How to Measure Shaft Length — (Golf Instructor's Advice)

How To Determine Golf Club Length and Measuring Golf Shaft Length from tell me more golf instructors

Finding the right golf club shaft size can be challenging for beginners looking for new clubs.

It’s tough to get a club fitting if you’ve never swung a club before, so you have to research to find the right length club.

You might also wonder how long your current club shafts are and how to measure them correctly.

The Tell Me More Golf Team will explain how to determine the right golf club length for your height and how to easily measure your clubs at home to ensure you’ve got the right length clubs in your golf bag.

How To Determine Golf Club Length and Measuring Golf Shaft Length from tell me more golf instructors

How To Measure a Golf Club With a Tape Measure

5 0 procedure for measurement of club length from tell me more golf instructors for how to determine golf club length

Before we start measuring a golf club, let’s look at the Official USGA Procedure to understand better how to measure the club correctly.

5.0 Procedure for Measurement of Shaft Length

5.0.1. The measurement of length is made with the club set on a horizontal plane while the sole is set against a 60 degree plane, Figure 5.0.1. The length is defined as the distance from the point of the intersection between the two planes to the end of the grip.

You can easily measure a golf club with a tape measure in a few easy steps.

First, you’ll need a flat surface, a protractor, and a tape measure.

  1. Start placing the club horizontally on a flat surface to get a more accurate measurement.
  2. Use a protractor to place the sole of the club head at a 60 degree angle to the club’s sole.
  3. Measure the irons and driver from where the 60-degree angle in the sole’s middle intersects the shaft’s axis up to the end of the grip using a tape measure.

Congratulations, you now know how to measure the length of your irons and woods correctly.

Height-Based and Wrist-to-Floor Golf Club Length Chart 

HeightWrist to Floor MeasurementGolf Club Length Adjustments
under 4’10”under 25″minus 2″
4’10” to 5″25 to 27″minus 1-1/2″
5’0″ to 5’2″27 to 29 “minus 1″
5’2″ to 5’4″29 to 34 “minus 1/2″
5’4″ to 5’7″32 to 34 “minus 1/4″
5’7″ to 6’1″34 to 37 “standard length in “
6’1″ to 6’2″37 to 38.5 “plus 1/4″
6’2″ to 6’4″38.5 to 40 “plus 1/2″
6’4″ to 6’6″40 to 41 “plus 1″
6’6″ to 6’8″41 to 42 “plus 1-1/2″
above 6’8″above 42 “plus 2″


While it might seem like the easiest way to measure the length of a golf club is to lean it against a wall and measure it to the sole, this is not the correct way to measure a golf club.

Leaning against the wall doesn’t work because the club’s length from head to toe isn’t consistent from model to model, and sometimes within the same set of clubs.

This method also does not consider the 60-degree angle from the middle of the club’s sole:

Therefore, the club’s lie angle can also affect measurements using this method.

Another incorrect way to measure golf clubs is to measure them straight down the shaft to the club’s heel.


Golf Club Length Measuring Tools

Suppose you’re looking for an easier way to measure your clubs. In that case, golf club measuring tools make it much easier. These golf club measuring tools have a 60-degree angle built into them and a 48″ ruler for getting accurate, easy measurements.

You can also use a flat surface, a protractor, and a tape measure to your clubs at home.

Measuring The Length Of Putters

You measure your putter length from the top of the grip to the bottom sole of the club. If the shaft isn’t straight, the measurement is made using a “straight line extension” of the shaft according to USGA Equipment Rules.

FAQ Section

How long should golf clubs be for my height?

The most common way to find the proper length clubs for your height is by using a height-base chart and wrist-to-floor measurements.

As a rule, golfers from 5’7″ to 6’1″ are within the range of standard-length golf clubs. The shorter golfers are, the shorter the clubs need to fit correctly. Conversely, the taller a golfer is, the longer their clubs will have to be.

Using height-based charts and wrist-to-floor measurements are good ways to get a static fitting. While seeing a professional club fitter can give you specific recommendations for golf equipment that can help your golf game.

Beyond helping you with the length of your golf clubs, they can determine your clubhead speed, launch angle, and whether steel or graphite shafts are better for your swing.

How do I determine my golf club length?

The best way to determine how long your golf clubs should be is by getting a custom fitting. A height-based chart is an excellent place to start if you need to do a static fitting. However, the wrist-to-floor measurement considers arm length because sometimes the golfer’s arms aren’t proportionate to their size.

How do you measure club length at home?

The easier way to measure your clubs is to use a golf club measuring tool if you have one. If not, you can easily measure your club by placing your club down on a flat surface.

Use a protractor and measure 60 degrees from the sole of the club towards the axis of the shaft.

From where the 60 degree imaginary line intersects with the shaft’s axis, measure from that point to the end of the club using a tape measure.

You can measure a putter from the end of the grip to the sole. Or, if your putter is offset, extend the line straight down the axis of the shaft through the sole.

How long should your golf clubs be if you are 5’7?

If you are 5/7“, standard golf club lengths should fit you well when looking at static fittings like height-based charts and wrist-to-floor measurements.

Conclusion: Research by

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While measuring golf clubs might not feel intuitive, it’s easy to do with a flat surface, a protractor, and a measuring tape.

Standard golf club lengths are designed for golfers between 5’7″ and 6’1″ using static fittings. 

However, every golfer is built differently, and lie angles, swing types, and other factors must be considered when fitting clubs. 

Finding the right length clubs is essential because it will change how you address the ball and your swing at set-up.

The shorter a player is, from 5’7″, the shorter his clubs will typically need to be to fit them properly. The opposite applies to taller golfers.

It’s always best to see a professional club fitter for a custom fitting when you’re ready to commit to buying a nice set of golf clubs. Their fittings are dynamic and can provide much more information on your swing than height alone cannot.


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