How Do Golf Shaft Adapters Work Advice from Experienced Club Technicians and Pro Shop Employees

How Do Golf Shaft Adapters Work? — (Removal & Installation)

How Do Golf Shaft Adapters Work? — (Removal & Installation)

How Do Golf Shaft Adapters Work Advice from Experienced Club Technicians and Pro Shop Employees

As an experienced club technician and former pro shop employee, I have seen firsthand what an important tool the shaft adapter can be in terms of proper equipment setup. 

The shaft adapter is the plastic piece on the tip of the golf shaft that allows it to be fixed to the clubhead, and there have been many different styles and designs over the years. 

Using a shaft adapter opens up hundreds of possibilities when it comes to shaft and club head combinations that would otherwise not be possible using stock shaft tip hardware. 

The team here at Tell Me More Golf firmly believes that finding the perfect golf clubs for any golfer’s individual swing requires access to a wide array of different shaft models and configurations, which is only possible through the use of shaft adapters. 

How To Remove Adapter From Golf Shaft

The vast majority of serious golf club alterations such as golf shaft removals and changes are done behind the scenes at a local pro shop or golf equipment supply store. While some people like to let the professionals handle their clubs, there are others who prefer to get a bit more “hands on” and do their club alterations at home

While the process of removing a shaft adapter may seem a bit daunting to some at first, it is a fairly simple process that only requires a handful of tools.

All you will need to safely remove the old adapter from any shaft is a heat gun, a rubber vice clamp, and a rubber mallet.

  1. Secure the shaft in a rubber vice clamp snugly to prevent it from shifting.
  1. Slowly heat the area around the adapter with the heat gun. Make sure to keep the gun moving back and forth continuously to avoid overheating any single area.
  1. Apply gentle but consistent pressure to the adapter using the rubber vice clamp.
  1. Gently tap the adapter with your rubber mallet. This will help loosen any particularly stubborn adhesive under the old adapter. 
  1. Use a twisting or rocking motion to remove the adapter from the shaft. 
  1. If the adapter is still stuck, apply more heat and continue tapping with consistent pressure until it releases. 
  1. Clean the shaft with rubbing alcohol and a microfiber cloth to remove any residue from the adhesive remaining on the shaft. 


How To Install a Golf Shaft Adapter

  1. Use fine sandpaper to clean off any remaining residue from the tip of the shaft.
  1. Use a microfiber cloth or paper towel to clean out the inside of the new adapter. This will help ensure that the epoxy properly adheres to both the adapter and the shaft.
  1. Mix the epoxy according to the manufacturer’s specific instructions, and apply a light and even coat to the inside of the new adapter.
  1. Quickly and carefully slide the new adapter onto the tip of the shaft
  1. Use a clubhead to check the alignment of the new adapter before it fully hardens. The adapter should be perfectly straight, on an imaginary line from the center of the golf grip through the face of the golf club. 
  1. Use the heat gun to one again apply an even and consistent layer of heat. This will help the epoxy cure and create a stronger bond.
  1. Let the epoxy cure for at least the recommended amount of time according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This is usually around 24 hours, though it is always recommended to let the epoxy rest for longer, if possible. 



The main purpose of golf shaft adapters is to allow golfers to use any combination of shaft and club head that they desire. Oftentimes, golfers buy a new driver or fairway wood, and end up deciding down the line that they would like to “swap out” the shaft

For example, the Callaway Epic Flash, one of the most popular drivers released in the last five years, famously came stock with the golfer’s choice of HZRDUS shafts from Project X. While these high end graphite shafts were fine for many golfers, others preferred to use other shaft options like the famous Japanese brand Fujikura.

By simply adding a universal Callaway adapter to any brand of driver or fairway wood shaft, it becomes possible to use the Epic Flash, or any other Callaway driver head with the simple click of the twisting tool. 

Each individual clubmaker, including Taylormade, Titleist, Cobra, Mizuno, and PXG each uses their own style of club head adapter, making it important to choose the right adapter for your specific needs. 



While there are many different brands on the market today when it comes to golf club epoxy, Golfworks is by far the most trusted and recognizable brand in the category.

It is the epoxy used by the majority of pro shops worldwide, and is considered by many head pros to be the industry standard. 


There are also many different small adjustments that can be made to the shaft of a golf club to change its overall feel and performance. Many simple maintenance procedures like tip shortening the shaft of a club or changing its swing weight require the removal of the shaft adapter to get the job done. 


Reusing Shaft Adapters

As long as there are no cracks, chips, or other obvious flaws with the shaft adapter, it is completely fine to reuse them. Shaft adapters are relatively affordable, and many people who work on golf clubs keep a handful from each brand among their tools at all times. 


Shaft adapters can range anywhere from $5 to $20 in price, and they are available at golf shops as well as online. It is often cheaper to buy a single adapter online, while bulk pricing is available on larger orders through golf supply shops. 


If installed properly using high quality epoxy and hardware, there is little to no maintenance that is required when it comes to shaft adapters. The majority of issues that arise in this area of the club pertain to the club’s ferrule or hosel, and are usually a result of poor contact from the golfer


Aftermarket Adapters

When it comes to shaft adapters, there are many different options to choose from. OEM stands for “original equipment manufacturer,” and indicates that the part is genuine. Some generic options are nearly identical to the “name brand” versions, while others can vary in terms of quality. 

Common Problems

One of the most common issues when it comes to shaft adapters is choosing the wrong model or version. The designs of shaft adapters are updated every few years, so it is important to pay close attention to the compatibility of different shaft adapter options. 

Future Golf Shaft Adapter Developments

Modern shaft adapters have a number of different features that make clubs even more adjustable and customizable than before. Shaft adapters can be used to change the loft and face angle of golf clubs, and many golfers are excited to see what manufacturers come up with next. 

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What is an adapter on a golf shaft?

The shaft adapter is used to connect the shaft to different individual brands of club heads. There are different shaft adapters for woods and irons, and using different shaft adapters opens up many different possibilities when it comes to head and shaft combinations

How do you use a golf shaft adapter?

Removing and installing a shaft adapter requires three main tools. A heat gun, a rubber vice clamp, and a rubber mallet are all that is needed to change shaft adapters, and once installed it is simple to click a new club head on and off from the shaft. 

What does a shaft adapter do?

While the primary function of a shaft adapter is to connect the club head to the shaft of the golf club, modern shaft adapters are also capable of changing the loft and face angle of the golf club itself. They also make it simple to “swap out” different club heads, which is great for higher level golfers with extra equipment. 

Are all golf shaft adapters the same?

While it is true that nearly all golf adapters serve the same function, each individual golf club manufacturer uses a different style of shaft adapter. This makes it very important to pay close attention to which style of shaft adapter is compatible with your particular equipment.



Many golfers are unaware of the shaft adapters in their own golf clubs, as they are one of the least recognizable or talked about components of the golf club. 

Selecting the proper shaft adapter is a great way to use any combination of clubhead and shaft that your heart desires, and variety is the key to any proper golf club and shaft fitting. 

Replacing or changing the shaft adapter on a golf club is a fairly simple process that can either be taken care of at your local pro shop or done at home with a handful of simple tools. The team here at Tell Me More Golf always recommends trying out a few different club shaft and head combinations to find the best possible club for your individual golf swing, and the shaft adapter is an important part of assembling the best golf club possible. 


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