Cleveland vs Vokey Wedges from Tell Me More Golf Instructors Giving You Advice for Golf Wedges

Cleveland vs Vokey Wedges Review (Golf Coaches)

Cleveland vs Vokey Wedges from Tell Me More Golf Instructors Giving You Advice for Golf Wedges

As the head golf coach at Tell Me More Golf, with over 50 years of coaching experience, I’m here to talk to you about short game, specifically wedges. 

In this article, we’re going to focus on two of the most popular golf club brands when it comes to wedges. Cleveland has always produced some fantastic wedges, while the Vokey range of wedges from Titleist has long been incredibly popular. The question is, which brand produces the better wedges, and which wedges would be most suitable for you? Let’s find out. 

Cleveland Vs Vokey Wedges

Nowadays, even casual golfers, such as mid-to-high handicappers, want to play with high-quality equipment. This is especially true when it comes to their short game. On approach inside 100 yards and around the greens, golfers want to be using the best wedges. Two brands high on the list for most golfers when it comes to wedges are Cleveland and Titleist Vokey

The burning question is which golf wedges are better? Cleveland or Vokey? 

Overall Value

In terms of overall value, though slightly more expensive, I would side with the Vokey wedges. We’re talking about high-performing clubs, so you’re going to get plenty out of both and whichever you choose, you won’t be disappointed, but I like the greater choice afforded to those opting for Vokey. For example, the SM8 comes in chrome, brushed steel, jet black and raw.

It also has six different grind options. That’s impressive!


This is where you may prioritize the Cleveland option. If you’re looking for the cheaper high-end option, then Cleveland wedges are hard to beat, as they are typically 10-15% less expensive than Titleist wedges, which is appealing since there’s not much difference in terms of overall quality. Both brands make high-quality wedges, there’s no doubt about it. 


Cleveland RTX Zipcore Vs Vokey SM8

Here is a comparison between the RTX ZipCore and Vokey SM8:


In terms of price, at the top end of the range, as you might expect, wedges from both makers will cost roughly the same amount. An RTX ZipCore wedge from Cleveland will cost you around $170, while a Vokey SM8 wedge typically also retails for somewhere around the $170 mark.


Many people who have used both wedges say that when it comes to feel, there’s little between the pair. I myself play with the Vokey SM8, but have tested the RTX ZipCore, and in truth, you’d struggle to find a sizable disparity in terms of feel. Both clubs feel great to hit. 

One thing to note here is that the SM8 is probably best suited to golfers with a moderate or steep swing, while the RTX ZipCore is the better option for golfers with neutral or shallow swings. 


The Cleveland RTX ZipCore features a True Temper Dynamic Gold ‘Spinner’ shaft as standard, while the Vokey SM8 also features something from True Temper, using the Dynamic Gold shaft. 


Both of these wedges are great getting spin on the ball. The RTX ZipCore utilizes ZipCore technology to promote greater control, while it also aids a nice soft feel, plus provides no shortage of spin. 

The SM8 features something that Tiliest refers to as optimized COG and Spin Milled technology which allow maximum levels of spin.

Therefore, the Vokey SM8 is probably marginally the better club in terms of spin, though both have plenty to offer in this respect. 


Cleveland CBX Zipcore Vs Vokey SM9 Wedges

Here is a comparison between CBX ZipCore wedges and Vokey SM9 Wedges:


Now, the CBX ZipCore is slightly cheaper than the RTX, coming in at $150. In contrast, the Vokey SM9 is more expensive, typically retailing for $200, so if budget is a concern, then there’s a clear winner here and that’s the CBX ZipCore. 


The two wedges above, though there are differences, are quite similar but that’s not the case here.

The CBX ZipCore is quite different from the Vokey SM9. 

For starters, the CBX is cavity-back wedge, which is quite forgiving, especially on full-swing shots. The Vokey SM9 is a blade and is slightly heavier, which isn’t ideal for everyone, especially beginners or high-handicappers


The Vokey SM9 features a True Temper Dynamic Gold steel shaft, featuring an S200 flex, which is on the stiff side of things. The Cleveland CBX Zipcore wedge comes with a True Temper Dynamic Gold Spinner Tour Issue shaft as standard. 


