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As the Lead Equipment Specialist at TellMeMoreGolf, I am here to provide you with a golf equipment wedges review of the Titleist Vokey, and the Bombtech Golf Wedges.

The right wedge can be instrumental in helping you play your best golf, while the improper wedge can make any chip shot or bunker shot seem even more daunting. Let me take you through a comparison of some key elements to help when you are looking for a new set of wedges.

Bombtech Wedges Benefits

Bombtech Wedges markets to golfers a winning combination of precision, versatility, and durability similar to the Callaway wedges. With their advanced design, we’ve found that these wedges provide good spin and accuracy, allowing our reviewers to consistently produce quality shots from various lies.

Whether you’re navigating a tricky bunker shot or attempting delicate shots around the green, Bombtech Wedges can help your short game.

Bombtech Wedges Cons

While Bombtech Wedges offer impressive distance and forgiveness, our reviewers have noted that they lack the finesse and control of traditional wedges.

The aggressive design may not suit players who prefer a softer touch around the greens, as the wedges can be more difficult to manipulate for delicate shots.

Vokey Wedges Pros

Titleist Vokey Wedges offer exceptional control and precision, making them a top choice among professional golfers and our review staff alike.

With their advanced design, these wedges provide consistent spin and distance control with a similar feel to the TaylorMade brand of wedges. The wide range of loft and bounce options actually does help players bring their best game to the golf course.


Vokey Wedges Cons

While the Titleist Vokey Wedges are renowned for their precision and versatility, they do come with a few drawbacks. 

First, their premium price tag may be off-putting for budget-conscious golfers. Second, we’ve found that the Vokey Wedges require a higher skill level to fully exploit their potential, making them less forgiving for beginners or high-handicap golfers.

Bounce Comparison

When it comes to bounce, Bombtech and Vokey wedges offer distinct differences.

Bombtech wedges have the standard options of 8, 10, and 12 degrees of bounce.

On the other hand, Vokey wedges are known for their versatility and offer a range of bounce options to suit different playing styles and course conditions. 

The higher bounce and grind options from Vokey wedges provide more forgiveness on shots from various lies and turf conditions. Ultimately, the choice between Bombtech Wedges and Vokey wedges depends on the golfer’s preferred style of play.

Lofts Comparison

When it comes to loft, the key differences between BombTech wedges and Vokey wedges are:

  • Lower Lofts: BombTech wedges generally offer slightly lower lofts compared to Vokey wedges. This lower loft can result in a more penetrating ball flight and increased distance.
  • Wide Range of Loft Options: Vokey wedges are renowned for their extensive loft options. Golfers can choose from diverse lofts to fine-tune their approach shots and achieve precise trajectory and spin control.
  • Aggressive Distance: The lower loft of BombTech wedges can provide golfers with an aggressive distance advantage, making them suitable for players seeking longer shots around the green.
  • Versatility and Precision: Vokey wedges’ comprehensive loft options allow golfers to optimize their short-game performance by selecting the ideal loft for each specific shot, offering enhanced versatility and precision.

Whether you prioritize the aggressive distance of BombTech or the versatility and precision of Vokey, understanding the loft differences can help you make an informed decision that will improve your short game.

Which Has Better Distance?

Here’s a list highlighting the differences in distance between BombTech wedges and Vokey wedges:

  • Explosive Distance: BombTech wedges are known for their ability to create speed, resulting in longer shots from the fairway or around the greens. The innovative design promotes higher clubhead speed with BombTech wedges leading to increased distance.
  • Precision and Control: Vokey wedges, on the other hand, prioritize precision and control in the short game. While they may not offer the same distance as BombTech wedges, Vokey wedges excel in providing exceptional spin, accuracy, and finesse around the greens.
  • Long Shots vs. Short Game: Golfers who prioritize distance and want to maximize their shots off the tee or fairway might prefer BombTech wedges. These wedges can help golfers achieve longer distances on their approach shots.
  • Finesse and Accuracy: Golfers who value finesse, control, and accuracy in their short game will appreciate Vokey wedges. These wedges are designed to deliver precise shots with exceptional spin, making them ideal for delicate shots around the green or in bunkers.


Which Has Better Forgiveness?

