Is Top Flite a Good Golf Brand and Are Their Golf Clubs Good to Play with And Who Owns Top Flite

Is Top Flite a Good Golf Brand? — Golf Coach’s Tips

Is Top Flite a Good Golf Brand and Are Their Golf Clubs Good to Play with And Who Owns Top Flite

As an experienced golf coach, I have had many golfers ask me about the affordable Top Flite golf balls they see on the shelves of pro shops and various golf supply stores. Many golfers have wondered whether Top Flite is a good golf brand, so I have put together this helpful guide highlighting the history of the company, as well as what they excel at today.

Top Flite as a Golf Brand

The Top Flite brand was established in 1971, and it has a long history of both golf equipment manufacturing and changing hands through various parent companies. The Top Flite brand was sold to the Spalding company in 1980, who kept control of the brand for 23 years. 

While under the ownership of Spalding, Top Flite established itself as a reputable manufacturer of affordable golf balls. The company sold to Callaway golf in 2003, and by 2005 they had moved all production of Top Flite gear over to their own manufacturing plants. 

In 2008, Callaway sold the Top Flite to the large sports retailer Dick’s Sporting Goods, taking an estimated loss of over 100 million dollars in only five years of ownership.

Today, Top Flite primarily produces economical golf balls, along with complete golf club sets.


Are Top Flite Golf Clubs Good?

While Top Flite golf balls are the most popular product made by the brand, Top Flite golf clubs are also still widely available in retail shops and online. Top Flite specializes in complete golf sets which include a full set of golf clubs, along with a golf bag and putter. 

Top Flite golf clubs are a great option for beginners and occasional golfers who are on a tight budget.

It is often possible to purchase a full 14 piece set from the Top Flite brand for the same price as a single driver from some of the most high-quality brands on the market. 

While each individual club from a Top Flite complete set will not stack up to high end performance clubs, the value that they present still make them a great value for beginner golfers.


What Does Top Flite Make?

Over the decades, Top Flite has dabbled in many different areas of golf gear production, including shirts and hats at one time. Today, the company primarily focuses on three categories; golf balls, complete golf club sets, and kids golf clubs. 

Top Flite strives to fill a unique gap in the golf industry, allowing budget golfers to buy a full set of clubs with a single purchase as opposed to building a set club by club.

They also produce quality kids clubs that do the job without breaking the bank.

Top Flite also makes golf bags and simple club head covers, allowing customers to simply grab a sleeve of golf balls and hit the course with everything they need. Top Flite generally has options to choose between stand bags and cart bags, as well as a choice of putter between blade and mallet style. 

Top Flite Golf Balls

The Top Flite company has established themselves as one of the top players in the budget golf ball industry, and they currently offer five different models of golf balls. Each option has different strengths, and different Top Flite balls are built for different types of golfers. 

The Top Flite XL is one of the longest men’s golf balls in the Top Flite lineup, with an estimated compression rating of around 90. The XL and Bomb are both categorized as distance golf balls, and the bomb has a slightly stronger cover and larger core compared to the XL. 

The Hammer is a great option for golfers who demand more spin around the greens, and they offer some of the best spin control possible from a two piece golf ball. The Empower is the top selling ladies offering from the company, and the softest golf ball the company produces. 

The Top Flite Gamer is the best golf ball made by the Top Flite company, and it is currently the only three piece golf ball the company makes. It offers a great balance of distance and spin control, as well as a feel that can only be achieved with three piece construction. 


Who Owns Top Flite?

The Top Flite brand was acquired by Dick’s Sporting Goods from the Callaway company in 2008. While the brand used to branch out into various areas of golf gear production, today they primarily focus on kids clubs, complete golf sets, and affordable golf balls.  

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Is Top Flite owned by Callaway?

Top Flite was owned by the Callaway company from the years 2003 to 2008. Today, the brand is owned by Dick’s Sporting Goods, which is one of the largest chains of sporting goods retailers in the United States.  

Is Top Flite a good company?

Top Flite excels at the things it does best, which are building affordable full sets of golf clubs and producing affordable golf balls. None of their clubs are considered “top shelf,” though they get the job done and cost a fraction of the competition’s clubs

Do any pros use Top Flite?

Top Flite balls and clubs have never been used by any golf professionals on the PGA tour. Their gear is best suited for beginners, as all of their products offer slightly less performance in terms of ball speed and distance at a significantly lower price point than the competition. 

What brand owns Top Flite?

Dick’s Sporting Goods currently owns the Top Flite brand, which has helped their products stay relevant and on shelves across America. Dick’s has major advantages compared to other companies when it comes to distribution, and they have used the Top Flite brand to fill inventory gaps in kid’s clubs and full golf sets. 



Buying and losing a full case of Top Flite golf balls is considered to be a right of passage for new golfers by many experienced golfers, and the brand has managed to stay relevant in the industry for over five decades. Top Flite gear is very affordable and a great choice for budget golfers, and their kids golf clubs and complete golf sets are some of the best options in their respective categories.


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