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As a golf instructor here at Tell Me More Golf, I have identified that the length directly impacts your ability to shoot low scores.

For example, the wrist-to-floor measurement is something to pay attention to. Failure to know this measurement means golfers use clubs with a longer shaft than required for their height. The result? A risk of failing to strike the ball cleanly, leading to higher scores.

But there is another problem. The standard length of a golf club changes from club to club in your bag. Typically, clubs designed to hit the longest distance come with the longest shaft. But don’t worry, as we will explain everything.

Standard Iron Length

What Is the Standard Length of A Golf Club Including Iron Length from Tell Me More Golf Coaches
  • 2 iron has a length of 39.5 inches for a steel shaft, and 40 inches for graphite
  • 3 iron has a length of 39 inches and 39.5 inches
  • 4 iron has a length of 38.5 inches and 39 inches
  • 5 iron has a length of 38 inches and 38.5 inches
  • 6 iron has a length of 37.5 inches and 38 inches
  • 7 iron has a length of 37 inches and 37.5 inches
  • 8 iron has a length of 36.5 inches and 37 inches
  • 9 iron has a length of 36 inches and 36.5 inches

The problem when discussing the standard golf club length for an iron is that it changes depending on the club. A 2 iron has a different length from a 9 iron, which is always viewed as a shorter club for shorter distances.

The result of this is a wide array of lengths that can be summarized as follows, with you taking 1 inch off the length for the women’s club.

Those are some real differences, but the one thing that stands out is that your short irons for your game also have a shorter shaft length.

This is primarily due to the need for more finesse and control over these shots instead of going for length and greater ball speed with long irons.

The correct irons will mean a better round.


Standard Driver Length

Most drivers will start at 45 inches in length, but they can go up to a maximum of 48 inches before the clubs then become illegal. Yet if you look at the average, it tends to sit closer to 45.5 inches or even 45.75 inches. Also, for women, the standard driver length is 44 inches.

As the big gun in your bag, the driver comes with the longest shaft length, and the difference is impressive.

The increased length is designed to help gain maximum speed through the shaft and clubhead, resulting in greater distances.

However, there is a maximum club length according to the USPGA.

Why the Variation in Driver Length?

You see, what brands such as Taylormade are trying to do here is to add more swing speed through the length of the club. The driver shaft needs to be longer to bolster clubhead speed to get you those extra few yards.

Remember that golf equipment is all about gaining extra distance or accuracy, and when you incorporate this standard golf club length for a driver with increased shaft flex, you could find an additional 20 yards on your drive. You can see how that would be a boost to your round.

Isn’t 48 Inches Better?

So if that’s the case, why not go for 48 inch shafts? Well, for an excellent reason: accuracy.

A longer club will then make it harder to hit the ball in the heart of the clubface.

That is why you need a driver to be more forgiving for those mishits, or chances are you will end up in serious trouble.


Standard Hybrid Length

A hybrid with the highest loft will typically have a 38 inch shaft. As the loft angle drops and becomes lower, the shaft increases, with the lowest lofts typically having a shaft in the region of 41 inches.

A hybrid typically comes with slightly more length than you see with a set of irons. However, the actual length of a hybrid is determined more by the loft angle than anything else.

This is all to do with changes in swing speed and the distance you need the golf ball to travel, thanks to the club.

How Loft Changes Hybrid Length

Look at a 3-hybrid as an example.

On the golf course, a 3-hybrid may be used to effectively replace a 3 iron. It often comes with a loft of 19 degrees, and you should be hitting the ball around 205 yards. This hybrid will come with a shaft of around 40 inches but drop to a 5-hybrid, and things change.

With a 5-hybrid, the loft angle changes to around 25 inches, and you will be hitting the ball in the region of 185 yards. Here, the shaft will be in the region of 39 inches, but the swing speed with these golf clubs has to change due to the shot you play.


Putter Club Length

For most brands, your typical putter length is 35 inches. You may have the occasional exception, but Ping, Callaway, Taylormade, and all the other big brands will produce a putter to this length.

Also, that length of 35 inches applies no matter if the putter is aimed more at beginners or pros.

But there is an issue with the putter club length, and it’s to do with the golfer’s height.

The Problem with Height

A longer shaft on a putter is only suitable for taller golfers. If you are around 6’00”, a 35 inch putter is perfect. However, if you are 5’2”, the shaft length is too long, and you will struggle in and around the green.

If you stand 5’2” tall, you would be better with a putter of around 32.5 inches or even 33 inches in length. The basic rule of thumb is to increase the putter length by 0.5 inches for every 3 inches of height.

This will then have the impact of allowing you to adopt the perfect stance on the green, leading to a better putting stroke and more accuracy. With the correct putter, you will strike the ball perfectly on the club face leading to fewer putts in your round. The correct golf equipment makes such a difference to your game.


TellMeMoreGolf.com – Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Standard Length Of a 7 Iron?

The standard length of a 7 iron depends on whether you are using a steel shaft or graphite shaft. With steel, your typical shaft length is 37 inches, while the graphite shaft is slightly longer at 37.5 inches.

However, for women, that length drops slightly to 36.5 inches for a graphite shaft and 36 inches for a steel shaft.

What Is the Standard 5 Iron Length?

For a 5 iron, a steel shaft measures 38 inches, while a graphite shaft is, once again, slightly longer at 38.5 inches. For women, this drops down to 37.5 inches for a graphite shaft.

What Is The Standard Length Of Men’s Golf Clubs?

This varies depending on the club. A driver now has a standard length of 45.5 inches, while a putter’s standard length is 35 inches. Other clubs fall within those two limits depending on the loft. Also, don’t forget the role your height plays, as you may require a shorter putter to maintain control over your putting game.

What is the Standard Women’s Golf Club Length?

Typically, the standard women’s golf club length measures around 1 inch shorter than the equivalent club for men. A driver will tend to measure 44 inches, with a putter measuring between 33 and 34 inches.



The standard length of a golf club depends on the club itself. However, while knowing the standard length is advantageous, knowing your wrist-to-floor measurement is more important. That measurement allows golfers to have the correct length of golf clubs according to their height, leading to better swings and more accurate strikes. To learn more about the variety of golf clubs that make up your bag, check out the other pages here on TellMeMoreGolf.com.


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