When it comes to forgiveness, there are notable distinctions between BombTech and Vokey wedges. BombTech wedges are designed with forgiveness in mind, featuring a wider sole and cavity back, which helps minimize mishits and provides additional stability on off-center shots. 

On the other hand, Vokey wedges focus more on precision and shot-making versatility, with a smaller profile and precise weight distribution, allowing skilled players to shape their shots with greater control

While BombTech wedges excel in forgiveness, Vokey wedges offer unparalleled finesse for players seeking maximum shot-shaping capabilities.

Ultimately, the choice between the two depends on your playing style and skill level.

Price Compared

When comparing the prices of Vokey wedges and Bombtech wedges, it’s important to note that Vokey wedges are generally priced higher compared to Bombtech wedges. Vokey wedges, crafted with attention to detail, using premium materials, are considered the best option in the golf industry.

On the other hand, Bombtech wedges are designed to offer golfers a more affordable alternative without sacrificing performance. These wedges are known for their solid construction and functional design, providing reliable performance on the course. Bombtech wedges are typically priced at a more accessible range, making them a popular choice among budget-conscious golfers who still want quality equipment.

BombTech Wedge Pricing:

  • BombTech Grenade Wedge: Typically priced around $99 to $149, depending on the specific model and customization options.

Vokey Wedge Pricing:

  • Titleist Vokey SM8 Wedge: The starting price for these wedges is usually around $159, with additional customization options available at extra cost.
  • Titleist Vokey SM9 Wedge: These wedges are typically priced similarly to the SM8 line, ranging from $159 to $179.

Feel Compared

When it comes to comparing the feel of Vokey wedges and Bombtech wedges, Vokey wedges offer a traditional and refined sensation, providing golfers with a buttery soft impact and exceptional control, while Bombtech wedges deliver more explosive and powerful feedback, generating a satisfying sensation on contact with the ball.


Shaft Compared

The shafts of Vokey wedges are known for their extensive customization options. With offerings like True Temper Dynamic Gold, Project X, and Nippon Modus, golfers can select from a range of high-quality steel shafts to suit their playing style. Bombtech wedges, on the other hand, are equipped with their own Bombtech graphite shafts, designed to provide excellent stability and a responsive feel, making them a reliable choice for golfers who prioritize consistency and control in their wedge play.

Spin Compared

Vokey wedges, renowned for their precision craftsmanship, utilize innovative grooves and precise milling to generate exceptional spin rates. This allows golfers to impart maximum spin and control on the ball, particularly on delicate shots around the green. 

In contrast, Bombtech wedges feature a unique face design and aggressive grooves that promote maximum spin, ideal for players seeking an extra boost in generating spin and stopping power on their shots. 

Whether you prefer the finesse of Vokey or the explosive spin of Bombtech, both wedges offer distinct advantages catered to different playing styles and shot preferences.


Handicap Range Compared

When it comes to selecting new wedges for golfers of different handicaps, there are a few factors to consider. Vokey wedges are renowned for their precision and versatility, making them an excellent choice for golfers with lower handicaps. 

With their ability to generate ample backspin, Vokey wedges are particularly beneficial for golfers who frequently find themselves in challenging situations, such as tight lies or deep bunkers. The high level of craftsmanship and attention to detail in Vokey wedges make them a trusted option for those with the skill to fully utilize their capabilities.

On the other hand, Bombtech wedges are an ideal choice for golfers with higher handicaps who prioritize forgiveness and ease of use. 

These wedges are designed with game improvement in mind, featuring a cavity back design and perimeter weighting.

This helps maximize forgiveness on off-center strikes, providing more consistent results. Bombtech wedges also offer a wide sole and a low center of gravity, which helps in promoting better turf interaction. For golfers with higher handicaps looking to enhance their short game, the user-friendly design and forgiving features of Bombtech wedges make them worth considering.

Bombtech Wedges Vs Vokey Wedges: Which Is The Best For You?

When it comes to choosing between BombTech wedges and Vokey wedges, it depends on the golfer’s playing style and preferences. Golfers who prioritize distance and forgiveness should consider BombTech wedges. These wedges are known for their explosive power and wide sweet spots, making them ideal for players who want to maximize their shots from various lies

On the other hand, golfers who value precision and versatility should opt for Vokey wedges. Vokey wedges are renowned for their superior craftsmanship, spin control, and ability to execute delicate shots around the greens.


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