf looking at distance

#1. TaylorMade Stealth Plus – Best Long Driver

Best Quality
TaylorMade Golf Stealth Plus+ Driver 9.0 Righthanded

The Benefits:

TaylorMade’s new Stealth lineup was the longest hitting when our review team tested them out. The reason for this driver’s impressive distance is a combination of the new carbon head and plenty of other golf club technologies. 

The Stealth Plus model was the longest hitting out of all Stealth drivers because of the reduced spin and low launch, which is why it earned the number one spot on our list. There is also 10g of sliding weight, which can be used to encourage your desired shot shape. To our somewhat surprise, this driver was surprisingly forgiving for a low spin model with a very tight dispersion. 

The Stealth drivers come in a bold design of red and black. We really liked the new aesthetic, but some golfers may prefer a more traditional look.


  • The longest-hitting driver
  • Very forgiving for a low spin model
  • Adjustable weight makes hitting a draw or a fade easier


  • The new design might not be to everyone’s liking

#2. Callaway Rogue ST Max- Added Forgiveness

Most Popular
Callaway Golf 2022 Rogue ST Max Driver (Right Hand, Tensei Blue 55G Shaft, Regular Flex, 10.5 Degrees Loft)

While distance is essential to good golf, adding forgiveness is crucial for the average golfer. To find the most forgiving driver out of the long-hitting bunch, our review team hit several shots and looked at the tightness of the dispersion. 

The Benefits:

The Callaway Rogue ST Max LS Driver was produced with a high MOI head to be forgiving while still delivering very low spin rates and long-distance golf shots. Targeted at higher-speed golfers, this driver hits it a long way while mis-hits aren’t as detrimental as some competitors. 

The Rogue ST Max LS has a traditional and compact look that doesn’t cause any distractions while still giving confidence when standing over the golf ball. Callaway also wanted to improve the sound and feel of this driver compared to their last generation, which we think they really pulled off. 

One drawback with this driver was that the spin was slightly higher than the others on this list, making it more forgiving but not quite as long. 


  • One of the longest-hitting drivers available 
  • Very forgiving for a low-spin driver 
  • Stylish and confidence-inspiring aesthetic


  • Slightly higher spin than other low-spin drivers

#3. Cleveland Launcher XL – Best Budget Distance Driver

Best Budget
CG Launcher XL Drv 10.5 R RH

Price can also be a factor in choosing a driver, and in this budget-friendly case, we looked after a combination of distance, forgiveness, and aesthetics for a fair price.

The Benefits:

The Cleveland Launcher XL Driver has a huge sweet spot, which makes hitting this driver very enjoyable as even the mis-hits will go relatively long and straight. The oversized 460cc head also delivers long yardages, and the adjustable hosel makes it easy to change the launch angle.

This driver doesn’t have adjustable weights to alter the ball trajectory, but for the everyday golfer searching for high performance at a great price, this isn’t a big deal. 


  • The longest-hitting budget-friendly driver
  • Extremely forgiving with a super large sweet spot
  • Adjustable hosel to change launch angle


  • Doesn’t have adjustable weights


#4. Titleist TSi3 Driver

Titleist TSi3 Driver 10 HZRDUS Smoke 60 6.0

Our review team hit several shots with the drivers to find the longest drivers available and then averaged out the results. We looked at both carry and total distance.

The Benefits

The Titleist TSi3 is another excellent driver that offers outstanding performance in multiple aspects. It hits the ball a very long way due to the low spin and technology while also having a tight dispersion pattern, making it perform well on the golf course

One of the biggest selling points of this driver is the wide range of high-quality stock shafts available from popular brands such as Tensei and HZRDUS. This driver has also seen an improved shaping compared to its predecessor, which we really enjoyed.

Some golfers may need more alignment assistance than offered on the TSi3, but if not, you will undoubtedly like the clean appearance. 


