How Much Do Airlines Charge To Ship Golf Clubs? — (Airlines Compared)

how much do airlines charge to ship golf clubs with the cost of flying with golf clubs

Traveling with a set of golf clubs can make for a fun filled destination golf trip, and there are many ways of transporting them. 

Some golfers prefer to find the most cost-effective solution for shipping their golf equipment, while others prefer whichever option is the least hassle for them. There are certain companies that specialize in shipping clubs, and a set of clubs can also be flown with, as “checked baggage.” There are a variety of options when it comes to shipping a golf bag, ensuring a good option for nearly every budget and timeline.

how much do airlines charge to ship golf clubs with the cost of flying with golf clubs

Cost Of Flying With Golf Clubs

how much do airlines charge to ship golf clubs with the ship sticks cost

The cost of flying with golf clubs will vary depending on the airline, as different airlines charge different baggage fees. Budget airlines like Allegiant and Spirit Airlines will generally charge higher fees for a checked bag, as their low prices only apply to those traveling without baggage. 

While certain airlines like Southwest allow bags to fly free in many instances, there are other airlines that will consider golf bags to be “oversize baggage.” There are also “overweight charges” for bags weighing over 50 pounds.

Other airlines have size limits and will charge “oversize fees.” 

How Much Do Airlines Charge To Ship Golf Clubs? Most airlines will charge between $30 and $100 to ship a golf bag, though there are many factors that can impact the cost. Trusted options like Jetblue and American Airlines will generally have reasonable baggage fees, and the team of experts at Tell Me More Golf highlight the cost of popular airline choices Southwest and Delta airlines below! 


Ship sticks is one of the most popular options for shipping golf equipment, and has surpassed UPS and FedEx as the most used option by golfers over the past few years. Ship sticks offer the added convenience of shipping golf clubs directly from one golf course to another, which has been a game changer for many golfers!

Our team of experts did some research using the provided quote estimate tool on the Ship Sticks website, and put together a helpful table to illustrate the different options and prices provided by Ship Sticks. 

It should be noted that these figures were determined using Los Angeles, California as the original shipping destinations, and all prices reflect the one way price – not round trip.

These prices are also based on a “standard” sized golf bag, which Ship Sticks categorizes as any golf bag up to 42 pounds. 

Ship Sticks also accommodates lager bags, up to a certain point. An “XL Golf Bag” has a higher weight limit of up to 56 pounds. These bags will cost $20 more to ship across the board, to all destinations and with all delivery options.

Shipping From Los Angeles, CASan Diego, CAPhoenix, AZDenver, CoNew York City
Next Day Express$129.99$154.99$164.99$179.99
2nd Day Express$109.99$134.99$144.99$149.99
3 Day ExpressN/A$99.99$109.99$114.99
Expedited Ground (3-5 Days)$54.99$64.99$69.99$84.99
Ground (5-6 Days)$44.99$59.99$64.99$74.99


Delta Airlines Golf Clubs Cost

Our experts also reached out to Delta Airlines and we were directed to a page on their website specifically dedicated to golf clubs and other sports equipment! 

According to their site, “You may check one golf bag (per passenger) as a standard item of checked baggage, as long as equipment is contained safely and meets the size requirement. Standard baggage charges apply.”

They have very specific language regarding what constitutes “one checked golf bag” and stipulate that only “one golf bag,” “one set of golf clubs,” “golf balls and tees,” and “one pair of golf shoes” may be included. 

They also specify that the clubs must be packed away in a rigid carrying case.

A “soft-sided golf travel bag” can also be used, but the customer will be required to sign an additional “limited release” form. While soft sided cases aren’t the most secure option available, many golfers do not have extra storage space like a garage to store them, as they are very bulky. 

The first checked bag costs $30, provided it weighs under 50 pounds. A second bag only costs $10 more, and also must meet the maximum weight requirement of 50 pounds.

How Much To Fly Golf Clubs On Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines can be the best option for many golfers, as their “bags fly free” policy also applies to golf bags, snow skis, and most other sporting equipment! Similar to Delta Airlines, they can only guarantee approval of golf bags being shipped in hard protective cases.

Soft side cases can also be used in some circumstances, provided that they are packed and secured safely. These items are “conditionally accepted” by Southwest Airlines, and they will not accept a soft sided golf bag that they deem to be packed unsafely.

The golf bag must also weigh under 50 pounds, or it will be considered “oversize baggage” and the customer will be charged additional fees. Driver heads should also be removed from the shafts when possible to help prevent damage.

FAQ Section

How much does it cost to transport golf clubs on a plane?

While there are many factors that can change the cost of bringing golf clubs on a plane, most airlines will charge somewhere between $30 and $100. Southwest Airlines is one of the only airlines to offer free checked bags, as this cost is built into the ticket price!

Is it cheaper to ship or fly with golf clubs?

If you are flying Southwest or Delta Airlines, it is almost always cheaper to fly with golf clubs compared to shipping them. Other airlines can charge hefty fees for larger sports equipment, and Ship Sticks is the best service to use in these instances. 

How much does it cost to ship a set of golf clubs?

The cost to ship a set of golf clubs with Ship Sticks can vary from $44.99 to over $200 depending on the shipping distance, as well as the overall package weight. While this costs a bit more than flying in some cases, the clubs will be waiting mere yards from the putting and chipping green at the desired course!

It’s Great!

Do airlines charge extra for golf bags?

Airlines like Southwest and Delta airlines do not charge extra for golf bags, and treat them exactly like regular checked baggage, provided the bag weighs under 50 pounds.

Conclusion: Research by

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There are many different options for getting a golf bag from point A to point B, and many golfers are unsure which is the best option for them. Oftentimes, flying with the clubs can be the cheapest option. 

Some golfers would rather not deal with the hassle of transporting their clubs to and from the airport and baggage claim, and instead choose to use a convenient service like Ship Sticks. Ship sticks can cost a bit more, but offers the convenience of shipping the clubs directly to the desired golf course.


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