List of Ping Drivers by Year — (Golf Instructor’s Advice)

Ping Drivers by Year List from Tell Me More Golf Instructors

Golfers around the world have long relied on Ping to deliver exceptional golf clubs that combine cutting-edge technology with innovative design. The legacy of Ping golf drivers spans decades, each year marked by new advancements and breakthroughs. As the leader of the Golf Instructor team here at Tell Me More Golf, I will be detailing the long history of Ping drivers from their inception in the 1960s to present, giving you a comprehensive view of the history of Ping.

List of All Ping Drivers By Year

Year ReleasedPING driver
1968Karsten I
1977Karsten II
1980Karsten III Eye
1984Karsten IV Eye 2
1994Zing 2
1996IST Karsten Tour
1998TiSi Titanium
2005G5 Offset
2007G10 Draw
2007G5 L
2008Rapture V2
2010G15 Draw
2012Serene (Ladies)
2014G30 SF Tec
2014G30 LS Tec
2017G400 LST
2017G400 SFT
2018G400 MAX
2019G410 Plus
2019G410 LST
2019G410 SFT
2021G425 MAX
2021G425 LST
2021G425 SFT
2023G430 MAX
2023G430 LST
2023G430 SFT
2023G430 HL


Which Ping Driver Models Were Released in the Last Five Years?

The recent years have witnessed Ping’s commitment to pushing the envelope of driver technology.

Here are the new Ping drivers from the last five years:

  1. Ping G400 driver series(G400, G400 Max)
    The Ping G400 series of drivers was introduced as a successor to the popular G Series and aimed to deliver improved performance, forgiveness, and adjustability. Key features of the G400 series included tungsten weighting for increased stability and a forged face for improved ball speed and distance.
  2. Ping G410 driver series (G410 Plus, G410 SFT, G410 LST)
    The Ping G410 series continued the trend of innovation and performance improvement. Key features of the G410 series included movable weight technology for adjustability and an adjustable loft sleeve to allow golfers to adjust their clubface loft on the fly.
  3. Ping G425 driver series (G425 Max, G425 LST, G425 SFT)
    The G425 series continued Ping’s commitment to improving performance. The key features of this series include radial weighting, which strategically positioned weight around the clubhead to optimize launch conditions and stability, and VFT technology, which was utilized to enhance ball speed and distance across a larger area of the clubface.
    This series also included the addition of the Alta CB Slate shaft option, which contributed to a lower launch and spin for golfers seeking a more penetrating ball flight.
  4. Ping G430 driver series (G430 Max, G430 LST, G430 SFT, G430 HL)
    Ping’s G430 series drivers are the latest and greatest on the market. The features include a thinned titanium face, allowing for greater ball speed for greater distance. Ping also optimized the club acoustics in this series, which makes for a great sound when striking the golf ball.

There are several acronyms in the names of Ping’s current lineup of drivers. Here is a breakdown of what each acronym means for the club design and the impact to your game:

  1. MAX Drivers
    The “Max” designation in Ping drivers typically refers to a model designed to offer maximum forgiveness, higher launch angles, and enhanced stability. These drivers are geared towards golfers who prioritize forgiveness and accuracy, especially on off-center hits that might not usually find the fairway. Key features include a higher moment of inertia and optimized center of gravity.
  2. LST Drivers (Low Spin Technology)
    The “LST” designation in Ping drivers signifies a model designed to minimize spin for golfers who need lower spin rates to optimize their ball flight. These drivers are typically favored by golfers who generate high clubhead speed and want to reduce spin for a more penetrating trajectory. Key features of the LST drivers include an optimized center of gravity for a low spin design, and features optimized for distance control which can be helpful in windy conditions or on tight fairways.
  3. SFT Drivers (Straight Flight Technology)
    The “SFT” designation in Ping drivers indicates a model that’s engineered to promote a straighter ball flight for golfers who tend to slice the ball. These drivers are designed to help golfers square the clubface at impact and reduce the effects of a slice. Key features of the SFT drivers include a draw-biased design with additional heel-side weighting to help close the clubface and promote a draw or a slight right-to-left ball flight.
  4. HL Drivers (High Launch)
    The “HL” designation on Ping golf clubs designates clubs with a higher loft angle. These are typically used by golfers with slower swing speeds to get an increased distance off the tee. They feature lighter head weights, shaft and grip to get every bit of swing speed possible into each shot.


Are There Any New Limited Edition Or Special Version Ping Drivers?

Ping has occasionally graced the golfing world with limited edition and special version drivers, adding an element of exclusivity and collectability to their lineup.

Perhaps most famously, the Ping Golf pink “Bubba” driver in the ping G driver series in 2016 sold out rapidly.

While availability may vary, these editions often combine enhanced performance with distinctive aesthetics, making them coveted gems for enthusiasts to add to their golf bag.

While we don’t know of any limited edition Ping drivers out right now, we hope that Ping releases a new limited edition golf club soon.


For golfers looking for a new driver, there is an extensive list of golf manufacturers who would love to sell you their latest and greatest club (Cobra, Taylormade, Callaway, and Titleist just to name a few). In our view, Ping stands out and has some of the best drivers on the market currently, especially for golfers looking for the most forgiving driver possible. This list of Ping drivers, curated by Tell Me More Golf, should give golfers a comprehensive look at Ping’s innovation through time.


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