Left Handed Golf Clubs Vs Right Handed Clubs — (Comparison)

left handed golf clubs vs right handed clubs and the components that make them up

With only about 5% of players being left-handed golfers, do you wonder about the differences between left-handed and right-handed clubs?

Being a lefty, or “southpaw”, as some often refer to it, can have some obstacles that are important to know. Keep reading while Tell Me More Golf breaks down the differences.

left handed golf clubs vs right handed clubs and the components that make them up

Immediate Differences

left handed golf clubs vs right and the immediate differences with the feel and vantage points of different clubs

If you are a right-handed golfer and have never picked up a left-handed club, you would immediately have a strange sense that you are a beginner again. It is a foreign look. It is interesting though that most people’s left-handed golf swing is similar (not always) to their right-handed swing when they try the club. The real main difference for left-handed players is the clubhead.

The clubhead and clubface are simply the opposite of a right-handed player.

The most notable lefty of our time is Phil Mickelson. He has won six (6) majors and 45 PGA Tour events overall. Did you know that he is actually right-handed? He throws and writes right-handed. When Phil was young, he learned to swing his golf clubs by watching his right-handed father and mirroring his motions, and that is how he ended up on the other side of the ball.

If you have ever wondered what it is like to play from the other side of the golf ball, it is a challenge. When I pick up a left-handed club, it just does not feel right. This is because, like me, most people’s dominant eye is the right eye. So, instantly when you look down at the ball, you cannot help but notice a different feeling from that vantage point. Vice versa when a left-handed player picks up a right-handed club, they are going to have a different orientation when they look down at the head of the club.


A friend of mine is a left-hander who is always looking for the latest equipment. He often tells me that when the latest golf equipment comes out he has to either rush to buy it or wait until they manufacture more left-handed clubheads.

With only 5% of the golfing population being a lefty, companies will make fewer clubheads until the demand for them increases.

Taylormade is notable for having done well to keep up with the need for left-handed options. As far as the clubheads themselves, they are just a mirror copy of right-handed clubs.

As one of the most well-known club companies, Callaway also does well to cater to the left-handed golfer. Worth noting though, that many club companies do not offer the same variety of shaft options for southpaws as they do for a righty. While there is no “left-handed” shaft, the demand is still significantly less than a set of clubs for right-handers.


Golf Club Components

Most golf retailers carry left-handed options, however, they are significantly limited. To get the right clubs, lefties can turn to ordering the components they would want and having them assembled by a professional club fitter or golf pro.

Fitters like Club Champion provide a great fitting and buying experience whether you stand on the right side or left side of the golf ball.

At the more well-known fitting shops, the walls are lined with an enormous variety of components from clubheads to shafts and grips. To play your best golf, we suggest going to see a fitting professional, especially if you are left-handed.

FAQ Section

Can A Left Handed Person Use Right-Handed Golf Clubs

Simply put, no. As the right-handed golf club is the opposite of a lefty, the clubs are not in any way interchangeable. The only way that a lefty could use righty clubs is if they were to turn the toe down facing the ground. If you watch golf on TV, you have no doubt seen players doing this at one point or another. This is only necessary when the golfer is stymied and cannot stand on the correct side for their golf swing.

What Are Problems With Left-Handed People Playing Golf Right Handed

As I stated above, your swing is likely to look somewhat similar regardless of whether you are swinging lefty or righty. By no means does that lead to the same results. Left-handed players who try to play right-handed will feel disoriented because they have spent all of their time on the other side of the ball. In addition, your golf game would suffer because the skill does not transfer.

Do I Need Right Or Left-Handed Golf Clubs?

For this, I would typically defer to whichever arm is dominant. Your dominant hand helps to square up the clubface at impact, so it makes sense to have that arm be the trailing arm in the golf swing.

Is There A Difference Between Left And Right Golf Clubs?

There is a major difference yes. They are opposite just as you would suspect. Is there a difference in the way they are designed or built? No, manufacturers use the same processes to make left-handed clubs as they do for right-handers.

Are Left-Handed Or Right-Handed Golf Clubs Worth More?

When I go onto the Taylormade website and try to buy the SIM2 driver, which is the previous year’s model, they only have right-handed as an option. So, the answer to this question is that they cost about the same, but are not as readily available off the shelf.

Conclusion: Research by Tellmemoregolf.com

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At Tell Me More Golf, we get into the details of golf equipment, because we are the authority on providing our audience with knowledge into so many aspects of the game. The truth is that left-handed golfers are going to have a harder time finding the same equipment options as a right-hander

As the game has grown, there are more southpaws out there. But, the percentage of lefties remains the same for now, so club companies do their best to cater to both sides. The takeaway here for left-handed players is to get fitted for custom equipment if you want the ideal set in your golf bag. 

If that option is cost-prohibitive, stick to the major club companies because you get the same quality equipment manufactured in the same way that the right-handed clubs are built. Our team is growing, so our knowledge base is growing. Reach out to our team with any questions and subscribe to our site for the latest trends and updates.


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