If you’re a high handicapper looking to spin the ball more with your wedges, then the CBX ZipCore may be your best option. Lots of high-handicap players have commented positively on the spin that the club helps them to generate, while they also say it’s very forgiving

The SM9 creates high levels of spin, but is much less forgiving so it’s probably not ideal for less experienced players or those not playing to a low handicap. 

Cleveland RTX 4 Vs Vokey SM7

Here we compare the Cleveland RTX and the SM7 from Vokey:


If you’re going down the cheaper route, then you may want to consider the Cleveland RTX 4 or the Vokey SM7, both of which are excellent options that carry a more affordable price tag. 

The RTX 4 can be picked up for around $80 brand new, while the SM7 can be bought for around $70-$80 too. 


Again, like the RTX ZipCore and SM8, there’s not too much in it between the RTX 4 and the SM7 when it comes to feel.

I used to play with an SM7, and have also tested most Cleveland golf wedges, including the RTX 4.

In terms of hitting shots, especially full swing shots, the SM7 wedge feels nicer off the club face, while it is also lighter in terms of feel. Now, that’s not for everyone, so if you prefer a heavier club, then the RTX 4 is probably the sensible choice. 

One comment that I have heard is that players tend to prefer the standard grip on the VOkey SM7 compared to the RTX 4 and I tend to agree, though that is relatively minor in terms of importance. 


When it comes to shaft, the Cleveland RTX 4 features a True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400, which is slightly heavier than the commonly used S200. The Vokey SM7 uses a True Temper Dynamic Gold with a S200 flex. 


If you’re looking for more spin then the RTX 4 wins in that respect. The level of spin generated also tends to remain consistent throughout various lies. Such versatility is a nice touch. The SM7 is still a great club in terms of spin, though it is probably best used by lower handicap players, as the RTX 4 is a great option for high handicappers looking to generate extra spin. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Are Cleveland ZipCore wedges forgiving?

If you’re looking for forgiveness, then the ZipCore wedges from Cleveland might just be for you. The technology used by Cleveland when building these wedges aids forgiveness. Players using the ZipCore wedges report a soft feel, while a variety of handicappers have said that the ZipCore wedges are easy to hit. 

What is the grind on a Cleveland wedge?

Depending on the Cleveland wedge that you select, you’ll either have a full grind or a mid grind. Both give a mid-bounce when it comes to full shots, though if you take some off and open the face of the golf club, the mid grind, which has a V-Sole, will not increase bounce, while the full grind will increase the bounce. 

Who uses Vokey wedges on the PGA Tour?

At the height of professional golf, Vokey wedges have long been popular. Right now, big-name PGA Tour players such as major winners Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas both play with Vokey wedges, as does Will Zalatoris. You also have the likes of Russell Henley, Kevin Kisner, Matt Jones and Brendan Steele using Vokey wedges on tour. 

One of the reasons that Vokey wedges have always been so popular is because it is well known that Titleist’s manufacturing processes when it comes to wedges are so rigorous. Vokey wedges are of the highest quality and they’ve stood the test of time, which is part of the reason golfers keep choosing them time and time again. The Vokey grind also helps golfers to manipulate the bounce of the golf ball more than other wedges. 

Is Cleveland RTX ZipCore a blade?

There are a few different Cleveland ZipCore wedges, but the RTX 6 ZipCore is in fact a blade wedge. This wedge is ideal for mid-low handicappers. The way this wedge is built increases spin on all shots.

Does RTX ZipCore rust?

It is possible for the RTX ZipCore to rust over a long period of time. Why? Well, this is because it is cast in carbon steel and has been left unplated, which means that rust is possible. 

When did the Cleveland RTX ZipCore wedge come out?

The latest Cleveland RTX ZipCore model, which is the RTX 6 ZipCore wedge, was released in March 2023. It is one of the latest golf wedges on the market and is fast becoming very popular.



To conclude, it’s fair to say that both Cleveland and Vokey make excellent wedges, so much so that it’s hard to say that one is definitely better than the other. Some models come out more favorably than others, though it really does depend on what you’re looking for. For example, a high handicapper looking to generate more spin but still hit something that’s forgiving would choose a Cleveland wedge, such as the CBX ZipCore, though a low handicapper requiring less forgiveness would likely choose the SM9 from Vokey. 


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