Callaway Rogue vs Mavrik Irons Compared by Golf Instructors at Tell Me More Golf

As the head golf instructor at Tell Me More Golf, and in this article, I will compare two of Callaway’s most popular iron line-ups: the Rogue ST Max and the Mavrik. 

These irons are similar in many ways, such as both being game-improvement irons, but there are some differences you should know of before making a purchasing decision. 

After reading this irons review article, you will know about the differences in the loft, price, feel, shaft, spin, and more, all to help you get the best irons for your game. 

Callaway Rogue ST Max Benefits

The Callaway Rogue ST Max has a better feel than the Mavriks. This is because there is more tungsten weighting and more Urethane Microspheres.

These help with smoothing out the poor feeling at non-center strikes. 

Other than that, the new technology and different shaft in the Rogue ST Max irons make them slightly longer-hitting and more forgiving than the Mavriks. 

Callaway Rogue ST Max Cons

The only real downside we see when comparing the Rogue ST Max irons with the Mavriks is the price. Usually, a set of Rogue ST Max irons will cost around $200 more, which is pretty significant. 

Mavrik Irons Pros

The Rogue ST Max irons are newer than the Mavriks, making them packed with more high-performing technology, which results in better performance. That’s why the main reason for considering the Mavriks is if the price is a big deal to you, as they’re about $200 cheaper


Mavrik Irons Cons

Because of the technology differences, the Rogue ST Max irons perform better than the Mavriks in pretty much every single way, both when it comes to distance and forgiveness. The Mavriks’ downsides are more apparent for higher handicap golfers that want more spin and launch

Lofts Comparison

When comparing lofts, the Rogue ST Max and Mavrik irons are pretty much exactly the same, differing at most half a degree. However, if you compare the ST Max and the Mavrik Max, the ST Max irons have a noticeably stronger loft. 


Price Compared

Golf equipment prices change frequently, and depending on where you live and if there’s a sale or not, you will see different results.

But generally speaking, the Callaway Mavrik irons are more affordable than the Rogue ST Max irons. The ST Max irons cost around $800, while the Mavriks cost around $600.

This means that if you’re concerned about your budget, the Mavriks might be a better choice. 

Feel Compared

The new Callaway Rogue ST Max irons have a nicer feel than the Mavriks, as there is more than 200% more tungsten and there are more Urethane Microspheres, both helping smooth out the bad feeling at poor strikes. However, we think both of these irons have a good feel; it’s just that the ST Max irons are slightly better. 

Shaft Compared

The stock shafts are different in the Rogue ST Max and Mavrik irons. The ST Max uses the True Temper Elevate MPH 95, while the Mavrik uses the True Temper XP 95. When it comes to comparing them, the biggest difference lies in launch and spin, with the Elevate MPH 95s getting a little more spin and a slightly higher launch


Spin Compared

The spin rates are very similar between these two irons, but because the shafts are slightly different, the Rogue ST Max irons will produce more spin. So if you’re a golfer who sometimes struggles with launching the ball, the Rogue ST Max irons can be a better choice, as a higher launch and spin is much easier to play with

Which Has Better Distance?

According to Callaway, the Rogue ST Max irons are the longest irons they’ve ever produced, making them longer-hitting than the Mavriks.

There are many reasons why the ST Max irons are longer, but it mainly lies in the face design.

Callaway uses High-Strength 450 steel with their AI-designed Flash Face Cup, which is an industry-first. This helps deliver more ball speed, resulting in a few extra yards of distance.

For the Rogue ST Max irons, Callaway has also used their new AI face-optimization, which targets every individual iron differently to create the optimal spin rates. This means that an 8 iron is manufactured slightly differently than a 6 iron, resulting in more consistent and better-performing spin rates.

These reasons are why the ST Max irons are longer-hitting than the Mavriks, but it’s important to note that the difference isn’t extremely large. For most golfers, the Rogue ST Max irons will, at the absolute most, go an extra 10 yards, but around 3-4 yards is probably more realistic. 

So except if you’re a golfer who needs the most distance possible, the distance differences shouldn’t make up the entirety of your decision. 

Which Has Better Forgiveness?

Generally speaking, the Rogue ST Max irons and the Mavrik irons are pretty similar when it comes to forgiveness. However, as the Rogue ST Max irons have a slightly higher launch and spin, combined with the overall improved technology, they will be more forgiving for most golfers.

But, just as with the distance differences, many golfers won’t be able to tell the difference regarding forgiveness in these two irons.


Handicap Range Compared

The Rogue ST Max irons suit a wide range of golfers, from low single-digit handicaps to high handicappers. The same goes for the Mavriks, but as they’re slightly less forgiving, we wouldn’t say they’re as good for beginners or high handicaps.

However, if you want high-performing and very forgiving game-improvement irons, both of these irons sets will perform great, pretty much no matter your handicap. 

But with that said, we recommend all high handicaps or golfers who struggle with hitting their irons to check out the Rogue ST Max OS and Mavrik Max irons instead, as they’re more forgiving. 


The Rogue ST Max irons and Mavrik irons are very similar, but because the ST Max irons are newer and packed with better technology, they perform slightly better in most ways. However, they’re usually around $200 more expensive than a set of Mavriks, and if you’re price-sensitive, we’d definitely say that the Mavriks are high-performing enough.


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