Callaway Mavrik vs Mavrik Max Drivers and Irons — (Comparisons)

callaway mavrik vs mavrik max drivers and irons from tell me more golf instructor advice

The Mavrik line-ups are some of Callaway’s newest and most popular.

The two main options, both for drivers and irons, are the regular Mavriks and Mavrik Max. Many golfers have asked about the differences between the two, which we’ll cover in this article.

callaway mavrik vs mavrik max drivers and irons from tell me more golf instructor advice

Mavrik vs Mavrik Max Irons Comparison

The Mavrik and Mavrik Max irons are similar in many ways, but there are some critical differences that must be paid attention to. When comparing the Mavrik and Mavrik Max Irons, we found that their biggest differences lie in their loft, design, distance, and forgiveness.


When it comes to the irons, the Mavrik and Mavrik Max have noticeably different lofts.

The standard Mavriks have a stronger loft, with the 9 iron, for example, having 36 degrees of loft.

The 9 iron in the Mavrik Max set has a significantly higher loft at 38 degrees, making the golf ball fly higher. 2 degrees of difference may not seem like a lot, but believe us when we say it does. 


The Mavrik Max irons are super-game-improvement irons with a very chunky design. The sole is very wide and there is a significant offset, making it very forgiving.

The regular Mavriks are standard game-improvement irons which are also quite large and forgiving, but they have a more traditional style. 


While the distance you will experience from any golf club depends on many factors, the regular Mavrik irons will often go further than the Mavrik Max. This is mainly because of the stronger loft in the standard versions. 

However, if you’re a beginner or higher handicapper with a slower swing speed, the increased launch and forgiveness on the Max version can make them longer hitting. That’s why we recommend getting a professional fitting to figure out which irons suit you best


As previously mentioned, the Mavrik Max irons are super-game-improvement irons that are highly forgiving. The large design featuring a wide sole, a very high MOI, and a high launch creates one of the most forgiving irons on the market. 

The standard Mavriks are also very forgiving with an overall large design, but their lower loft with a lower spin and launch makes them slightly less forgiving than the Max.


Pros of the Regular Mavrik Irons

The standard Mavrik irons feature a traditional design that’s very appealing to the eye. They also have a relatively strong loft, which typically means a higher ball speed with a lower ball flight and apex, resulting in longer golf shots. This makes the Mavrik irons great for good ball strikers seeking maximum performance. 

Cons of the Regular Mavrik Irons

Irons like the Mavriks are very forgiving, but even more oversized options can be better for higher handicappers and beginners.

If you struggle with hitting fat shots, an alternative with a wider sole can be better.   

Pros of the Mavrik Max Irons

The Mavrik Max irons have a very oversized design, which makes them very forgiving as shots struck fat will simply slide over the ground instead of digging into it. The high launch and spin make them even more forgiving, and significantly reduces misses to the left and right. 

Cons the Mavrik Max Irons

The larger design featured on the Callaway Mavrik Max irons might not be to everyone’s liking, as it’s very prominent and potentially distracting. The high loft and spin are not ideal for experienced golfers, since they will lead to shorter shots.


Mavrik vs Mavrik Max Drivers Comparison

The Mavrik and Mavrik Max drivers are also very popular, and just like the irons, they have many similarities but also important differences. To compare the two options effectively, we focused on their spin, launch, forgiveness, and distance.


The standard Mavrik driver features mid-level spin rates that are meant to be as forgiving as possible while still delivering impressive distances. 

On the other hand, the Mavrik Max has mid-to-high levels of spin, making the club more forgiving but also shorter hitting for seasoned golfers.


Both the standard Mavrik and Mavrik Max are relatively high-launching, which increases forgiveness and distance for many amateurs. 

However, the Mavrik Max has a noticeably higher launch, making it more forgiving and longer-hitting for slow swing speeds


The Mavrik and Mavrik Max are two of the most forgiving drivers on the market, but the Max is definitely more forgiving. This is because of the Max’s higher spin and launch combined with a higher MOI. A higher spin typically makes the golfer’s dispersion tighter, and a high launch reduces the severity of miss-hits.


For most lower handicaps and some mid-handicaps, the regular Callaway Mavrik driver will be the longest hitting, as it has a slightly lower launch with less spin. 
But if you have a slower swing speed and struggle with finding the center of the clubface, the Max version might give you the most distance.

Pros and Cons of the Different Drivers

Pros of the Regular Mavrik Driver

The standard Callaway Mavrik driver offers relatively low spin, which is great for golfers with a higher swing speed. This, combined with a good amount of forgiveness, provides impressive distances for mid-to-low handicaps without increasing the dispersion. 

Cons of the Regular Mavrik Driver 

The lower spin on the Mavrik driver makes it less forgiving, as it becomes more challenging to get the ball launching and flying correctly.

A lower spin can also increase the dispersion. 

Pros of the Mavrik Max Driver 

The Callaway Mavrik Max driver features a combination of high spin and high launch, making the driver very forgiving and great for a wide range of golfers, as the higher spin tightens the dispersion

This driver can also deliver the most distance for slower swing speeds, since the center of gravity is pushed far back into the clubhead, which facilitates seniors and slower swingers. 

Cons of the Mavrik Max Driver 

The higher launch and spin on the Mavrik Max driver are not always ideal for average and fast swing speeds, since the golf ball will go too far up and be held back by the high spin, resulting in shorter than possible golf shots. 

Conclusion: Research by

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In this article, we’ve covered the differences between Callaway’s Mavrik and Mavrik Max line-ups, both when it comes to the drivers and irons.

Callaway Golf produces excellent golf equipment, and the Mavrik and Mavrik Max drivers and irons are great, but simply made for different types of golfers. Thank you for reading this article from 


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