Callaway Drivers by Year List from Tell Me More Golf Coaches

List of Callaway Drivers By Year — (Golf Coach)

Callaway Drivers by Year List from Tell Me More Golf Coaches

As the leader of the Golf Instructor Team here at Tell Me More Golf, I will be breaking down all of the Callaway drivers from their inception in 1988 to their latest entries this year

There are many golf club manufacturers to choose from in today’s market, with big names such as Titleist, Cobra, Taylormade, and Ping providing cutting edge options for golfers.

Callaway is one of the best driver manufacturers, with great options for golfers of any skill level.

List Of All Callaway Drivers By Year

Year ReleasedCallaway Driver Models
Paradym X
Paradym Triple Diamond
Great Big Bertha (2023)
Women’s Paradym
Women’s Paradym X
Women’s Great Big Bertha (2023)
Women’s Big Bertha Reva (2023)
2022Rogue ST MAX
Rogue ST MAX D
Rogue ST Triple Diamond LS
Women’s Rogue ST MAX
Women’s Rogue ST MAX D
2021Epic Speed
Epic MAX
Epic Speed Triple Diamond
Epic Speed Triple Diamond LS
Epic MAX Star
Women’s Epic Max
Women’s Epic Speed
Women’s Epic MAX Star
Mavrik 22
Mavrik MAX
Mavrik Sub Zero
Big Bertha B21
Women’s Big Bertha REVA
2019Epic Flash
Epic Flash Sub Zero
Epic Flash Star
Rogue Draw
Rogue Sub Zero
Rogue Women’s
Rogue Draw Women’s
XR Speed
2017Great Big Bertha Epic
Great Big Bertha Epic Sub Zero
Great Big Bertha Epic Star
2016Big Bertha Fusion
XR 16
XR 16 Pro
XR 16 Sub Zero
2015Great Big Bertha
Big Bertha Alpha 816
Big Bertha Alpha 816 DD
Bertha Mini 1.5
XR Pro
XR Women’s
2014Big Bertha
Big Bertha Alpha
Big Bertha Alpha 815
Big Bertha Alpha 815 DD
Big Bertha Women’s
Big Bertha V Series
Big Bertha V Series Women’s
X Hot N14
X2 Hot
X2 Hot Pro
X2 Hot Women’s
2013X Hot
X Hot Pro
FT Optiforce
2012Razr Fit
Razr X Black
Tour Authentic Razr Fit
Razr Fit Xtreme
2011Diablo Octane
Diablo Octane Tour
Razr Hawk
Razr Hawk Tour
2010Diablo Edge
Diablo Edge Tour
FT-iZ Tour
FT-9 Tour
2008Hyper X
Hyper X Tour
Hyper X Women’s
FT-I Limited Edition Women’s
FT-IQ Tour
2007Fti 25th Anniversary
FT-I Tour
FT-I Women’s
FT-5 Tour
FT-5 Women’s
X-460 Tour
X-460 Women’s
Big Bertha 460
Big Bertha 460 Women’s
2005Big Bertha Titanium 454
Big Bertha Fusion FT-3
Big Bertha Fusion FT-3 Tour
2004Big Bertha Titanium
2003ERC Fusion
2002Great Big Bertha II
C4 Graphite
1999Great Big Bertha Hawkeye
1997Biggest Big Bertha
1995Great Big Bertha
Big Bertha War Bird
1991Big Bertha (original)
1988S2H2S2H2 (Women’s)


Which Callaway Driver Models Were Released In The Last Five Years?

Callaway have continued their trend of innovation in driver models in recent years. Here are their most recent entries in the past 5 years:

