How To Sell Golf Clubs On Ebay

how to sell golf clubs on ebay an article from tell me more golf

Shopping for new golf clubs can be expensive, and after finally springing for that shiny new addition to the golf bag, many golfers feel the hit in their wallets. Listing those old clubs that are being replaced on Ebay is a great way to mitigate some of the new club costs

Many large sporting equipment retailers like Dick’s Sporting Goods offer trade-in programs for used clubs, but Ebay will almost always fetch a higher price than the trade in value. Additionally, some golf equipment stores only offer store credit, where Ebay deposits payment directly into bank accounts or Paypal.

how to sell golf clubs on ebay an article from tell me more golf

Selling Golf Clubs On Ebay in Four Steps

Selling Process

1) Gather Information & Research
  • First, take a good look at the golf club that you are selling, and gather all information listed on the head, shaft, and grip of the club. Along with the club brand and model, you’ll need to take note of some technical specifications. Some are simple, like whether the club is for left handed or right handed golfers, and others may take a bit of closer examination.
  • With woods and wedges, be sure to take note of the loft angle. The loft angle can be found near the hosel area of most woods, along with the club’s unique serial number. Also be sure to note if the lie angle has been adjusted at any point, as well as if the club has ever been shortened or lengthened.
  • Inspect the shaft for all available information. Information like shaft flex and weight should be listed on all shafts, but is tougher to identify on some brands than others. Weight will be listed in grams, while flex could either be represented by a number or a letter. Most commonly, a single flex letter will be listed: L for ladies, A for seniors, R for regular, S for stiff, and X for extra stiff.
  • Look at the butt of the club, and note all information listed on top of the grip. The brand and model should both be listed, as well as the size of the grip. GolfPride for example sizes their grips as follows: Junior, Undersize, Standard, Midsize and Jumbo.
2) Take photos
  • First, make sure the clubs you are selling are camera ready by giving them a good washing, making sure to remove all dirt and scuff marks.
  • Lay your clubs down on a plain, lightly colored background – a beach towel works great as a photo backdrop.
  • Take pictures of the merchandise, making sure get shots of all sides and angles. The more photos the better, as this shows buyers there is nothing to hide with the golf equipment. Be sure to include clear views of any wear marks or imperfections. Also take close up photos of the headcover and clubhead tool, if included with the listing.
3) Create a Listing
selling process for how to sell golf clubs on ebay
  • Do competitor research; check out all of the other clubs that are already selling on Ebay and make your listing more complete with the description, a compelling header and unique images.
  • With proper research, creating the Ebay listing should be a quick, simple process. All you’ll have to do is enter the information you’ve just gathered into the appropriate fields when prompted.
  • Choose between a “Buy It Now” and an “Auction” listing. A buy it now price can also be set for items that are up for auction. When creating an auction listing, choose the desired auction duration, as well as if you’d like to set a reserve price. A reserve price is the minimum bid that will be accepted. Reserve prices can be confusing for some, and avoided by simply listing the stating price of the auction as the lowest price acceptable.
  • Under “Item Description,” make sure to be upfront and honest about the condition that the golf club is in, and point out any marks or imperfections. It is also helpful to provide a reason for selling the club that demonstrates it is still perfectly good and in working order. For example “Selling my lightly used Taylormade Spider putter after only one season of use. The putter is in perfect working order, I just need to make room in my bag for a new Cleveland putter that was gifted to me for my birthday.”
  • Promoted Listings Standard (Set Ad Rate) [See below]
  • After choosing a preferred shipping method, your listing will go live and all you’ll need to do is check for messages periodically to answer any questions from potential buyers.
4) Shipping the Golf Clubs
  • Once the listing sells and the buyer completes payment, a shipping label will be provided to print out. Find an appropriately sized box for the clubs, package them up, and attach the shipping label.
  • Drive the package to the appropriate shipping venue, and provide the tracking information to the buyer. Monitor the package’s progress and make sure that the buyer receives their new clubs.

