Does Bridgestone Make Golf Clubs According to Professional Golf Instructors at Tell Me More Golf
Does Bridgestone Make Golf Clubs According to Professional Golf Instructors at Tell Me More Golf

Bridgestone Golf is one of the biggest golf ball manufacturers, with golf balls like their Precept line-up selling in very large quantities. They’ve made golf clubs in the past, but many golfers don’t know what they’re currently offering. 

As the head golf instructor at Tell Me More Golf, and in this article, I will answer the question of whether Bridgestone makes golf clubs or not.

I’m also going to cover the different golf products they’ve made in the past, as well as answer other often-asked questions about them. 

Are There Bridgestone Clubs? 

Bridgestone Golf is mainly known for its golf balls, but in the past, they’ve made a wide range of golf clubs, including irons, drivers, and woods. However, today, they aren’t producing new golf clubs of any kind. That’s why you can’t purchase any clubs on their website.

Although they are relatively uncommon to come by, Bridgestone’s golf clubs are appreciated by many golfers, and if you want to pick some up for yourself, there are plenty of online golf shops selling previous models. 

Why Bridgestone Stopped Making Golf Clubs

Bridgestone hasn’t made a press release or similar discussing their stop of golf club manufacturing, so we can only speculate on the reasons why.

We think the most significant reasons are a focus shift, the competitive market, and their lack of branding.

Focus on Golf Balls

It’s no secret that Bridgestone Golf is primarily known for its golf balls. One reason for making the decision to no longer make golf clubs could be that they simply decided to focus on their main revenue generator: the golf balls. By doing this, they could perhaps streamline the organization and focus on what works best.

Competitive Market 

The entire golf equipment market is extremely competitive, and that’s especially the case for golf clubs. Most golfers want clubs from major brands like Titleist, Callaway, or TaylorMade, and won’t buy anything else unless their budget restricts them.

That’s why other brands that aren’t as well known regarding golf clubs, like Bridgestone, can have a hard time competing. 

Lack of Branding 

Very few golf shops sell or have sold Bridgestone golf clubs. We don’t really know why this is the case, but a possible answer can be their lack of branding. Not that many golfers are aware of Bridgestone’s clubs, making them unlikely to buy them in a store, which means that stores don’t want to sell them.  


Bridgestone Golf Irons Review

Many golfers have asked us whether the Bridgestone irons are any good or not, which we’ll cover now. We’ll discuss their general performance, looks, and feel. 


Bridgestone’s irons are, generally, high-performing. Their game-improvement irons have a large sweet spot and they’re pretty long-hitting. However, as they’re not exactly brand new anymore, there are golf irons with better technology that also feature better overall performance

But if you’re in the market for a used set of high-quality irons, you should definitely consider Bridgestone


We’ve found Bridgestone’s irons to be confidence-inspiring.

They usually feature a great combination of not being too chunky but also not being blade-like.

The only thing we don’t like about their looks is the somewhat bland appearance when they’re placed in your bag, but at the end of the day, that’s not the most important aspect of good irons. 


What feel you like in an iron set is very personal, but with the Bridgestone irons we’ve tried, we’ve not been that impressed by the feel. The feel isn’t bad, but there are options that deliver a smoother one, especially on off-center strikes. 


Bridgestone Irons by Year

Here is a list of a few different Bridgestone irons from different years. 

Bridgestone J15 Irons (2015) 

The J15 series included both cavity back and muscle back irons, designed to cater to different player preferences and skill levels. The quality of these irons is great, and you can pick them up for great prices on places like eBay. 

Bridgestone JGR Irons (2016) 

The JGR series offered game improvement irons with a focus on forgiveness and distance. They were designed to help golfers with slower swing speeds launch the ball higher and farther.

Bridgestone Tour B JGR HF2 Irons (2017) 

These irons were designed for mid-handicap players who desired a combination of forgiveness and workability. They feature a hollow cavity construction and a thin face for added distance.

Bridgestone Tour B X-CB Irons (2018) 

The Tour B X-CB irons were targeted at skilled players who preferred a compact head shape and greater shot control. They feature a forged construction that feels great when making solid contact. 