  1. Callaway Epic Flash Driver Series (Epic Flash, Epic Flash Sub Zero, Epic Flash Star)
    The Callaway Epic Flash series represents a remarkable leap forward in driver technology, driven by the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into the design process. This innovative series showcases Callaway’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of performance and delivering golfers a driver that is optimized for speed, distance, and forgiveness.
    Key Features of this series include the revolutionary Flash Face technology, which is an AI-designed club face that promotes maximum ball speed and consistent performance across the entire face, as well as the patented Jailbreak Technology which adds two internal bars behind the face, connecting the crown and sole. The Jailbreak technology allows for more stability in the clubhead.
  2. Callaway Mavrik Driver Series (Mavrik, Mavrik MAX, Mavrik 22, Mavrik Sub Zero)
    The Callaway Mavrik driver series continued the use of AI in designing drivers. In this series, Callaway focused on creating a driver for players of any skill level and profile, challenging the notion of a one-size-fits-all approach to golf drivers.
    Key features of this series include further AI-optimized face architecture, further use of the Jailbreak technology, and a high degree of adjustability for golfers to fine-tune their driver to their specific swing characteristics and desired ball flight.
  3. Callaway Big Bertha Driver Series (Big Bertha B21, Great Big Bertha)
    The Callaway Big Bertha line has always been engineered with forgiveness as the number one priority. The two drivers in this line released in the last 5 years, Big Bertha B21 in 2020 and Great Big Bertha in 2023, continue this trend and are some of the most forgiving drivers on the market.
    Key features of these drivers include a lightweight design to promote clubhead speed, the Callaway Jailbreak Speed Frame used in other Callaway driver lines, and a titanium structure to increase swing speeds. These drivers are primarily marketed toward beginners and high handicappers.
  4. Callaway Epic Driver Series (Epic Speed, Epic MAX, Epic MAX LS, Epic Speed Triple Diamond, Epic Speed Triple Diamond LS, Epic MAX Star, Women’s Epic Max, Women’s Epic Speed, Women’s Epic MAX Star)
    Callaway expanded their use of AI in the design process for their Epic series, using it not only for clubface design but also on the use of the Jailbreak technology. You will surely note that there are several different driver models in this line, which is Callaway’s effort to provide drivers for as many player profiles as possible. They created the LS driver (Low Spin) and MAX driver (for max distance) variations, which continue to be used in future driver lines.
    Key features of this series include the AI-enhanced Speed Frame, which Callaway boasts makes the Epic series their fastest drivers ever. This feature, as you may have guessed, intends to help golfers maximize their swing speed and increase MOI. The Epic series also features an AI-designed aerodynamic shape and an optimized center of gravity for more forgiveness despite the focus on speed.
  5. Callaway Rogue ST Driver Series (Rogue ST MAX, Rogue ST MAX D, Rogue ST MAX LS, Rogue ST Triple Diamond LS, Women’s Rogue ST MAX, Women’s Rogue ST MAX D)
    Callaway made new leaps with their Rogue ST series in 2022. This series again contains several different driver models to cater to many different swing styles and golfer profiles. Each driver notably contains the new Tungsten Speed Cartridge, which allows further enhanced swing speed. The Rogue ST series also contains modified Jailbreak technology and a further AI-enhanced face design.
  6. Callaway Paradym Driver Series (Paradym, Paradym X, Paradym Triple Diamond, Women’s Paradym, Women’s Paradym X)
    Finally, we have Callaway Golf’s most recent driver entries in the Paradym line. This driver series is a new attempt from Callaway at creating a driver series from the ground up, while keeping their commitment to quality.
    Paradym drivers feature a new 360 Carbon Chassis that eliminates titanium from the body of the club entirely. Callaway boasts that this makes the Paradym “44% lighter” than their previous all-titanium body clubs. They use this weight saving to rebalance weight in the clubhead, enhancing club speed and forgiveness. The Jailbreak system in this driver line also gets an upgrade, with a new AI-enhanced design making it lighter and faster than its predecessors.


Are There Any New Limited Edition Or Special Version Callaway Drivers?

Callaway currently has two special edition versions of the current Paradym line.

The Paradym Night Mode Edition drivers are, you guessed it, a completely black version of the Paradym drivers. These special drivers look sleek, but that is the only difference from the standard Paradym line as the only change is cosmetic.

The other special edition Callaway driver on the market is the special green and yellow version of the Paradym. Again, the change here is purely cosmetic, but if you are lucky enough to come across one of these it will surely look great in your golf bag.

Callaway is known for their quality, and that is best showcased in their special edition drivers. These clubs not only look great in your golf bag, but they also often have new features compared to their standard edition counterparts.



From the game-changing introductions of the past to the AI-infused breakthroughs of the present, Callaway has consistently redefined the boundaries of what is achievable in driver technology. From beginners to PGA caliber golfers, Callaway prioritizes crafting the perfect driver for every type of golfer. For those reasons, our team at Tell Me More Golf believe that they have some of the best drivers on the market today. We hope that this list helps golfers understand Callaway’s history and provides a guide for their current offerings.


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