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As the head golf coach at Tell Me More Golf, with over 50 years of coaching experience, I’m going to look at the subject of wedges. 

Specifically, here, we’re going to be looking at both Kirkland wedges and Vokey wedges, which are manufactured by golfing giant Titleist. We’ll look at the different wedges individually, weigh up the pros and cons and also compare the two different types, so let’s get into it. 

Kirkland Wedges Benefits

A wedge from modest golf brand Kirkland doesn’t offer the same wow factor that something made by Vokey, Callaway, Cleveland or TaylorMade, but there are certainly some benefits to these more than reasonably priced wedges, such as: 

  • Budget friendly: For starters, compared to lots of other golf wedges on the market right now, they’re cheap. You can buy a three-piece golf wedge set from Kirkland for around $200. Considering that three Titleist Vokey wedges could cost you nearly triple that, this is certainly value for money. 
  • Good quality: It would be wrong to assume that we’re talking about poor quality golf equipment here, as I have worked with quite a few students who’re more than happy with Kirkland wedges. Using them certainly hasn’t stopped them from improving out on the golf course, that’s for sure. 
  • Look great: To look at, the wedges from Kirkland, known as the Kirkland Signature wedges are great too. They feature a clean look with a milled face. 

Kirkland Wedges Cons

There are of course  a few cons to the Kirkland Signature wedge. Here they are:

  • No customization: First and foremost, there is no customization. Users have zero choice when it comes to shaft, loft or grind, or even bounce, which is quite an outdated approach, given the number of customizable options that there are out there. 
  • Lack of spin technology: The Kirkland signature wedge isn’t ideal for players looking for lots of spin tech as it lacks the spin technology that many competing wedges feature.
  • Low-quality grips: One negative that golfers I’ve worked with have noted when it comes to Kirkland wedges is the poor grip quality. The True Temper shaft is a nice touch, but the grips leave plenty to be desired.
  • Availability: There is also the slight issue of availability here. These golf wedges are only available from Costco, and to members at that, while stocks have often been reportedly low. 

Vokey Wedges Pros

Using a Vokey wedge carries several benefits, especially if you’re using a new model, such as the SM8 or SM9. 

  • Micro grooves: The Vokey SM9 has micro grooves built in, which allows players more control and spin. 
  • Forgiveness: The Vokey SM9 is also incredibly forgiving. I have worked with golfers in recent times who’ve upgraded to the SM9, and they all say that it’s the most forgiving wedge that they’ve used. 
  • Customization: The final pro to choosing Vokey wedges is that you have options in terms of customization. You can choose between a variety of bounce and grind settings, while there are alternative shaft options too. 


Vokey Wedges Cons

If we look at the Vokey SM9, then even though we’re talking about top-of-the-range wedges, there are still a few cons. 

  • Expensive: Firstly, it isn’t a huge upgrade from older Vokey models, like the SM8, which is cheaper, thus making the SM9 look quite expensive for what you get. 
  • Requires a custom fitting: Another minor con is that it’s recommended that you get a custom fit to get the best out of a Vokey wedge, which often carries an extra cost.

Bounce Comparison

With Vokey wedges, you have a number of bounce options, but that’s not the case with Kirkland

Kirkland’s Signature wedges have a high bounce, which has reportedly made it quite hard for players to open up the club face and add loft. You don’t get the same problem with Vokey wedges. 


Lofts Comparison

Kirkland wedges come as a set. The set includes a 52 degree gap wedge, a 56 degree sand wedge and a 60 degree lob wedge. However, because there’s no customization in terms of bounce or grind, they compare rather poorly compared to Vokey wedges, which carry a number of customization options in terms of loft. 

Which Has Better Distance?

In terms of distance, there’s probably not much in it. For example, if you were to hit a few shots with a 52 degree Kirkland Signature wedge and then a few shots with a 52 degree Vokey SM8, you’d likely see similar distances, though when it comes to distance control, Vokey wedges come out as superior. 


Which Has Better Forgiveness?

The Kirkland signature wedge is quite forgiving, maybe surprisingly so. That said, perhaps because you can customize Vokey wedges to get your perfect set-up, they cannot compete in terms of forgiveness, especially if you compare them with the Vokey SM9, which as mentioned above is one of the best wedges available right now when it comes to forgiveness. 

Kirkland Wedges Vs Vokey Wedges: Which Is The Best For You?

To answer this question, you need to ask yourself a question first and that is what do you want from a wedge? 

If you want new wedges that don’t cost too much and still do a reasonable job, then the Kirkland wedges would be suitable. They can certainly help high-handicappers improve their short game, while they’re also great for players on a budget who aren’t too bothered about taking things seriously.

If you want a wedge that harnesses more of the available and up-to-date technology, then go down the Vokey route. At the end of the day, Vokey is a popular brand among pro players and top amateurs because they simply make great wedges. If you want something high-quality then Vokey wedges beat Kirkland wedges, that’s for sure. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the bounce and grind of Kirkland wedges?

Depending on the wedge that you select, the bounce varies. For example, the 60-degree wedge has a bounce of 8 degrees, which is a nice feature when playing open-faced lofted shots. 

The bounce pattern of Kirkland Wedges has been compared to a “D” grind from Vokey and is quite similar. There are however no other grind or bounce options when it comes to Kirkland Wedges, so you cannot customize the set-up of the wedge. 

How much bounce do Kirkland wedges have?

Depending on which Kirkland wedges you’re using, you will be faced with a club that features either 8 degrees or 10 degrees of bounce. You cannot change or select a different bounce when it comes to Kirkland wedges. 


Can you bend a Kirkland wedge?

If you wanted to adjust the lie/loft angle of a Kirkland wedge, then you could try bending it, though this comes with risks attached. You could try to bend your Kirkland slightly to alter the lie angle by a few degrees, but this really isn’t recommended, as you risk damaging the club, rendering it unplayable. 

What makes Vokey wedges so good?

Vokey wedges have long been hugely popular amongst both amateur and professional golfers, and there are a few reasons for this. Firstly, for less experienced players, Vokey wedges are more forgiving, this is due to the grind options. Vokey wedges also help players to manipulate bounce more, while grind options such as the “L” one can really help to play more accurate shots from just off the green.


To conclude, Kirkland has put together a nice set of wedges. These wedges are perfect for players on a budget, and they’re far from low-quality. They look great and you can certainly get results with them. However, in some areas, they are lacking. If you’re really bothered about enhanced wedge technology or having top-of-the-range wedges, wedges that have customizable options, then you’d have to choose Vokey.


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