Bridgestone Tour B JGR Irons (2019) 

This series offered a blend of distance and forgiveness, aimed at golfers seeking maximum performance. The irons feature a nice-looking face, high-strength steel construction, and low center of gravity.


Bridgestone Golf Driver Review

Here, you can read our short Bridgestone Golf driver review. For the drivers, we’ll discuss their distance, forgiveness, and appearance. 


Bridgestone’s probably most notable driver line-up is their Tour B JGR series. These drivers feature advanced weight distribution that’s meant to optimize ball speed. 

Bridgestone’s drivers are what we’d call average-hitting, meaning they deliver sufficient distance for most golfers, but there are definitely longer hitting options, especially when factoring in the new releases like Callaway’s Paradym or the TaylorMade Stealth 2. 


The Bridgestone drivers have a high MOI, making them pretty forgiving. But just like with the distance, there are more forgiving options. However, if you’re an average-to-good golfer who doesn’t want to break the bank, a Bridgestone driver can provide enough forgiveness. 


We’d say that the Bridgestone drivers are pretty good-looking. Despite not being that new, they feature a sleek and modern aesthetic that can compete with new releases from the major brands, such as Titleist’s TSR drivers. The clubhead is large and confidence-inspiring, but not overwhelming. 


Who Makes Bridgestone Golf Balls?

Bridgestone’s golf balls are made by Bridgestone Golf. Bridgestone Golf is a subsidiary to the Japanese Bridgestone Corporation that owns a wide variety of companies. Bridgestone Golf is based in Covington, Georgia. 

Where Are Bridgestone Golf Balls Made?

Bridgestone’s golf balls are made at their facility in Covington, Georgia. This means that their golf balls are American-made. Because they manufacture their golf balls in-house, they’re able to always ensure a high level of quality with great attention to detail. In other words, when you buy a Bridgestone golf ball, you can expect it to perform perfectly – Frequently Asked Questions 

Does Bridgestone make golf clubs? 

Bridgestone does not currently make any new golf clubs. On their website, there aren’t any golf clubs available, meaning that you can’t buy them there.

However, Bridgestone has made golf clubs in the past, and some are worth checking out. Many golf stores still sell Bridgestone clubs, as they’ve previously received quite good feedback. 

Why did Bridgestone stop making golf clubs? 

It’s not really clear why Bridgestone stopped making golf clubs, but we can make a few educated guesses. 

Firstly, Bridgestone’s clubs never really sold that well. Why that’s the case is not easy to say, but it’s probably due to a lack of marketing and not being as popular as the big brands, like Titleist or Callaway.

Secondly, Bridgestone’s focus is on golf balls, and as they’re very popular, it’s possible that they simply decided to focus on the golf ball manufacturing.

In golf, it’s very difficult for non-major brands to sell golf equipment. This is especially the case for golf clubs, as most golfers want clubs from brands like TaylorMade or Titleist, and not something else. If another brand produces golf clubs, they almost always need to sell them very cheaply to compete for customers. That’s perhaps why Bridgestone gave up on their clubs. 

Where is Bridgestone Golf made?

Bridgestone Golf is based in Covington, Georgia. Here, they also manufacture their golf equipment, including their very popular golf balls. 

What company owns Bridgestone?

Bridgestone Golf is owned by the Japanese Corporation Bridgestone. Corporation Bridgestone is a multinational conglomerate that’s the second-biggest tire manufacturer in the world. The Bridgestone brand is very large, and they sell products in very many different industries

Does Tiger Woods use Bridgestone golf balls?

Tiger Woods is probably the most famous Bridgestone golf ball user. He’s been with the company for many years, and he plays their Tour B XS Tiger Woods Edition golf ball, which the company describes as a tour-level golf ball featuring impressive distance and fantastic control. 



Bridgestone Golf is a respectable brand in the golfing world, but they’re mostly known for their wide range of high-performing golf balls, which even Tiger Woods uses. 

What many golfers don’t know is that Bridgestone has produced a wide range of golf clubs, including irons and drivers. But, unfortunately, they don’t make them anymore, and you can’t buy new clubs from them.

Why Bridgestone stopped making golf clubs isn’t one hundred percent clear, but it’s probably because of a lack of sales combined with a strategic focus shift to their best-selling product: the golf balls


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