  • Great distance with a tight dispersion
  • High-quality shafts as stock 
  • Terrific classic appearance


  • Lacks alignment assistance 

#5. Cobra LTDx Driver

Cobra Golf 2022 LTDX Driver Matte Black-Gold Fusion (Men's, Right Hand, Project X Hzrdrus Smoke im10 60, Reg Flex, 10.5)

The appearance of a golf club is often overlooked, as it’s crucial to have a design that gives you confidence when standing over the golf ball. When it comes to looks, we believe that sleek and quite large designs are the best, which the LTDx delivers on on-top of the distance boost.

The Benefits:

The Cobra LTDx offers long distance and high forgiveness with a higher launch than its competitors on this list. A low-spin model is available, called the LS, but we found the standard head to provide longer carry distances. This driver has a matt black crown and gives off a very clean yet stylish appearance. The high-quality stock shafts are great, and the LTDx comes with weight and hosel adjustability.

Because there is a lot of weight and hosel adjustability that quite dramatically impacts the golf ball’s flight and trajectory, some golfers may struggle to find the best option. This is easily solved by a club fitting or just some time at the range. 


  • Impressive distance and a nice and high launch 
  • Sleek and classic appearance 
  • Lots of adjustability to make it the perfect club for you


  • Some golfers may feel overwhelmed with all the options

How to Decide Which Long Driver to Buy – Buyer’s Guide

finding the longest driver for your swing with the benefits and features of a long hitting driver

Figuring Out Which Driver Spec to Choose

There are many things to consider when choosing which driver to buy, and there are plenty of different specs that can help improve your drives. 

  • Draw Bias 

Many amateurs struggle with hitting their driver to the right, especially on mishits. A draw-biased driver is one way to combat this and hit straighter shots. A draw-biased driver works because it has added weight to the toe of the clubhead, making it easier to square the clubface. These drivers often have an offset, which means that the clubhead is slightly pushed back to give you more time to square the face. 

  • Low Spin

A lower spin model such as the TaylorMade Stealth Plus will produce more distance for golfers with a higher swing speed, and the opposite will happen for a slower swinger. If you don’t put a lot of speed on the golf ball, the launch will be low and quickly dip, resulting in shorter distances. 

Finding the Longest Driver for Your Swing 

There are many things to consider to determine which type of driver you will hit the longest. The best drivers with high ball speeds will benefit from a low-spin driver with a lower ball flight. If you have a slower swing speed, we highly recommend getting a driver with extra forgiveness and a higher launch, as that will most likely be the best choice for your game.

If you have a high swing speed, the TaylorMade Stealth Plus is the longest-hitting driver available today. On the other hand, if you have a slower swing speed, the regular Stealth or the Cobra LTDx is probably a better choice for achieving the longest distance possible. 

Why a Long-Hitting Driver Is a Must 

The driver is one of the most crucial clubs in golf. While only used off the tee, the driver sets you up in a position to score. If you’re hitting the driver too short, you won’t have a good shot into the green, resulting in worse scores. That’s why investing in a new driver that hits the ball the longest way possible with your swing can be a great choice to improve your golf.

Tell Me More Golf – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the longest golf driver?

In search of the driver that hits the longest, our review team found the TaylorMade Stealth Plus to be the longest distance golf driver. We achieved these results through many driver comparisons, but remember that a golfer with a lower swing speed might benefit from the regular model instead. 

Is there a big difference between drivers? 

We have tested multiple drivers, and we can confidently say there is a big difference between them. Every golfer will prefer one driver over another, and to find the perfect driver for you, we recommend getting a proper club fitting

Will a new driver improve my game?

If you struggle with hitting consistent and long drives, getting a new driver can definitely help. But remember that equipment isn’t everything in golf, and sometimes the problems don’t lie in the clubs but rather the swing. We recommend getting a club fitting at your local golf shop to find out if a new driver is worth it and which suits you the best


There are plenty of excellent drivers out there, and recent technological advancements have made drivers longer hitting than ever. We have tested many drivers, and the key characteristics we look for in the perfect driver are distance, forgiveness, spin, and looks. 

In this article, we’ve shown our top 5 favorite picks of the longest-hitting drivers of 2022, and hopefully, you now have a better idea of which driver would suit you the best. Thank you for reading this article from TellMeMoreGolf.com – your golf comparison site.

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