Ebay also provides an option to promote your listing by advertising it on the site. We highly advise using the Promoted Listings Option. It exposes your products to many more buyers and almost always converts into a sale. 

ebay Promoted Listings Standard (Set Ad Rate) for how to sell golf clubs

The cost of advertising depends on the ad rate, which determines how often the listing is shown on Ebay. If you choose to promote your listing, it is helpful to be able to customize an option that fits within your budget.


Ebay has what is called an insertion fee for creating a listing, but the first 250 listings per month are free. This insertion fee usually only applies to Ebay stores selling nine or more items per day.

There is also a fee that is calculated as a percentage of the total sale amount, which is set at 12.9% for sales under $7,500.

There is also a $0.30 fee per order.

There are helpful online calculators to figure out expected fees before listing on Ebay.

You can find out exactly how much you owe in fees quickly with this handy site that calculates your Ebay fees fast.

While the seller’s fees on Ebay may seem high to some, Ebay is known for drawing higher sales prices for golf clubs compared to other sales avenues. While the fees do add up, especially with big ticket items, the higher sales price usually still makes Ebay the most profitable way to sell golf equipment.


Pros And Cons of Ebay vs Other Methods

Pros – Ebay has long been known as a popular marketplace for buying and selling golf clubs. When selling at a garage sale or on an app for local pickup, your audience is limited. An Ebay listing puts your clubs in front of a worldwide audience of golf enthusiasts. It is also easy to find a comparable price for your clubs, as you can search through both current and past listings to find how much similar clubs sold for.

Cons – Shipping costs can add up, which can deter some buyers from purchasing your clubs. Golf clubs are quite bulky and can be heavy to ship, which is not an issue when using other sales methods with local pickup. There are also many scams on Ebay, and there have been thousands of fake golf clubs sold over the years. Some golfers find the selling process to be a hassle, and opt to take less money for the convenience of a trade in. 

Alternatives – If the cons outweigh the pros for you, there are many other ways to get some value out of your golf clubs. Many sporting goods stores offer trade-ins, but they typically offer less than selling directly to other golfers, and sometimes only offer store credit. You can always check if the pro shop at your local golf course would be interested, especially with newer clubs in better shape.

Facebook marketplace and Offerup are both good alternatives as well, if you don’t mind arranging for local pickup or meeting in person with a stranger. 2nd swing golf is a website that will pay for your old clubs, based on their listed value in the PGA Value Guide. Callaway Pre Owned is another great option. Contrary to what the name would suggest, they buy clubs from all major manufacturers including Titleist, Cobra, Mizuno, and Ping.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I sell my golf clubs on eBay?

First, gather all pertinent information about your set of clubs, and research a fair price by referencing other listings and value guides. Then take photos of the clubs, and choose how you’d like to list them. Once they sell, box the clubs up and attach the printed shipping label. Drop them off at the appropriate venue, and enjoy your earnings!

What percentage does eBay take for golf clubs?

Currently, Ebay charges a fee of 12.9% of the sales total. There is also a $0.30 fee on all sales. These fees change from time to time, and there is a very helpful website called Salescalc that offers a free calculator to determine the fees you should expect for your listing. They also keep up to date with any changes in Ebay’s fees, so you won’t run in to any suprises.

How do you flip your golf clubs on eBay? 

“Flipping” is a term that is used to describe buying and selling for a profit. The most common way of making money flipping golf clubs on Ebay is with new clubs that are in mint condition. If you have some connections and the ability to get your hands on some golf clubs at a discount, it is possible to list the on Ebay for full price and turn a profit. It is unlikely to turn a profit selling your own personal used clubs, but it is very possible to make back a good chunk of your money!

Conclusion: Research by

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While there are many different ways to sell golf equipment, Ebay is a favorite among golfers worldwide. 

With a track record of over two decades, Ebay is the number one auction website online, and in many cases the most profitable way to sell golf clubs. The team of experts at Tell Me More Golf is constantly researching the used golf club market, and breaking down the best solution for golfers of all skill levels, worldwide.


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