Buying Used Golf Clubs — (Golf Instructor’s Advice)

Buying Used Golf Clubs and How to Buy Used Golf Clubs According to Tell Me More Golf Coaches

As the head golf instructor at Tell Me More Golf, and in this article, I will share our complete guide to buying used golf clubs. 

New golf clubs can be quite expensive, so many golfers consider purchasing pre-owned to save money. This can be a great idea, but there are some pitfalls to avoid. 

After reading this article, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of the correct process of buying used golf clubs.

How to Buy Used Golf Clubs

Buying used golf clubs can be a great experience if approached with careful consideration. Here are the steps we advise you to take when thinking about buying used clubs:

Figure Out What You Need

When buying golf equipment, no matter if it’s new or not, you need to figure out what you need. Maybe you don’t need any fairway woods, or maybe you need a complete golf bag. Maybe you are willing to pay the high price of a new driver, but lack the funds for a new set of irons.

There are a few considerations to consider at first.


Before making any purchases, it’s crucial to research the brands, models, and specifications that suit your swing, so consider your skill level and swing speed to narrow down your choices. Also, many used clubs are still very expensive, meaning you need to create a budget that’s realistic for you. 

For example, a high handicapper or beginner shouldn’t buy blades or an extra-stiff and low-lofted driver. Instead, they usually need game-improvement irons and a forgiving driver.  

Find a Seller 

There are plenty of places where you can buy golf clubs, but the two main contenders are golf stores or individuals on the internet.

When you buy from a golf store, you can ensure a higher level of quality, as well as having the ability to ask for help.

When you buy from individuals on the internet, on platforms such as eBay, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace, you will have more to choose from, but there is more risk involved. Pay close attention to pictures and descriptions.

Inspect Condition 

When buying used clubs online or in-person, closely inspect the condition of the clubs. Look for signs of wear and tear, such as dings, scratches, or rust. This is especially important in the irons and wedges, where you want solid grooves.

Grips should also be checked, as they can significantly impact your game.

Try Before You Buy 

If you have the chance, try out the clubs before purchasing them. Many golf stores have simulators or hitting bays where you can test clubs for feel and performance. This can help you avoid making a purchase that you’ll regret. 


What to Look for When Buying Used Golf Clubs

When buying used golf clubs, several key factors should guide your decision-making process:


The most important part of a set of golf clubs is that they suit you. For example, if you have a slow swing speed and struggle with ball striking, you should probably have graphite irons with forgiving heads. Research the appropriate design for you, and find something used for sale.

Things like shaft flex and clubhead design are vital here. 

High-Quality Brands

When buying used, especially if you’re new to golf, it can be hard to know what’s good or not. Buying high-quality brands, like Callaway, TaylorMade, Titleist, Ping, Mizuno, and Cobra, are a great way to ensure good performance

Condition of Head and Grip 

The clubhead’s condition directly impacts your shot performance. Look for any signs of damage or significant wear on the clubface. Imperfections can affect ball flight and distance.

Grips play a crucial role in your ability to control the club. Worn-out or damaged grips can lead to inconsistent shots. You can always replace grips, but it can be relatively costly


If you buy used golf equipment from a retailer, you might be able to get some kind of return policy. Some stores allow you to test the clubs at a driving range, which is a great way to avoid gear that doesn’t suit you at all. However, most stores won’t let you try the clubs for yourself, but you should look for a thirty-day return policy in case you find something dissatisfactory. 


Should You Buy Used Golf Clubs?

The decision to buy pre-owned golf clubs depends on your personal preferences, budget, and commitment to the game. 


Used golf clubs are almost always more budget-friendly than new clubs. You can buy clubs of very high quality used, which enables you to play great golf while keeping within your budget.


For golfers who are still improving their skills, investing in brand-new, top-of-the-line clubs might not be necessary. Instead, used clubs can provide the necessary performance at a lower cost.

On the other hand, if you’re a low-handicap golfer, you might want to reap the benefits of the latest technology and excellent condition. 

Are Used Golf Clubs Worth It?

Used golf clubs can be worth it, but there are considerations to keep in mind. If the clubs are very old, such as being released more than 10 years ago, they might lack technology that can really help your game.

However, clubs released about 5-8 years ago can often perform really well, while also being very fairly priced. In the case of a good design combined with a good price, they’re worth it.  

New vs Used Golf Clubs

The choice between new and used golf clubs depends on your circumstances. Here, we briefly explain the pros and cons of new and old clubs. 

Pros and Cons of New Clubs 

Buying new clubs offers the advantage of having the latest technology. There is also no wear, meaning that the performance is optimal. But with that said, new clubs are often quite expensive.  

Pros and Cons of Used Clubs 

Opting for used clubs is very cost-effective, and you can often find gear with really good performance. However, used clubs can have their grooves and other parts significantly worn, which isn’t good for performance. 


Should You Worry About Counterfeits?

Generally speaking, counterfeit golf clubs are rare to come by. They’re virtually non-existent if you buy from reputable sources, such as a large golf retailer, and even on places like eBay, they’re very uncommon.  

The best way to avoid buying a counterfeit club is to not buy anything that sounds too good to be true. For example, if somebody is selling a TaylorMade Stealth 2 driver for under $100, there’s probably something sketchy to watch out for – Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get second hand clubs fitted?

You can get second hand clubs fitted to you, but only if your golf shop offers second hand fittings. This is relatively uncommon, and generally speaking, getting fit means buying brand-new clubs.

How to buy a second hand driver?

When buying a second hand driver, you should follow these steps:

  • Research: Understand your desired driver specifications and the models that suit your game.
  • Find a seller: Find somewhere you can buy your desired driver. This is usually done through your local golf shop or from an individual on a place like eBay or Craigslist
  • Inspect: Check the condition of the driver’s head, shaft, and grip. 
  • Test: If possible, test the driver’s performance on a driving range to see how it feels and performs.

How do you know if golf clubs fit you?

Golf clubs should match your physical attributes and swing characteristics. Factors to consider include design, club length, shaft flex, and grip size. Getting a professional custom fitting is the most accurate way to determine if clubs fit you, but that’s hard to do when buying used. 

Do you get fitted before or after buying clubs?

You do your fitting before buying clubs. When performing a professional fitting, your fitter will look at your swing and find the optimal gear. 



Buying second hand golf clubs can be a great choice for golfers looking to save some money. By following the steps outlined in this guide you can find excellent used clubs that enable you to play great golf, without breaking the bank.

Remember that each golfer’s needs are unique, so take the time to consider your skill level to find suitable clubs for you. Then, find a good seller, make sure the condition is good, and then you’re ready to make the purchase.


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