How To Clean and Polish Golf Clubs — (Soap's Not Enough!)

how to clean and polish golf clubs with simple steps from tell me more golf instructors

Just yesterday I decided to clean my golf clubs. 

It’s been a great season of playing this year and I have played a lot of rounds on the golf course. Frankly at this point, my club heads are really dirty, caked with build up dirt and grime

While I try to keep my golf irons, golf club grips and woods clean on the course by using a damp cloth, it never really gets them clean enough.

how to clean and polish golf clubs with simple steps from tell me more golf instructors

#1. Cleaning My Clubs

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So I then dragged all of my dirty clubs to the kitchen sink and proceeded to take a soft-bristle brush and soapy water to clear away the dirt.

I then proceeded to wipe down the shafts and grips until they looked good enough. I even cleaned out my golf bag for an extra bonus!


Using warm water and dish soap worked well for my Cobra irons, wedges, putter and even my golf bag as they all looked new and clean, but there was something missing.

Even though my woods looked clean they still had tee marks, thin scratches and an overall look of being a little worn-out. What to do? I needed an inspiration.

I live in sunny Southern California and have always taken great care of the paint on my car over the years by using great auto cleaning and polishing products. It occurred to me, I wonder what it could do to my Titleist TS3 driver and accompanying woods if I polished them the same way?

Could I polish golf clubs and get the same great results?

Well, I gave it a try and the results were shocking, to say the least!


#3. Polishing My Clubs

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    I took my woods to the backyard and pulled out my Meguire’s auto paint cleaning products, specifically the cleaning compound and the high-gloss polish.

    When I was done cleaning and polishing, my woods transformed into something new and here’s how you can do it too!

    • To start, take a generous amount of cleaning compound and use circular motions on all surfaces for about a minute. Here you are going to see a great improvement already. The cleaning compound will get rid of small scratches, water marks, deep dirt and scum on all surfaces, even on the face of the club.
    • Take a dry cloth and remove the compound to prepare for polishing.
    • Next, do the same again with a soft cloth and put a generous amount of high-gloss polish on it. Again; use circular motions on all surfaces for about a minute. 
    • Clean off the polish with a rag and clean water.

    Conclusion: Research by

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    This cleaning process has not only deep cleaned your woods:

    but also given your clubs shine that you can actually see yourself in the reflection!

    A very inexpensive and easy way to restore that new look on your woods! You now have a chrome polish on your woods and clean golf clubs as well! Give it a try!


    Patrick Corley

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