Lob Wedge Distance — How Far Should You Hit a Lob Wedge?

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A lob wedge is a golf club with a high loft angle, usually between 58 and 64 degrees, designed for short, high, and soft shots around the greens. The lob wedge can be a golfer’s “magic wand” around the green. 

It’s the go-to club when you need to stop the ball on a dime, navigate over obstacles, or execute flop shots that leave your playing partners in awe. However, to make the most of your lob wedge, you need to understand its capabilities. 

As the leader of the Golf Instructor Team here at Tell Me More Golf, I will detail the ins and outs of lob wedge distance so you can get the most out of your wedge.

How Far Does the Average Person Hit a Lob Wedge?

It’s crucial to understand that there are many factors that influence how far a golfer can hit a particular club, and no two golfers are the same.

Some factors that could influence lob wedge yardage are:

With all of those factors in mind, it can be difficult to estimate the average lob wedge distance. However, for most amateur players, a full-swing lob wedge typically covers an average distance of 60 to 80 yards. Professional golfers, who often have higher swing speeds and precise control, might hit their lob wedges up to 100 yards.


Lob Wedge Distance Chart

The approximate lob wedge distance chart for a full swing is as follows.

Keep in mind that these are an estimate, and shot distance can vary largely from golfer to golfer.

Average WomenBeginner MaleAverage MaleAdvanced MaleProfessional
Lob Wedge Distance60 yards60 yards75 yards90 yards110 yards

Lob Wedge Average Club Head Speed

Club head speed plays a crucial role in determining how far you can hit your lob wedge. For the average golfer, the club head speed with a lob wedge typically falls between 60 and 70 miles per hour. However, professional golfers often exhibit higher club head speeds, which contribute to their ability to hit lob wedges longer distances.

When hitting a lob wedge, or really any golf wedges, it is crucial to maintain a smooth, consistent swing. It may seem important to hit the golf ball hard, but keeping a smooth tempo and making clean contact with the golf ball will yield better results and yardage than swinging as hard as possible.


Standard Lob Wedge Length

The standard length of a lob wedge is approximately 35 inches. This length is consistent with other wedges in a golfer’s bag, ensuring a uniform feel throughout the set.

While variations in shaft length are possible, it’s essential to find a length that complements your swing and promotes comfort and control.

Tips On Hitting a Lob Wedge for Distance

Hitting a lob wedge for distance requires a combination of technique and golf knowledge. Here are some tips to help your wedge game:

Club Selection

Assess the situation and select the appropriate golf club based on your yardage, conditions, obstacles and confidence level. The lob wedge is a versatile club, but you may have another club in your golf bag that would be better for the situation.

Swing Tempo

Maintain a smooth and controlled tempo throughout your lob wedge swing. Rushing the downswing can lead to inconsistent results. Especially for your short game, focusing on a smooth motion through the golf swing will yield better results than swinging for the fences.

Loft Management

Experiment with the loft on your wedges to fine-tune your distances. While most lob wedges range from 58 to 64 degrees of loft, the difference between a 56 degree sand wedge and a 64 degree lob wedge could be the difference between hitting the center of the green and sailing the ball 20 yards too long.


When Should I Use a Lob Wedge?

Knowing when to deploy your lob wedge is equally important as understanding its distance capabilities.

Here are some scenarios where a lob wedge shines:

  • Flop Shots: When you need to get the ball high in the air and stop it quickly, especially from close range or tight lies, the lob wedge is your best friend.
  • Bunker Play: Lob wedges are versatile, and can excel in bunker shots just like a typical sand wedge. The wedge loft on a lob wedge can provide the loft necessary to clear the lip and land softly on the green.
  • Tight Pin Placements: When the pin is positioned near the edge of the green or close to hazards, approach shots can be difficult. A well-executed lob wedge shot can get you close to the hole.’

Lob Wedge Loft Degrees

Lob wedges typically come with loft degrees ranging from 58 to 64 degrees. The higher the loft, the steeper the launch angle, and the shorter the distance. Golfers often carry multiple different wedges with varying lofts, such as a sand wedge, pitching wedge, gap wedge, and/or lob wedge in order to have the right tools for every situation on the golf course.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Lob Wedge equivalent to?

A lob wedge is equivalent to a 58 to 64-degree wedge and is one of the highest-lofted clubs in a golfer’s bag.

What is a Lob Wedge used for?

A lob wedge is primarily used for high, soft chip shots around the green, such as flop shots and bunker shots, to stop the ball quickly on the green.

How do you hit a Lob Wedge?

To hit a lob wedge effectively, use an open stance, an open clubface, and a steep, smooth swing to generate height and backspin on the shot.

What company makes a Lob Wedge golf club?

Many golf club manufacturers produce lob wedges, including Titleist, Cleveland, TaylorMade, Ping, and others.

What club would a Lob Wedge replace?

A lob wedge typically replaces a sand wedge or gap wedge in a golfer’s set to provide higher loft and shorter distances for precise short shots.

What is a Lob wedge?

A lob wedge is a golf club with a high loft angle, usually between 58 and 64 degrees, designed for short, high, and soft shots around the greens.

Who makes a Lob wedge?

Various golf club manufacturers produce lob wedges, including Cleveland, Titleist, and Ping, with each offering different models and designs to cater to golfers’ preferences.

Why don’t you need a Lob wedge?

While a lob wedge is a valuable club, not all golfers require one. Some golfers may rely on other wedges for their wedge play or prefer different shot techniques for short-game situations.


The lob wedge is a versatile club that can be useful for high handicappers and pro golfers alike. Understanding how far you can hit a lob wedge and honing your skills with this club can lead to improved performance and lower scores. This guide, curated by our team at Tell Me More Golf, should inform you about lob wedge use cases and distances so that you can use the club effectively.


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