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As the Head Golf Coach at Tell Me More Golf, with over 50 years of professional experience, I’m here to talk about all things golf. 

Today, we’re talking about drivers. More specifically, the focus is drivers made by renowned golfing brand Cobra. There’s been some excellent drivers and golf clubs churned out by the guys at Cobra over the years, so let’s check them out. 

List Of All Cobra Drivers By Year

Much like the first Taylormade driver, Cobra released its first ever driver way back in 1979, and I know, because I can remember it! The first ever Cobra golf driver was called the Long Tom and it quickly became popular, so much so that the brand released the Long Tom II five years later. 

Since Cobra delivered the Long Tom to the golfing world, they’ve made many more drivers, some of which have been used by big golfing names such as Jason Dufner and Rickie Fowler. Even now, top players like Gary Woodland and Matt Fitzpatrick hit a Cobra driver off the tee, so it’s fair to say that we’re talking about a high-quality driver maker. 

Here’s a complete list of Cobra drivers by year: 

  • 1979 – Long Tom
  • 1984 – Long Tom II
  • 1996 – Ti Woods, Ti Offset Woods
  • 1997 – Ti Deepface
  • 1999 – Gravity Back
  • 2002 – SS (Sweet Spot)
  • 2003 – SS 380, SS 310, SZ (Sweet Zone)
  • 2004 – COMP 454, COMP 414, COMP 414 Tour, SS 427
  • 2005 – X Speed, F Speed, M Speed, M Speed Offset, 460 SZ
  • 2006 – HS9
  • 2007 – Speed LD F, Speed LD F Offset, Speed LD M, Speed LD M Offset, Speed LD Seniors, Speed LD Women’s, Speed Pro X, Speed Pro D, HS9 X, HS9 F, HS9 M
  • 2008 – J Speed, L4V M, L4V F, L4V X
  • 2009 – S9-1, S9-1 F, S9-1 M, S9-1 M Offset, S9-1 Pro S, S9-1 Pro D, L5V
  • 2010 – ZL Zero Limits, ZL Limited Edition, S2, S2 Offset, S2 Women’s, S2 Offset Women’s
  • 2011 – Long Tom (relaunch), S3 Max Women’s, S3 Women’s, S3 Max, S3
  • 2012 – AMP Cell, Amp Cell Women’s, AMP Tween, AMP Cell Pro, AMP Cell Offset, AMP Cell Offset Women’s
  • 2014 – Baffler Women’s, Baffler XL, Baffler Women’s, Bio Cell+, Bio Cell
  • 2015 – Fly-Z XL Women’s, Fly-Z XL, Fly-Z+, Fly-Z Women’s, Fly-Z
  • 2016 – MAX Women’s, MAX, F6 Women’s, F6+, F6, LTD
  • 2017 – F7 Junior, F7 Women’s, F7+, F7
  • 2018 – F-Max, F-Max Superlite Offset, F-Max Superlite, F-Max Airspeed, F-Max Offset, F-Max, F8 Women’s, F8+, F8
  • 2019 – F9, F9+
  • 2020 – Speedzone Xtreme, Speedzone
  • 2021 – Radspeed XD, Radspeed XB Junior, Radspeed XB Women’s, Radspeed XB Tour Length, Radspeed XB, Radspeed Tour Length, Radspeed
  • 2022 – Air-X Women’s, Air-X Offset, Air-X, LTDx Max Junior, LTDx Max Women’s, LTDx Max, LTDx LS, LTDx
  • 2023 – AeroJet Max Junior, AeroJet Max Women’s, AeroJet Max, AeroJet LS, AeroJet

The list of drivers made by Cobra since the release of the Long Tom back in 1979 is lengthy, as we can see, but the fact that Cobra has churned out so many drivers over such a long time is a testament to the fact that we’re talking about a high-quality producer of golf drivers. Visit any golf course or range and chances are, you’ll probably see someone striking golf balls using a Cobra driver. 


Which Cobra Club Models Were Released In The Last Five Years?

Over the last five years, the guys at Cobra have continued to update and create when it comes to high-quality golf drivers.

They haven’t slowed down, that’s for sure. 

In 2018, the F-Max series was introduced, as was the F8 collection, which included three different drivers. In 2019, the F8 was upgraded, hence the arrival of the F9, while in 2020, the Cobra Speedzone driver was born. 

2021 saw the arrival of the Cobra Radspeed collection, which brought those looking for an upgrade in the driver department several new options, one that aids ball speed. In 2022, the Air-X collection hit the shops, while in 2023, the AeroJet line was introduced. As someone who works with golfers all the time, in the last few years, I have noticed that lots of my clients are going down the Cobra route when it comes to drivers, with the Speedzone, RadSpeed and the Cobra AeroJet models all increasing in popularity. 


Are There Any New Limited Edition Or Special Version Cobra Drivers?

In 2023, to celebrate being in existence for 50 years, Cobra released special limited edition models of both the AeroJet driver and the AeroJet LS driver, both of which featured a black and gold color scheme, as well as anniversary graphics and a special head cover. 


In summary, Cobra is a top-quality golfing brand that has been producing golf clubs and drivers for over 50 years. During that time, they’ve released numerous driver models, some of which have been better than others, many of which have been specifically designed to suit a variety of needs in terms of things such as swing speeds.

Nobody can take away from the fact that as a golf brand, along with the likes of Ping and Callaway, Cobra has been a mainstay at the top of the driver making game.


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