List of Illegal Golf Drivers Faqs from Professional Golf Instructors at Tell Me More Golf

List of Illegal Golf Drivers — (Golf Coach Advice)

List of Illegal Golf Drivers Faqs from Professional Golf Instructors at Tell Me More Golf

As the head golf instructor at Tell Me More Golf, and in this article, I will share our list of the most common illegal golf drivers. 

Pretty much all drivers sold are legal, and you shouldn’t worry about potentially buying an illegal one.

However, it can be interesting to know what makes a driver illegal, as well as some types you should stay away from if you don’t want to cheat. 

List of Illegal Golf Drivers

Here is a list of some of the most common illegal golf drivers: 

Intech Golf Behemoth Golf Driver 

The Intech Behemoth Driver suits slower swing speeds, and it offers a distance boost with a 520cc head and large sweet spot. The larger-than-allowed head is what makes it illegal.

The Behemoth 520cc driver features an offset hosel that helps with creating a draw and curbing slices, and it’s made of alloy steel which sounds great. 

Power PlayJuggernaut Titanium Draw Driver 

The Power Play Juggernaut driver features a non conforming 515cc head, offering a ton of forgiveness. It has a beta titanium face, which delivers extra distance but is also illegal

The offset hosel aids in closing the face, making it much easier to hit a draw.

It has a lightweight shaft of graphite that suits beginners and senior golfers well. 

Sooolong 750cc Beta Titanium Driver

This driver features a mind-boggling 750cc clubhead, which is so large you pretty much can’t miss the ball. The sound at impact is truly one of a kind, and it can best be explained by imagining a metal baseball bat hitting a golf ball. 


Power2Golf No-Swing Driver

The Power2Golf no-swing driver is very obviously illegal, as it hits the golf ball over 200 yards without you even having to swing it. It can also hit the ball much shorter, such as 50 yards, meaning that you can play an entire round of golf with it. By using small plastic blasting caps and club settings, this club shoots the ball far without being moved an inch

Magic Distance Anti-Slice Long Custom Draw Driver 

The Magic Distance Offset Slice Killer Draw Custom Driver remedies slices for frustrated golfers. It ensures long and straight shots with its offset, high loft, and 700 Beta Titanium Face.

Here, the clubhead material is what makes it illegal. 

What Makes a Golf Driver Conforming?

A golf driver is conforming if it adheres to the rules set by golf’s governing bodies, the USGA and R&A. These rules are put in place to ensure fairness, where no golfer has an extreme advantage over another. Here is a list of what makes a driver conforming: 

Clubhead Size

The maximum clubhead volume allowed for a driver is 460 cubic centimeters (cc). This rule prevents driver heads from becoming excessively large and potentially giving players an unfair advantage in terms of forgiveness and distance.


Clubhead Characteristics

The rules specify that the clubhead must be a single striking face and cannot have any adjustable parts or features that alter its playing characteristics during a round.

Instead, you have to use a specific tool to change the loft, which makes what you’re doing very obvious. 

COR (Coefficient of Restitution)

The COR represents the “springiness” of the clubface. The maximum COR value is 0.830, which means that the ball’s initial velocity off the clubface cannot exceed a certain threshold. This rule prevents drivers from producing too high ball speeds and distances.

CT (Characteristic Time)

The CT measures the time the clubface stays in contact with the ball at impact. The USGA has a maximum CT limit to prevent drivers from having a clubface that’s too “hot,” resulting in an unfair advantage in terms of distance. The maximum CT limit is 239 microseconds.

Center of Gravity (CG) Limits

The USGA and R&A have guidelines for the position of the club’s center of gravity.

These limits help maintain a balance between distance and control, ensuring that drivers are not designed to favor extreme characteristics that could give someone an unfair advantage.

Club Length 

The maximum length for a driver is 48 inches. This prevents golfers from using overly long drivers that can go longer

Grooves and Face Features

The face of the driver must have conforming grooves and features that do not give anyone an unfair advantage in terms of spin or ball control.


How Do Drivers Get Banned?

In golf, golf clubs generally don’t get banned. Instead, they’re simply illegal or legal, which is found by looking at the rules for that specific golf club. If it follows the rules, it’s legal. 

However, in some cases, the USGA or R&A may look at a club in particular and deem it illegal.

One example of this was when they banned the “Anchor putting technique,” which basically is having an extremely long putter that’s pushed into your chest, meaning that you don’t have to control the putting stroke as much. It got banned as they consider it unfair. 

Longest Illegal Golf Driver

The longest illegal driver is the Intech Golf Behemoth Golf Driver, which you can find more details on earlier in the article. The Sooolong 750cc driver might be longer in theory, but as it’s so unusual and very weird-looking, we decided not to put it as the number one.   

Is Using an Illegal Driver Cheating? 

Yes, using an illegal golf driver is considered cheating. This means that you can’t use a non conforming driver and register an official round or participate in a competition. However, if you want to, you can use an illegal driver for fun

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What are TaylorMade non conforming drivers?

TaylorMade is one of the best brands in all of golf, and they don’t make any non conforming drivers. The same is true for all other major brands like Titleist, Callaway, Ping, and Mizuno. All TaylorMade drivers that can be purchased are perfectly legal to play with. 

What are Japanese non conforming golf drivers?

Japan is one of the biggest golf gear manufacturers in the world, and while their major brands don’t make non conforming drivers, some smaller brands have. One example of this is the Honma Golf non conforming driver. 

What are Honma non conforming drivers?

Honma Golf is a Japanese golf gear manufacturer that specializes in premium products with unique designs. They have made a non conforming driver called the Honma Amazing Spec Z1 Driver

What are XXIO non conforming drivers?

XXIO is another Japanese golf equipment company. They focus on creating products for slow-to-moderate swing speeds, and all of their drivers are legal to play with. In other words, they don’t make non conforming drivers

What is an illegal driver in golf?

An illegal driver in golf is simply a driver that doesn’t comply with the rules for how a driver can be designed.

Examples of things that can make a driver non conforming and, therefore, illegal are over 460cc heads, lofts that can be adjusted mid-round, and non-allowed materials like beta titanium. 

What is a nonconforming driver?

A non conforming driver is an illegal golf club that doesn’t conform with the driver design rules. A non conforming driver that is pretty popular is the Intech Golf Behemoth driver, which features an illegal, but very forgiving 520cc clubhead. 



In this article, we’ve covered some of the most popular illegal golf drivers, as well as what makes a driver conforming or not. When slightly simplified, most drivers that look normal and are sold by big brands are legal, while drivers that look strange, such as having a very large head size, aren’t. 


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