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Perhaps the most important golf club in the bag is the putter. To play their best golf, golfers are constantly on the lookout for a new putter that is going to help them sink more putts.

Evnroll is a company whose putters are getting a lot of attention from professional golfers on tours all around the world without a lot of fanfare.

You might wonder what Evnroll putters are? The Tell Me More Pros are going to tell you all about Evnroll putters and why they are an up-and-coming player in the world of golf.

Golfers see players on the PGA Tour and others playing the latest models from the biggest brands like Ping, Callaway, Odyssey, and Titleist. They know that Tiger Woods loves his Scotty Cameron putter. Now, let’s see the differences between Evnroll technology and its competitors.

The History of Evnroll

Guerin Rife founded Evnroll in 2016 and established the aboriginal Rife Putter Company way back in 2000. He has been designing putters for over 25 years and invented the cavity mallet putter and the Two Bar putter.

His 40+ putter designs have helped gofers to win more than 100 tournaments worldwide on professional tours.

They produce 100% milled putters in different styles with patented “SweetFace” technology. Apparently; SweetFace technology uses groundbreaking groove technology, which delivers consistent performance off of the entire putter face for improved accuracy with less dispersion.

Evnroll has won 20+ awards in the golf industry over the past six years for their line of putters. They sell Evnroll putters worldwide in over 28 countries.


What Pros Use Evnroll Putters?

The staff at Tell Me More Golf wanted to find out what professional golfers were currently using Evnroll putters. It surprised us when doing our research when we couldn’t find any citable list of professionals using their putters.

We reached out to Evnroll directly. Here’s their reply:

“We have a number of players using our products across multiple Tours across the globe. Unfortunately, as we do not pay any of them, we do not have any name, image or likeness rights.”

Evnroll doesn’t pay players to use their equipment. That’s why you don’t see the Evnroll name on the hats and golf bags of the players who play them.

Those players are playing the best putter for them, an Evnroll, even though they aren’t getting paid to play it. It’s in their bag because they believe Evnroll putters will help them make more putts.

Through our research of Evnroll putters, we’ve found that they include some award-winning technology in their clubs.


SweetFace Technology’s variable-width channel technology reduces the dispersion of mis-hit putts while allowing for consistent distance control. It does this by transferring extra energy to the golf ball on any off-center hit, thereby creating a gearing reaction that helps to steer the golf ball towards its intended target. 

Zero Dispersion

Variable width channels are wider in the center and get narrower towards the heel and toe of the putter. This design creates a v-shape that is calibrated inward from both the heel and toe of the putter face.

This redirects putts hit off of the sweet spot of the putter face and gets the ball rolling down the target line.

Even Roll Distance

As the channel narrows away from the center of the putter face, the spacing gets wider. Increased surface area provides higher energy transfer, which allows shots hit on and off of the sweet spot to go the same distance.


Evnroll putters come with different length hosels to help correct the miss in your putting stroke. A long hosel creates less toe hang, which can help putters who struggle with pushing their putts.

Likewise, those whole putters who struggle with pulling putts can get a putter with a short hosel which has more toe hang.

The Evnroll V-Series model offers six putter heads with four hosels (all interchangeable). The hosels include the long slant, long plumber, short plumber, and short slant. Each one is made to suit its own kind of putting stroke 


The Midlock putting grip is designed for putters who like to arm lock the putter when they putt. There are several models of the Evnroll Midlock: the ER2v ML, the ER5v ML, the ER8v ML, ER10v ML, the ER11v ML, and the ER11vx ML.

The grip pushes the shaft away from the forearm, which reduces shaft lean. A wide top nestles into the forearm, encouraging a one-piece takeaway with the shoulders while minimizing wrist movement.

Gravity Grip

Evnroll describes their gravity grip feature as a “major breathrough in putter grip technology.” The grip’s body is made of super lightweight EVA foam which has a weight of 35 grams.

A 70 gram steel shaft that lines the entire length of the grip 1/2 inch below the shaft. This lets your hands feel the precise angle of the putter face. This ties the hands and the putter head together and keeps them square just before and just after impact.

The technology in Evnroll putters from the grip, to the hosel, to the putter face helps you make more putts, even on mis-hits.


Putter Styles

Evnroll putters come in different models for those who prefer a certain style of putter.

Available Putter Styles

  • Blade – Anser Style
  • Mallet
  • Half-Mallet
  • Peripheral-Weighted

Evnroll putters also come in left-handed and women’s versions. The Evnroll ER2 putter is a splendid option for female golfers. It has a simple, streamlined design complete with state-of-the-art performance technology that inspires greater confidence. 

Conclusion: Research by Tellmemoregolf.com

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There’s a lot of competition in the putter marketplace. Scotty Cameron, Bettinardi, Titleist, Ping, Sik, Callaway, Odyssey, and Cleveland all make golf putters in styles for golfers of every skill level. These brands are popular in part because of large marketing budgets that allow them to spend money on advertising and player endorsements.

Evnroll focuses on designing putters that help putters hit better putts. SweetFace technology in the putter head helps off-center strikes roll just like center hits in the sweet spot.

It does this by utilizing closely-spaced grooves for softer impact and greater roll. 

Their different length hosels can help players correct the push or the pull in their putting stroke. Their grips help putters line-up and keep the putter face square through impact.

It’s refreshing to see a golf brand focus more on their product than advertising and endorsements. That tour players on professional tours around the world play Evnroll putters without getting paid to do so speaks volumes about the quality of their putters.


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